#MeToo Leader Asia Argento Paid Her Own 17 Year-Old Accuser $380.000 For His Silence

Asia Argento made her own settlement.jpg

The past week has been so difficult on the topic of sexual assault, reading about priests in PA. It forces me to relieve my own history, when I would much rather put it in a lock box once and for all.

Then yesterday, I wanted to vomit reading feminists defending NYU prof Avital Ronell and her relationship with Nimrod Reitman. They are both gay, adding another layer to their confusing tale.

NYU professor Avital Ronell

NYU professor Avital Ronell

Men correctly called feminists on their word games support for Ronell, the woman professor and holder of the power in this situation. Hypocrisy among women infused the comments section around the article, generally defending Ronell on the basis of her brilliance as justification for her transgressions.

I slept in this am, being just drained from work. I read yesterday about CNN making a documentary about the extraordinary human Anthony Bourdain, who committed suicide a few months ago. I miss him so much.

And now I wake up this morning to read that Bourdain's girlfriend Asia Argento, one of Harvey Weinstein's chief accusers of rape in 1997 and a leading figure in the #MeToo movement, quietly arranged to pay $380,000 for her own alleged assault against Jimmy Bennett when he was 17 and she 37.

It comes on the heel's of this weekend's personal appeal from Linda Sarsour for money, even though I want nothing to do with The Women's March and definitely Sarsour for her comments about ALL white women and Jewish women. Who cares!! Linda barged into my life again on Saturday, even though I've had very direct discussions with the organization to leave me alone. Linda didn't get the message, or decided that she holds the power in our relationship.

What in the world are we about as human beings? All of our institutions are just being blown to bits. Who and what can we believe in? I worry so much about the little people, especially women and children who can't fight back. ~ Anne