Kate Upton @ Muse Magazine, Says Gisele Is Footballer's Wife

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It seems that Kate may just have that horrible Victoria’s Secret fashion show stylist Sophia Neophitou eating crow before she’s finished. Kate may be a model commoner — as Neophitou calls her — but she and Faena make sweet music with Kate channeling Marilyn Monroe for Muse Magazine.

Kate is darn quick-witted, throwing her own volley over the net against Neophitou. Despite Upton having appeared in print ads for Victoria’s Secret, Neophitou described the 5-foot-10 beauty as “like a Page 3 girl,” a reference to the British newspaper The Sun. “She’s like a footballer’s wife, with the too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.”

Upton responded: “Gisele’s a football player’s wife. Gisele’s in that category so I’m good.”

Given that Gisele is the highest-paid model in the world, making far more money than her husband, Kate rocks it with that true statement about her looking like a footballer’s wife. And just what IS wrong with Gisele? Just how did Sophia Neophitou become a spokesperson for Victoria’s Secret? I thought that was Monica Mitro’s or Ed Razek’s job.

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There is so much interest in my own article about Kate Upton, perhaps because her body is one to be celebrated — as is her look.

Reflecting personally, let me share with readers that my 2Ps in a Pod column with a Catholic monk is now over. The skin care ads are down.

Why, you ask? Because a few self-appointed, very uppity people with mouths like Neophitou think that I’m a Page 3 girl, too. Too-blond hair and a slut-girl face. Decadent, disgustingly sensual — as Rick Santorum would say as he now turns to condemn sensuality, too — and a danger to humankind, a Satanist. You think I exaggerate? Think again.

Blonds like Upton and me have no moral fiber, given our embrace of Smart Sensuality identities.

I’ve connected the dots between fashion and flogging since 2007. Top fashion industry stylists like Sophia Neophitou make moral judgement calls on women, just like the Catholic bishops. The whole damn world is fighting over women’s bodies and many of us have just “had it” with fashion monasticism and woman hate from fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld to stylists like Neophitou to social conservative investors in nonprofit skin care companies.

American women are fighting for our rights to birth control in this country, and Victoria’s Secret is condemning Kate Upton as not their kind of girl. On this subject, I will have to check in with Marilyn, because she fought the same fight, being judged by elitists like Neophitou and condemned by the clergy

Victoria’s Secret may have unintentionally started a rumble here, as even they are condemned indirectly by Republican candidates for president. VS is a leader in what Santorum calls the corruption and secularism of American culture. I am proud of my 10-year involvement in Victoria’s Secret, in the glory days of building the brand.

For years after leaving the business to pursue consulting and writing about women’s lives,  I was insulted walking into Victoria’s Secret. Assuming that a woman my age wouldn’t buy beautiful lingerie, I was asked repeatedly if I was shopping for my daughter. After a couple friendly phone calls to Columbus, that problem eased up noticely.

To read now that being blond, sensual and voluptuous like Kate Upton is another reason for being a VS brand undesirable is a bit much to stomach in the midst of the Republican War on Women.  Anne