Dear Ivanka, Study Gary Cohn For Clues On Finding Your Jewish Voice In The Trump Administration


Dear Ivanka. Once a Jew, always a Jew, but then. . . in your case. . . we are supposed to understand that you are still finding your voice seven years later on your own Jewishness. The last time Jews were visibly under attack in America and worldwide, many high and mighty Jews were unable to find the will to speak out on the growing global atrocities. My first husband was run out of Birmingham, Alabama in no uncertain terms because he is a Jew. The experience shook him to his core, being a Bronx boy from New York. 

A prominent member of your father's inner circle, his chief economic adviser, Gary D. Cohn -- a Jew -- nearly left the Trump administration in the wake of Charlottesville, reports the New York Times. 

In his first public remarks on the national dialogue about the Charlottesville violence and white nationalist marches against Jews. Mr. Cohn said in an interview on Thursday with the Financial Times, that as a “patriotic American” he did not want to leave his job as the director of the national economic council.

“But I also feel compelled to voice my distress over the events of the last two weeks,” Mr. Cohn said, with his knowledge that the mere thought that the stock market could tank if he walked out is a real one.