Trump Fixer Michael Cohen Made Tape With Trump About Payments To Karen McDougal, Alleged Year-Long Trump Mistress

McDougal Trump affair 2.jpg

A New York Times article revealed on Friday that president Trump's longtime fixer and friend who maintained an office in Trump Tower located close to the now president, lawyer Michael D. Cohen, recorded a conversation with the presidential candidate two months before the presidential election. The conversation is communication about a second payment to insure McDougal's silence after an initial arrangement with The National Inquirer.

The recording, seized during a raid on Mr. Cohen's office by the FBI several months ago,  is potential evidence in a Justice Department investigation about Cohen's involvement in paying women to kill or tamp down breaking news stories that could embarrass the presidential candidate in the days before the election.

To recap, the former model Karen McDougal claims that she was involved in a nearly year-long affair with Trump in 2006