Dr. Annie Sparrow & Dr. Rola Hallam Speak For Syria At 2017 Women In The World Summit

 Dr. Annie Sparrow and Dr. Rola Hallam at The 2017 Women In The World Summit in New York City.

Dr. Annie Sparrow and Dr. Rola Hallam at The 2017 Women In The World Summit in New York City.

Two women doctors -- Dr. Annie Sparrow and Dr. Rola Hallam -- shared their Syria experiences in a moving discussion from last night's  April 5, 2017 Women in the World Summit in New York. Dr. Hallam tells a gut-wrenching story about a severely burned child whose flesh was so singed that she knew he would not live, although he said he was doing okay. She gave him a drug -- "so he would slip away."

My heart stopped when she said that -- for fear that the Trump administration would stop all her funding, as they are to all the women's health clinics around the world, even if they have nothing to do with abortion. The pro-life contingent believes that Dr. Hallam is a murderer . . . that she should have let the child suffer until he died naturally -- the flesh singed off his precious body. It's a very sad world on multiple fronts that we are living in that this thought would pop into my mind.

It's the White Helmets -- 2017 Oscar winner now playing on Netflix -- that is providing the agonizing Syria video we are watching across websites and TV this week. America's immigration ban prevented the documentary makers from traveling to the US for the Oscars.

Dr. Hallam has launched CanDo, a crowdsourcing platform, to help build — and rebuild — hospitals. “We set up a children’s hospital that opened its doors today,” she said. “Today my heart was smiling. There’s 50,000 children in Aleppo that are going to benefit.”

Dr. Sparrow noted, however, that the platform must be part of a much larger humanitarian effort. “Syrian doctors need a lot of things. They need our support; they need us to know what’s going on. I think we can still be a force for good, but for that to happen, we all do need to give a f**k.”