Isabeli Fontana Sizzles In Riocam Images At Faena Hotel MIami Beach For Ocean Drive

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Isabeli Fontana Sizzles In Riocam Images At Faena Hotel MIami Beach For Ocean Drive

Brazilian beauty Isabeli Fontana commands our undivided attention styled by Danny Santiago in beach goddess looks perfect for Florianopolis. Isabeli poses at the Faena Hotel Miami Beach for images by Riocam, aka Camilo Rios, in Ocean Drive’s July 2019 issue.

Isabeli is interviewed by Katie Jackson about living the good life.

Heidi Klum Covers Ocean Drive July 2018, Lensed In Her Own Swimwear By Max Montgomery

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Supermodel Heidi Klum lands the 25th anniversary cover of Ocean Drive Magazine's July 2018 issue. Lensed by Max Montgomery, Heidi looks about 17, styled by Nicolas Bru in a casual mix of swimsuits from her own collection, denim and bikinis.

In her interview, Heidi Klum talks about her inspiring body confidence:

"I grew up being very comfortable with my body and very free, and I tend to not wear a whole lot of swimsuit when I am sunbathing. So I usually go for a tie­ string bikini, something that has less coverage, and if no one is around, I’ll wear only the bottom.”

Hailey Clauson Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of Ocean Drive Magazine By Mike Rosenthal


Hailey Clauson sizzles in a spiced up editorial celebrating the 25th anniversary of Ocean Drive Magazine. See Claudia Schiffer with really big hair on debut cover as the two femmes expresses Versace love. Hailey is styled by Petra Flannery in all-black looks from Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano and more for images by Mike Rosenthal.

Warwick Saint Flashes A Sultry Camila Alves For Ocean Drive Magazine November 2017


Brazilian beauty Camila Alves is styled by Jacqueline Zenere in fluid, sensual luxury from Vera Wang, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Brandon Maxwell, Chanel and more. Photographer Warwick Saint captures the sultry images for Ocean Drive Magazine November 2017.

Nina Dobrev Talks 'Flatliners' & Sharks In Diego Uchitel Images For Ocean Drive September 2017

Nina Dobrev Talks 'Flatliners' & Sharks In Diego Uchitel Images For Ocean Drive September 2017

Actor Nina Dobrev chats with Ocean Drive magazine's Jared Shapiro on her life and death role in 'Flatliners', her Bulgarian birth and Canadian upbringing, her "doctor-certified emotional support animal" dog Maverick and her activist passion for saving sharks. Ilaria Urbinati styles the actor in 'The After Life' for images by Diego Uchitel. 

Dobrev is swimming with oceanographer and conservationist Ocean Ramsey to film a new project called 'Our Planet 360', focused on activists working to benefit both the global environment and the culture around them. See ourplanet360 Instagram.  She explains:

Sharks are so misunderstood and we have a terrible fear of them because of movies and they get a bad rep because of the press. On the rare occasion there’s some sort of accident, you hear about it because it gets publicized, but you don’t hear about all the times when nothing happens, which is more often than not. There are sharks in the water all the time swimming with people, and they don’t do anything because they don’t care about us. They’re animals and they make mistakes so every once in a while, you have to realize that if you’re in their home, you have to play by their rules and you are taking a risk when you’re in the water with them, but they’re not really interested in humans. I want to spread that awareness and make sure they get protected because they don’t have anybody looking out for them. I’m going to be the voice for these amazing and beautiful creatures.

Beach Babe Kate Bock Sizzles In Derek Kettela Images For Ocean Drive Magazine July-August 2017

Top model Kate Bock turns up the beach babe heat in the July-August 2017 Ocean Drive Magazine cover story. Stylist Jamie Frankel chooses sleek, plunging-neckline one-piece silhouettes mixed with geometric two-pieces from Versace, Diane von Furstengerg, Eres and more for sun-drenched images lensed byDerek Kettela.