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Common Benefits From Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machines

I’ve shared the story of my five-year battle with a series of disabling injuries beginning with a misdiagnosed gym injury, followed by a terrible fall on a street in Philadelphia in April 2011 and a four-month disabling burn in August 2015 – with each injury seriously impacting my right-side pelvis and the muscles and tendons encasing it and my right hip. This sequence of injuries had dramatic ability on my mobility and strength, and was accompanied by a great deal of pain.

Greeting the 2015 New Year, my mood was positive but seriously concerned about my ability to recover what had been an incredible vitality for a woman my age. And then out of nowhere, I noticed an article on vibration plates – a discovery that, for me, would dramatically impact my recovery and restore my health.

Hopping Aboard A Confidence Fitness Vibration Plate Power Plus Machine

There are many kinds of vibration plates, and I’m no expert on any of them except my Confidence Fitness Vibration Plate Power Plus that I ordered from Amazon in March 2015.  It’s the top-selling vibration machine on Amazon with almost 1000 reviews and a 4.5* rating.

In the coming days I will review extensive – but still young – research on whole body vibration machines and their enthusiastic response among both medical professionals and practitioners like myself. Most exciting is the potential for whole body vibration exercise as an anti-aging assist, where it has encouraging research results among post-menopausal women.

What Are Vibration Plates & What Are Their Benefits

The vibration plate machine creates vibration energy of varying speeds and intensity which can be felt throughout the body and in particular the targeted working muscle. These vibrations cause the muscles to continuously contract and relax at a rapid rate.

There are two main types of systems: pivotal/oscillating and linear. Pivotal systems have higher amplitudes of oscillation and lower frequencies, while linear systems have lower amplitudes and higher frequencies. Linear machines are popular with football and basketball teams while pivotal machines are more popular in general and inhabit more studies on WBV.

My Confidence Fitness Vibration Plate Power Plus plates gyrate from a lower intensity to a level that my body can’t yet handle. The impact of the vibrations is very visible especially on those parts of the body closest to the plate. Limbs are moving and depending on how I adjust my body’s position standing on the machine, I can direct the vibrations into different parts of my legs and injury zone.

Standing straight on the vibration machine will send currents of energy into one’s head. Most manuals and research that I’ve read recommend a knees-bent form when standing on the vibrating plates. Squats bring some of the most significant results and avoid head vibrations until the research is clear about any potential negative impact.

Because I am targeting a specific injury zone with greater intensity, aiming to impact the site of my injury by feeling the directions and most intense impact areas of the vibrations is key to my workout. Of course, I also use the machine for overall conditioning in a sequence of exercises and am on it far more than the suggested 10 minutes a day. My own time of 20-30 minutes is cited frequently in the literature, although many Amazon users say 10 minutes brings their desired results.

Perceived Benefits From Whole Body Vibration Exercise

Research indicates that the following beneficial gains from properly-executed, whole body vibration exercise accrue to significant numbers of users:

  • Enhanced muscle and bone growth.
  • Enhanced levels of flexibility in the target muscle.
  • Enhanced calorie burning and overall metabolism rates.
  • Enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the working muscle.
  • Reduced stress, fat and cellulite.
  • Reduced cortisol hormone
  • Enhanced overall strength.
  • Enhanced balance
  • Reduced back pain
  • Reduced joint pain

Although the research regarding vibration plate machines is relatively new, companies carrying out their own product reviews into its effectiveness have reported significant alterations in weight loss, muscle tone and strength and flexibility. The equipment has also been demonstrated to bring about beneficial changes in mood, energy levels and blood pressure readings.

Increasing numbers of medical studies confirm these results for large numbers — but not all users — of whole body vibration machines.

Greater Health Benefits In Less Time & Effort

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A Whole Body Vibration Machine Has High, Quick Impact On Anne's Injuries

Where Oh Where Is Anne?

Five painfully-long years ago my physically-active, vivacious self was turned upside down and inside out. In early 2010 I suffered a misdiagnosed, debilitating gym injury. In a period of two months, my mobility declined rapidly as I packed up to leave New York. Religiously doing my physical therapy, I was not improving and but also unable to invest further in finding a new doctor until I was resettled.

Convinced that I was doing better, I found myself in Philadelphia and taking my first walk without a cane in April 2011. Six blocks from my apartment, I tripped over an elevated manhole cover in the street, literally careening into a concrete curb the first week I had my new Aetna insurance policy.

Afraid of somehow losing my insurance, even though Obamacare was in effect, I refused to go to the doctor, even though two individual parties observing my fall called 911. Bruised and battered, I iced my purple face back to normal, promising to go to the emergency ward if I had an ounce of dizziness.

Feminine Wisdom From Elle Gayda

In July 2011, my good friend Ellen Gayda noticed during a massage that my pubic bone was dislocated, causing the most searing part of my pain. I guess it’s no surprise that a male sports therapist was treating the wrong body part. Ellen’s snapping me into place ended the most excruciating aspect of my mobility problem. Agreeing that I must get medical treatment in Philadelphia, I began weekly treatments with a new doctor to restore my alignment and mobility.

During this period, the scar tissue took hold in major muscles around my right hip. My doctor explained retroactively that I probably should have had a procedure called MUA (manipulation under anesthesia) which he did not perform. The procedure is as it sounds; a medical professional rips the scar tissue one or more times until the muscle and ligaments are free to heal properly.

