Kate Moss & George Michael | Mario Testino | Vogue Paris October 2012 | 'King George'

The controversy over Vogue Paris’ Kate Moss and George Michael October cover and Emmanuelle Alt styled editorial has been intense. Yes to ‘holy eyebrows’. Yes to Photoshop gone wild. Yes, to Emmanuelle Alt having an identity crisis — breakdown?— in her “a star is born’ video for Vogue Paris.

Alt’s video is pure milktoast and I can’t believe French women go for it. Young Japanese women perhaps. The only thing missing is Karl Lagerfled. He’s not in the video, right? I would love to be in Carine Roitfeld’s brain watching it.

Personally, I think Mario Testino has a great affinity for photographing women. And Kate Moss is — well Kate. Perhaps Mario is having his own identity crisis around aging and needs to erase the lifelines off of every face. As for George Michael, I would hardly recognize him, he’s either pulled too tight in real life or photoshopped to death. ~ Anne


via TGN