Diet Prada Dishes With British Vogue On Using Their Instagram Account For Fashion Industry Changes


British Vogue informs us about the lineage of Diet Prada's infamous Instagram account by Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler launched in December 2014. The duo was outed in October 2017 by The Fashion Law but silence reigned. 

“The time was going to come that we’d need to own it, eventually,” Schuyler told the Business of Fashion in May 2018, during Diet Prada’s official unmasking. Their quest for authority, and to establish themselves as two people with an opinion that matters, has granted Vogue an email interview with “DP” in between their day jobs and the industry events that their exposed identities now affords them.

“We weren't at the point then that we are now,” DP explains of playing down the hype around the account – an amalgam of two fashion addictions: Miuccia Prada and Diet Coke – a year ago. “Now that our work is having a real impact that's often positive, we're excited to own it.”

Owning it involves using Diet Prada as a platform for conscientious conversation around topics like diversity, equality and cultural appropriation. 

“It's a high-stakes industry when you look at the numbers, but it leads to a lot of repetition,” DP notes. “People need to look with their hearts more, and trust new ideas, new designers.”

Greater transparency within the industry, such as the model #MeToo movement, has aided their quest. “I think social media has been great in breaking down the fourth wall on the fashion industry,” DP continues. “We're seeing more from the inside than ever before and that's helping to spur change, whether that's fair treatment of models, contractors, employees, or appropriate use of inspiration.”

Not everyone is pleased -- Stefano Gabbana, in particular -- but Diet Prada is only more inspired and has their own choice words for the hate-spreading designer. Read on at Vogue UK.