'Fearless Girl' Takes Five Clios As Labor Dept. Settles $5 Million Gender Pay With State Street Global Advisors


'Fearless Girl' Takes Five Clios As Labor Dept. Settles $5 Million Gender Pay With State Street Global Advisors

The twists and turns of 'Fearless Girl' could fill War and Peace, and this new chapter is nothing less than enlightening, a Zen moment if you will. The launch of this dear girl statuein the range of Raging Bull pushed for more women on corporate boards, supported by proof from State Street Global Advisors that companies with women on their boards made more money for shareholders. Therefore, proposed State Street, we want to invest in companies that promote women into leadership positions -- and they did. Enter 'Fearless Girl' to narrate the corporate story. 

The PR was beyond great, and 'Fearless Girl' took on her on persona -- like a little muse come to life in the weeks after the Women's March, just in time for March 8 International Women's Day. As the story of 'Fearless Girl' spread far and wide, she grabbed the hearts and minds of females in despair after Hillary's defeat. As women questioned the futures of our daughters in Trumplandia, 'Fearless Girl' rode high in the clouds as a symbol of hope.

McCann New York, the creators of the 'Fearless Girl' campaign for State Street Global Advisors won four Grand Prix at Cannes Lions this summer. Last week at the Clio Awards in New York, Fearless Girl climbed Mt. Olympus and showered Bowling Green Park with a remarkable five Grand Clios.

Not only did 'Fearless Girl' take the top prize in the Branded Content, Events/Experiential, Innovation, Out of Home and Public Relations competitions, writes Adweek. McCann New York won Agency of the Year and State Street won Advertiser of the Year, flying on Fearless Girl's coattails. 

Never underestimate the power of a true goddess, the younger the more formidable, even when the champagne is flowing. In a beautiful twist of her boundless integrity, 'Fearless Girl' worked her own goddess magic on behalf of executive women at State Street. Hush now. I'll whisper to you: In a sneak attack around the Trump Administration, her home birthers -- State Street Global Advisers-- are settling allegations about their own gender pay discrimination with cash on the table. Indeed, don't tell Trump or any Republican, for that matter. The Labor Dept is still functioning.