Step 2 For Pussyhat Power: How About Yarnbombing America From Sea To Shining Sea?

Put the word 'resistance' into Google News this morning and the headlines tell a vivid story:The #Resistance and Russia; National Parks and NASA 'Resistance' Launches on Twitter; The Resistance will be Tweeted; Protesters Climb DC Crane, Call for Resistance to Trump.

In the ultimate accomplishment -- a salvo to US President Donald Trump, who insists falsely that he's had more TIME magazine covers than anyone (Nixon wins) -- pink Pussyhats are on the move, straight on to the cover of this week's TIME. 

If you believe in science, then you know that Isaac Newton nailed it. For every action, Newton postulated in his rigorous exploration of physics, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Today the pussy-grabbing asshat who is president of the USA is locked in a fierce battle with pink Pussyhat-wearing feminists.

A Battle of the Hats

Following an inauguration that was the smallest in decades, ignoring the 'alternative facts' presented by Trump surrogates and the president himself, who clear needs glasses, a new 'resistance was born. And just as the red baseball caps emblazoned with 'Make America Great Again' have come to symbolize Trumpsters, pink Pussyhats are on the move. Two symbols -- one largely male and one very female.

There is nothing stylish or chic about Trumps' baseball caps.  in a fashion industry that adapts its big, square lines for hipper women's versions, the 'red hats' make no such compromise. Any aspect of feminizing American culture is verbotin to Donald Trump. After all, his Brit buddy famously compared Trump to a grand silverback gorilla. Having the smallest brain in the ape family, the silverback relies on brute strength to maintain dominance.

Still, in the reality check we must take as liberals, progressives, sensible moderates, pro-woman male Democrats (many aren't), and even the now-vanquishes Rockefeller Republicans -- the red hats won. They won, not only the 2016 US presidential race, but now control Congress and the vast majority of state houses in America.

Just imagine if Hillary Clinton's campaign had harnessed the power of the Pussyhat.

The Pussyhat was born in the artisan art world -- and it was women's work, inspired perhaps by yarn-bombing. In the same way that Teresa Shook, a lawyer in Hawaii, launched the Women's March in the grief-stricken hours after Hillary Clinton's presidential defeat, Kay Coyle, the master-knitter of LA's Little Knittery, picked up her yarn-kneedles and feverishly went to work.

It seems that in America's hyper-consumerism world -- and LA is at the front of the parade -- Kay Coyle is clueless about her role in creating perhaps the greatest symbolism of American feminism. There is no mention of her Pussyhat on The Little Knittery's website. Coyle describes her shop as "a cozy neighborhood yarn shop with a beautifully curated selection of the softest fibers, emphasizing fair trade practices, sustainable source materials, and domestically produced yarns and notions. " While her 'About Us' embraces core progressive values, there is nothing 'revolutionary' or 'resistance'- themed about her message.

A Nation Says 'You're Hired'

Donald Trump would say 'you're fired' to this modest woman Kay Coyle who only asks Americans to 'learn to knit'. Imagine Coyle presenting her Pussyhat concept in an opening episode of 'The Apprentice', detailing to the self-aggrandizing master of the universe her strategy to take him down.

Trust me -- yarnbombers have an established decade of leading resistance protests, and I've followed them for years.

In the world of Ayn Rand, Donald Trump insists that he will be second only to Abraham Lincoln in being a truly-great American president. This dominating, aggressive, silverback-ape mentality has no place in Coyle's yarn shop. And what is a bit delicious about nearly four-million Pussyhats grabbing the limelight on Trump's inauguration weekend, is that he never saw them coming. This is a key reason why Trump continually bankrupted his companies. Our president rules with brute strength, not strategic thinking because his mind is not built to last.

Make no mistake though, the Pussyhat packs a powerful punch. ArtNews writes:

Like most truly resonant symbols, it packs a lot into a simple thing. The Pussyhat was elegantly simple, the better to be shared widely; it was obvious in its hot-pink symbolism, the better to serve as a statement; it was witty and unexpected, the better to attract genuine enthusiasm; it was a little outrageous—“Pussyhat” self-consciously claiming the vulgarity associated with Trump’s infamous leaked Access Hollywood tape—the better to represent a bit of the defiance of the moment.



I flipped off Mika Brzezinski on 'Morning Joe' an hour ago, after the increasingly-opinionated Stepford- woman co-host to Joe Scarborough decried the marches with "who is their leader????"  I lasted about 10 minutes before hitting the mute button. Everyone is asking that question, and a strategy is in development. But who is to say that it must be patriarchal, Mika? Could you give this nation of knitters a month to lock down a plan, instead of blowing us off five days after marches of nearly four-million people all over America caught everyone by total surprise?.

Yarnbombers, Unite

The longer Mika lives with Joe Scarborough, the more she sounds like him. Hey, when she turned on Elizabeth Warren in late November 2016, the ever-sighing, rarely-articulate, solo woman in the 'Morning Joe' boardroom Mika Brzezinski nailed her place for good in the boys club. She loves being the high priestess at the table, in the tradition of my heroine Dagny Taggart. (Yes, it is true. Skin me alive.) Unfortunately, Mika rarely offers a cohesive, original thought of her own.Unlike Dagny who can resurrect a railroad and co-launch a rebirth of America's steel industry Hank Reardon style, Mika sighs and criticizes everyone else for not correctly implementing her hazy vision of American rebirth. Note that it sounds as if Mika wasn't marching last Saturday, so talk about a back-seat driver.

Apparently, the Pussyhat isn't her style. I tell you what Mika, if a bit of yarnbombing isn't orgasmic enough for your self-assessed lofty intellect, put an asprin between your knees, so as not to become pregnant with any enthusiasm over protests lead by women and now being defined by women. It's not in your manloving wheelhouse.

As for me, and millions more like me, we are trying to channel all this Pussyhat power in a defiant resistance against President Donald Trump and his Republican War on Women, on Immigrants, on People of Color, on Americans who believe in a separation of church and state, on the ACLU, on Protectors of the Environment and countless other liberal values.

If I close my eyes, I see yarnbombing on every corner from sea to shining sea. ~ Anne