Filippa Hamilton Reveals On 'Today' That She Was Fired With BMI of 17.2; Lauren Wanted 15.8

The firing of Filippa Hamilton by Ralph Lauren launched the battle against size-O models big-time in 2009. The real size-4 Hamilton is on the right; the Asia-based photoshopped Hamilton is on the left. 

The firing of Filippa Hamilton by Ralph Lauren launched the battle against size-O models big-time in 2009. The real size-4 Hamilton is on the right; the Asia-based photoshopped Hamilton is on the left. 

In the ongoing saga of last week’s photoshopped Filippa Hamilton photos, the Ralph Lauren apology neglected to mention one fact. Ralph Lauren fired Hamilton last April, for “not living up to her contract”. Simply stated, even though she hadn’t gained a pound, according to Fillipa, she no longer fit in the clothes.

At 5’10’ and 120 pounds, the size 4 Filippa Hamilton has a BMI of 17.2, technically anorexic. Had she lost 10 pounds, at 110 her BMI would be a life-threatening 15.8.

Fillipa Hamilton was too fat, in the male-driven march to reduce women to nothingness. Read last week’s: Ralph Lauren Celebrates the End of American Women’s Sexuality.

Hamilton appeared on the Today show. Here’s the video:

Model fired by Ralph Lauren: Too Large for Clothes


on 2009-10-16 11:49 by Anne

I’ve written more about this story as the day progress. Understanding that the Ralph Lauren ad in question came out of Asia represented a lightbulb moment for me. This entire subject is enormously complicated for all parties concerned.

We must divide up the topics and not put the model BMI topic in the midst of size 12-14 models Glamour conversation. I will continue to say that American women are unhealthy and overweight. While I am sympathetic to their situation, I don’t believe that “anything goes” in the weight and eating department.

My comments do not include model Lizzie Miller whose BMI is just under 25, based on reports of height and weight.

Today we are focused on the abnormal, unhealthy BMIs that constitute an increasingly global beauty standard. I do believe that mysogynistic attitudes are at play here. Karl Lagerfeld — Mr. Chips I’m calling him — can suggest that we are all jealous, eating potato chips in front of the TV wishing that we could be his models, but he is wrong. Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t know what to do with a sensual woman, and that politically incorrect reality must be addresssed.

As for Ralph Lauren, he should have more sense. Perhaps his son is a friend of Karl’s. I have no idea. This issue concerns whether or not a woman can have any muscle mass, strength, power and confidence. This topic IS about self image, body image and expressed womanliness, not weight.

Women are not boys.

Are women weak or are we strong? Filippa Hamilton may be thin but she looks really strong. She has strong shoulders, not meek and fragile ones. I say that Ralph Lauren no longer finds a strong woman appealing. And I am baffled beyond words.

With all our conversation at Anne of Carversville about tyrannical Middle Eastern men and patriarchal values, I am putting this conversation right in that pot of volatile conversation. I have studied and considered this issue for years and will be writing a researched document as quickly as possible.

More reading: Ralph Lauren’s BMI Battle

A Day In the Life of Ordinary Women


on 2009-10-17 18:54 by Anne

Former Ralph Lauren model Filippa HamiltonIt’s really a shame that both Valentina Zelyaeva (see ad #2) and Filippa Hamilton are just too hot for the Ralph Lauren boys to handle.

As a Smart Sensuality woman who doesn’t begin to approach either of these women in the good looks department, but as an older woman who knows how important sensuality is to leading a good life, I RESENT the fact that Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, and so many other male fashion designers scoff at sexy, powerful women — not girls — representing their brands.

With today’s technology, we can be airbrushed to nothingness.

There’s a reason why American women believe we’re washed up at 28, based on the Dove Global Study on aging. Brands like Ralph Lauren tell us that the moment we become sexually-attractive, potent women, we’re undesirable and need to be cut down to size — literally.

And then, American men complain that we gain weight and lost interest in sex. You can’t have it both ways, gentlemen. In France, Italy and Brazil, real women are revered. In America, we’re over-the-hill roadkill.  Anne