Bats Down Rumour That Harry and Meghan Will Be Moving Abroad

People so love conflict, especially spreading stories about the royal feud. Most recently, we have Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan being shipped somewhere away from Britain for a long period — perhaps three years — due to their extreme popularity.

Harper’s Bazaar begs to differ. “Britain is their home and where they want to raise their family,” says a friend of the couple. “If they are to work abroad it would be a short stint.”

The Times of London claimed the Sussexes might move to Africa “for two or three years,” establishing a home in one of the continent’s 19 Commonwealth states. Allegedly, Prince William is involved in the plan to provide a timeout between the brothers, while also “harnessing” the global appeal of the Sussexes, but Bazaar puts down that claim.

“Not the case,” says a Kensington Palace source. “Prince William has nothing to do with these plans. The Duke supports whatever the couple choose to do.”

To underscore how totally out of control rumors are, it’s said that Meghan wants to become President of the United States one day.

“These discussions, which the couple are driving, are very much embryonic,” says the source, who is familiar with a number of their future endeavors. “Both the duke and duchess are keen to balance projects in Britain and overseas, particularly countries in Africa. There are many exciting possibilities … but moving away for years? That’s not an idea they are throwing around. We’re talking a few months away or a series of trips.”

As points out, it’s totally reasonable that the Sussexes would want to work in Africa. Harry spent almost nine weeks of 2015 involved in conservation projects in Southern, followed by two months in 2016. Meghan joined a clean water initiative in Rwanda in March 2016, and the couple also traveled together to numerous parts of Africa, including Botswana, in 2017. “They have no plans to change this pattern,” an insider. tells Bazaar. “Africa will always play a lead role in their humanitarian work.”

It’s an exciting time for the young couple to be engaged with Africa. It’s easy to write about problems on the continent, but there’s also a tremendous energy, entrepreneurial and creative talent exploding from one country to the next.

As the world awaits the Sussex baby, it appears that Meghan and Harry have elected to have a home birth away from the public’s prying eyes and the traditions of Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s, where both her sister-in-law and mother-in-law gave birth. Stay tuned.