Christopher Ferguson Captures Zoe Barnard In Getaway Essentials For ELLE Australia June 2018


Photographer Christopher Ferguson flashes Zoe Barnard at ease in getaway essentials for 'Beautiful Sgtranger'. Rachel Wayman styles Zoe for ELLE AustraliaJune 2018./ Makeup by Victoria Baron; hair by Michele McQuillan

Images via See Management for Christopher Ferguson.

Emily Ratajkowski Fronts 'Coming Undone' By Kai Z Feng For ELLE Australia June-July 2018

Emily-Ratajkowski-ELLE-Australia-Kai-Z-Feng-jpg (8).jpg

Emily Ratajkowski Fronts 'Coming Undone' By Kai Z Feng For ELLE Australia June-July 2018

Talent and model Emily Ratajkowski is styled by Rachel Wayman in 'Coming Undone', a sensual collection of designs from Saint Laurent, Zimmermann, Chloe and Romance Was Born. Photographer Kai Z Feng is behind the lens for ELLE Australia's June-July 2018 issue.

George Antoni Captures Gigi Ringer In Utilitarian Looks For Elle Australia March 2018


Model Gigi Ringer is styled by Rachel Wayman in utilitarian coats, jackets & separates lensed by Georges Antoni for Elle Australia March 2018./ Hair by Travis Balcke; makeup by Victoria Baron

Georges Antoni Eyes Elsa Pataky In 'Once Upon A Time' For Elle Australia February 2018


Aussie talent Elsa Pataky is styled by Rachel Wayman in 'Once Upon A Time', lensed by Georges Antoni for Elle Australia February 2018./ Hair by Daren Borthwick; makeup by Sarah Tammer

Pataky currently stars with husband Chris Hemsworth in the movie '12 Strong' and speaks with Elle Australia about the challenges of career and family, especially for the woman. As for Hemsworth, the Thor star told GQ last October that his career did put a strain on his marriage. "My wife and I fell in love, had kids, didn't really see each other for a few years, then fell back in love. In terms of work, she's certainly given up more than I have. She'd like me to step back and be at home with the kids more, and of course, I want that too. But I feel like I'm at this crucial point in my career — I've just got to set up for longevity or I'll slip off."