Caitlyn Jenner Tells British House of Commons That Trump Has Set Trans Community "Back 20 Years"

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It's about time that Caitlyn Jenner admits that she has changed her mind about Trump. Speaking before the UK House of Commons this week, Jenner said that the man she once supported has set the transgender community "back 20 years", writes The Daily Beast. 

Jenner echoed the same sentiments in a March Newsweek interview in which the former Olympian and transgender advocate acknowledged that the Trump administration "has been the worst ever" on "trans issues."

Speaking as a leader in the trans community, Jenner added "It's going to be hard to change, but we've been through these types of things before and we';; continue to fight it."

The transgender community is not all-in on Jenner and may never be. Delivering the third address on trans issues to the House of Commons, following British actors Idris Elba and Riz Ahmed, the American former Trump supporter was the recipient of awkwardness, frustration and even anger that she was speaking in the first place. 

A few hours on Google during the presidential primaries could have taught Jenner a lot about the beliefs around LGBTQ issues embraced by Trump's most vocal supporters. Jenner, who embraces countless Trump policies, actually stated that she wanted to be a "trans ambassador" for Senator Ted Cruz, also a Republican presidential candidate in the primaries.

Credentialed trans advocates were horrified watching Jenner argue that she could unravel the deeply-held beliefs that trans and other gay people should be prevented from receiving the menu of civil rights protections available to straight people.  In this respect, Jenner remained locked in her old identity as a rich white man, and couldn't imagine that her transition to being a woman could also result in her being ostracized from her old community. 

After all, as trans activist Samantha Allen writes for the Beast, fear is paramount among the anti-trans community. Note also that Jenner's speculation that the trans community has been set back 20 years may be far worse, given the anti-LGBTQ, social conservative judges that Trump is nominating in record numbers.