Cara Delevingne Lends Strong Gaze + Nude Body To Balmain Spring 2019 Campaign

Balmain Sp 2019 Cara by Dan Belieu (4).jpg

Top talent and activist Cara Delevingne channels a 1993 Janet Jackson image for Rolling Stone image in French luxury house Balmain’s new Spring 2019 campaign, lensed by Berlin-based photographer Dan Beleiu. ‘Iconic,’ Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing said about Jackson's vintage image, which he shared on Instagram a day before his own 2019 spring campaign release. 

Delevingne poses nude in images deliberately chosen by Rousteing to promote racial reconciliation. “The campaign shows the reunion of two skin tones, one black — or mixed race — and one white." Preaching the authenticity message, Rousteing saied:

“We’re going back to basics: I wanted something pure and transparent”.

Rousteing said Delevingne's look — including her signature thick eyebrows — was even more captivating stripped down and she didn't need to sport any of his clothing.

“I love her so much that I don’t want to see any clothes on her,” Rousteing said. “Her gaze is so strong and magnetic, it’s nearly an item of clothing in itself.”

Commenting further about the sensual nature of the images, he said: "The campaign images are very sensual, but there is nothing flirtatious about them. Cara has such a strong presence and personality: we chose a pared-back set to let her gaze and the lines of her body do the talking."

This Janet Jackson image from a 1993 issue of Rolling Stone inspired the Balmain campaign.

Balmain Sp 2019 Cara by Dan Belieu (1).jpg

Cara Delevigne posed in 2016 for the provocative, animal conservation ‘I Am Not A Trophy’ campaign, dedicated to raising awareness that the Earth has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years.

In spring 2018, Cara covered her breasts with her own hands, posing in support of animal conservation in David Yarrow’s ‘Wild Encounters’ campaign for luxury watch brand Tag Heuer.

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