Iman Olujimi To My Rescue

By fall 2012, the scar tissue and muscle atrophy on my right side was a very serious problem, and I worried that I might never recover. It was time for an intervention, and she came in the form of my dear friend Iman Olujimi, who gives stunningly effective Thai massages.

Iman and I embarked on a uniquely intimate relationship in which she spent one night a week with me for about three hours. ‘Just do it,’ I told her, ‘even if the tears are running down my cheeks. If I can’t take it any more, I’ll tell you.’

It was Iman who month by month broke down the scar tissue in my pelvis and right hip muscles and ligaments, working lovingly and diligently with me even when the pain demanded that we both stop for a deep breath. Between Iman’s consistent efforts and my being back in a world class gym, I was nearly pain free and walking beautifully by July 2014.

Together Iman and I accomplished what my doctor couldn’t, and he said so, advising me candidly that I might have to accept a 95% recovery.

Death, Recovery and New Decline in 2014

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Joan Smalls & Constance Jablonski Glow Glam For Estée Lauder June 2015

Kendall Jenner may be the new ‘it’ girl at Estée Lauder but five years after signing on with the cosmetics giant, Joan Smalls and Constance Jablonski glow in Lauder’s latest cosmetics advertising campaign.


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Poppy Cross Goes To Hell & Back For A Victoria's Secret Angel Body

American website recently overviewed the evolution of the female figure over the last 100 years, reminding readers that the most admired models have always been consistently slimmer than the average American woman. The disparity is growing however, with American women becoming larger and models thinner

In the days of Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and all the ‘supers’, it’s estimated that with watching her diet and consistent exercise, about 25% of women could achieve a model figure — or close to it since height is always above average for models. Today that estimate is 2-4%.

This spring saw a flurry of new regulations around model BMIs for fashion shows, with even France, home to the androgynous, gamine figure seeking to crack down on the use of too-thin models with a ban on BMIs under 18.

Many protest the use of BMI as an indicator of health and wellness, because it fails to distinguish between muscle and fat. Looking to update any new thinking in the model BMI debate, I was surprised to come upon this gem of information from the Telegraph UK:

Dr Véran (the French neurologist and politician who sponsored the French legislation) notes that the World Health Organisation defines anyone below a BMI of 18 to be suffering from malnutrition. This would rule out celebrated names such as Karlie Kloss (no longer an Angel) , Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel who, as Victoria’s Secret underwear models, are feted for being “curvaceous” despite their miniscule BMIs.

As a 10-year veteran of Victoria’s Secret, I know that the world’s largest lingerie brand has always promoted a vision of good health and a positive body attitude. In overviewing the changing bodies of women as a beauty ideal, concluded that the 2000 body ideal is that of ‘a Victoria’s Secret Angel, described as tall, thin and leggy models with big breasts, flowing hair and toned bodies.’ The website uses Adriana Lima as an example.

The Diet and Workouts of VS Angels

Writing for Daily Mail UK this Sunday, Poppy Cross set out to see if she has what it takes to achieve the body of a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Victoria’s Secret requires all its Angels to be 5’9” tall minimum and have 24 in. waists writes Cross. VS Fashion Show consultant Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou explains: ‘It’s like being an Olympian — they have to be in peak condition.’

Cross sets off on her quest for an Angels body, advised by personal trainer Dan Roberts and New York nutritionist Dr Charles Passier, both of whom work with the VS models. (Read Elle magazine’s Dec 2014 Following the 6 Step Victoria’s Secret Angel Diet with Dr Passier. A major article on trainer Dan Roberts and the Angels is on

Weight training is to be the key and this will include squats, dead-lifts, weighted lunges, bicep curls, tricep dips and press-ups. I am to be ‘eased’ into the programme, with one weight session with Dan each week supplemented by three to four other ‘homework’ sessions – sprint interval training for 20 minutes one day, weight training on my own for an hour the next, and classes including Pilates, boxing and ‘Ballet Beautiful’ (Angel favourites, I’m told).

In what became a four-month journey to a VS Angels body, Cross writes that all her suffering and exhaustion aside, and with sessions with Dan increasing to four a week, she is exercising six-seven days a week and sometimes twice in a day. However, the determined fitness blogger is dead-lifting 72kg — more than she weights — by the third month.

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Denise Bidot Loves ALL Her Body In #swimsuitsforall Campaign

Online swimsuit retailer #swimsuitsforall has teamed up with the curvaceous Denise Bidot to launch an unretouched ‘Beach body. Not sorry’ ad campaign that encourages women to feel unapologetically sexy in their own skin — and that includes cellulite.

The campaign video features a sultry, completely un-retouched Bidot with a message of confidence echoed in Ashley Graham’s recent TED Talk in which she told her audience that she’s bold, beautiful and brilliant — even with back fat. Encouraging women to post selfies was a key message in Lane Bryant’s recent #ImNoAngel campaign.

“I love everything about my body … the stretch marks, everything that I thought was an imperfection I now realize is everything that makes me me,” says Bidot, while flaunting her sexy size 14 beach bod in a skimpy two-piece for the minute-long ad. “We want women to let go of their anxieties and step out unapologetically this summer,” said Moshe Laniado, CEO and President of Swimsuits For All, in a statement.

The company encouraged women to post images of themselves on their Facebook page.


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Doutzen Kroes Is Scuba-Ready In Gianluca Fontana Snaps For Elle France June 19, 2015

Top model Doutzen Kroes celebrates summer sports, styled in scuba-ready swimwear by Chloé Dugast. Gianluca Fontana captures Doutzen for Elle France June 19, 2015.


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