Barney's New York Unveils 'Baz Dazzled' Holiday 2014 Windows

Aussie/Hollywood/New York duo Baz Luhrmann and his wife Catherine Martin brought their ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Moulin Rouge!’ winning ways to Barney’s on Madison Avenue New York, unveiling a ‘Baz Dazzled’ holiday celebration.

Pentatoniz, an American cappella group of five vocalists performed at the unveiling and into the evening.  Pursuitist shares the details:

While skaters twirled on ice and renowned contortionist and dancer, Elphresh broke into breakdance like moves. Other noteworthy celebratory displays include Anthony Howe sculptures, a magical mushroom forest featuring 9-foot-tall polychrome mushrooms, a 15-foot-by-10-foot boom box and an 8-foot-by-6-foot kinetic steam-punk talking owl upcycled from laser-cut mechanical parts. Furthermore the store has also constructed two second-floor balconies on the facade of its building where a “Luna Queen” and a “Solar Queen” is scheduled to sing every weekend.

Carol of the Bells - Pentatonix

Each window features a theme such as ‘love’, ‘beauty’, ‘truth’ and ‘freedom’. Pentatonix supplies an individualized soundtrack. Topping off the extravaganza, the Madison Avenue storefront is cradled in a 30-foot-high, gold-coated structure.

Luhrmann and Martin also created a fairy-tale wonderland’ after-party at the Central Park Zoo.  See pictures below. Commenting on the Barney’s project, Luhrmann gushed:

“Whenever we do a creative project, it comes from the first question for us, which is, ‘How can it enrich our own journey, in our life? We love New York City. It’s our adopted home. It’s been a great place for us and our children.

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Central Park Zoo after party for Barneys New York Holiday 2014 Windows Celebration