Photographer's Submissions + Image Rights

Photographers submissionsWe will once again accept submissions that meet our curated standards. Please do not ask us why, when or if we will post your work. AOC stopped taking submissions in 2012 over the aggressive demands of photographers and/or their reps about submissions not being posted. AOC will not explain why we didn't post images of an editorial or art project -- which we also welcome. Preferences are given to women artists and photographers, also all people of color and submissions from Africa.

Preferences are also given to photographers or stylists who want to use GlamTribal jewelry in editorial or ads. In this case, AOC will use our voice loudly for our mutual benefit. 

3) Do not bother AOC w/crazy threats from the likes of ImageRights and with a ridiculous demand for $10,000. The last time this happened, I contacted both the photography studio -- having published his images for a decade, and often submitted by him directly -- and also the digital database company in charge of his resale rights. Both parties came down hard on the ImageRights rep.

I will not talk to you -- only the other two parties, so beware. Given the extensive amount of our writing around editorials, and the way we supplement images w/our own writing, AOC has NO problem operating under the fair use doctrine. In a large number of cases, images have been provided by the artist's management company or the artist directly, because they love AOC. It's an absurd joke to have some ImageRightsscam artist demanding payment for images sent directly by the artist's management company. 

If you insist you have a legitimate discussion with AOC -- who makes no ownership claim to images clearly belonging to the photographer -- provide us with a signed document verifying that you represent the photographer or his/her rep, and send it to us. We will remove images within 24 hrs.

Thanks for contacting AOC and GlamTribal. ~ Anne