Part Of Healing at The Golden Door Spa in California Is its Philanthropy + Gaia Caretaker Mission


A 7-night stay at The Golden Door spa will cost you $9650, not including gratuities. You will be surrounded by 600 acres of native hills, meadows, Japanese gardens and citrus groves. At your disposal are 12 mountain or meadow hikes; 7 world class gyms; 2 swimming pools, 2 labyrinths, 5 acres of bio-intensive gardens and more.

The list of Golden Door facilities and amenities continues, bur one of the most important life-centering, healing experiences isn’t quantified. Surely The Golden Door’s philanthropy mission is not experienced to the same degree by every guest. And many of the spa’s guests are world-prominent philanthropists and big givers themselves.

The Cleveland Clinic confirms that health benefits associated with giving include:: 1) Lower blood pressure, 2) Increased self-esteem, 3) Less depression, 4) Lower stress levels, 5) Longer life, and 6) Greater happiness.

The Golden Door’s activities and treatment platform are designed to activate higher levels of ‘feel good’ chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin in the brains of clients. One can’t isolate how knowing that 100% of all net profits from The Golden Door support charities working with victims of abuse. Recipients include the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Whole Planet and the I Have a Dream Foundation.

When Joanne Conway — a 22-time Golden Door guest and wife of Carlyle Group founder Bill Conway — acquired The Golden Door in 2012 for $25 million, she was determined to return the spa to all its glory. Conway hired fashion industry veteran Kathy Van Ness as COO and General Manager of The Golden Door in August 2013.

The two women have not looked back. They closed the spa’s doors for two years and a $15 million renovation. Departures shared the reopening story in July 2015. Bloomberg profiled The Golden Door in May 2018.

The Golden Door Spa California

The Golden Door Spa California

On the topic of Sustainability, a topic in about 30% of articles written at AOC these days, The Golden Door has an articulated policy:

There are people in this region who believe there is magic in the mountains that surround Golden Door. We think that magic is simply the increasingly rare experience of earth that is understood to be both national patrimony and the future of us all. We take only what we need from the land and are committed to giving back as much. This land is magical. And we intend to keep it that way.

Most recently Golden Door Farms has transplanted thirty-five 30-year-old Manzanillo olive trees from a commercial orchard, added 131-acres of citrus groves to the brand’s agricultural holdings and brought a new life to over seventy-five acres of now fruitful avocado groves. La Jolla Mom shares news of the grand opening of The Golden Door’s new organic farm stand.