Kristofj & Sean @ The Ones2Watch | 'La Donna Tradita Dal Fato'

Featured on The Ones2Watch, ‘La Donna Tradita Dal Fato’ is an editorial made for Anne of Carversville friends and scholars. The creative team including photographers Kristofj & Sean are in perfect collaboration with art direction by Filippo Anzalone and styling by Coline Bach to bring us a story that will resonate — and be read — by women and men artists and activists around the world.

We grab exquisite, meaningful style editorials like this one, as if they are oxygen for the world’s poor women — and for me, too. Models Sylvia & Keeley @ Nevs remind us that while we are dedicated to peace, we are not beyond punch, too.

‘La Donna Tradita Dal Fato’ captures in images, what I try to express in words — the complexity of women’s lives and the double-edge sword for women called monotheism. To this young talent trying to rise in an economically complex artistic space, the focus is on fashion artistry, as it should be. But when an editorial can deliver both style and psychological relevance, then I say ‘why not?’

Thanks to the entire creative team for such gifts. All credits at end of images. See The Ones2Watch.

A very few style editorials will be referenced on my new blog at AOC Cares, our nonprofit voice. To be honest, I’ve done much revamping of our strategy, trying to explain to my proposed fiscal art sponsor that fashion doesn’t only = commercial, and that I’m not too slick. (Me, slick???) That makes me damned if I do, and damned if I don’t.

‘La Donna Tradita Dal Fato’ helps me make the case to funders that the world of fashion isn’t always purely commercial, that sometimes the artists themselves can better communicate the complexity of our industry, than the academic critics who ravage us.

These images speak with a loud, clear, cohesive voice about women’s stories ‘from fashion to flogging’. Merci, merci, merci. Anne


Photography by Kristofj & Sean
Art Direction by Filippo Anzalone
Set Design by Stephanie Kevers
Styling by Coline Bach
Hair by Meggie Cousland (Sylvia) & Ishizaki Haruhide (Keeley)
Makeup by Namiko Takemiya
Model(s) Sylvia & Keeley @ Nevs
Photographers Assisted by Guillaume and Lorenzo
Stylist Assisted by Lilou Perrote & Barbara Malevich
Set Designer Assisted by Celia Lusted & Alice Schrepfer