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GlamTribale Takes Muse Dan Eldon to Lancaster Artisan Market

Anne of Carversville is jumping off into new spaces each day. I shared Tuesday that two of our collections each month are now in Giant Steps gallery in Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia.

Now we have committed to looking for space in Lancaster, Pa. (Update: we spent a couple months in a new Lancaster market that went nowhere. But good fortune then put us at Building Character in Lancaster, where we are now located.)

My life is in a very special place with so many events happening at once. People that I’ve touched very personally with the evolution of Anne of Carversville are very close to me today in unexpected ways.

Dan Eldon: Muse to GlamTribale

No one has influenced the spirit and conscience of AOC more than Dan Eldon, the young photojournalist who was covering the famine and unrest in Somalia in 1993 and was killed when an enraged crowd turned against Dan and three other western journalists, killing him in a brutal attack.

Before dying at age 22, Dan had already published a book, directed a short film, worked as a graphic designer for Mademoiselle Magazine, and published 17 extraordinarily powerful volumes of art work.

I’ve written about this extraordinary person, dreamed about him and had the emotional, visceral experience of seeing Dan’s original journals and collages the last day they were on exhibit in Tribeca New York. Waking at 3am several years I Googled ‘Dan Eldon’ in the middle of the night for no ostensible reason, discovering that his works were a few blocks away from my apartment and leaving in hours.

My own creative work with GlamTribale has moved from the jewelry to the journals and now into collages. This first is a portfolio, art meant to be shared with the buyer who will store her or his own memories, dreams, values and convictions. They must be in line with Dan’s and mine or the imagery would be not at all inspiring.

‘Gaia 1’ Anne’s first collage

17”x22”; priced at $300.

The images are original pages from out of print books and documented in the collage’s provenance. Two galleries have already indicated potential interest in working with me without knowing the most extraordinary news in my personal life.

In the last few weeks I’ve been introduced to Kathy Eldon and all the wonderful people at the Dan Eldon Creative Visions foundation through Charles Kochel of Abacus Wealth Management.

I never would have reached out to Kathy and Amy Eldon on my own. I’m so moved by this splendid intersection of events in my life — one that promises an abundance of opportunities in 2013.

Simply stated, we’re talking about bring Dan’s work to the East Coast in 2013, perhaps starting in Lancaster, then Philadelphia, then …in a celebration of his life and values and my own at multiple locations in Philadelphia.

We’ve talked about curating an exhibit around the jewelry. I suspect this wouldn’t be difficult at all, because Dan lives deep in my unconscious and has for a long time.

Not wanting to hex this possibility by writing about it, I’ll say little. At the same time I want to share the fantastic evolution of my own voice and artistry in this visual articulation of my own values and life purpose, now intersecting with my muse Dan Eldon.

I share first a wonderful video made by Kathy and Amy Eldon about Dan and his life, followed by my own writing about him. To attach those articles to writing about my first collage ‘Gaia 1’ leaves me moved and humbled. ~ Anne

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