Trump's public Twitter spectacle this weekend underscores his stage of being totally unhinged. Most say that he is totally fearful of Mueller's march to the truth, given all the new indictments. Trump is clueless about how he looks to the vast majority of people in America and internationally. His latest target was Oprah.

Whatever Trump Tweets at this point, he means it about himself. We interpret all his words this way -- from the first moment on the debate stage when he denied Hillary's accusation that he is Putin's puppet. The vast majority of us know that he is Putin's, although we don't know exactly why.

Trump doesn't see himself as our leader and protector. He has NO interest in protecting America, its institutions or its people. Trump has a single care: HIMSELF and to a lesser extent, his blood children from his first family. The rest of us are his serfs and we know that the emperor has no clothes. He is the wizard in Oz, fully-exposed and psychologically naked.

Unfortunately, Trump is also very dangerous to us all. His disciples -- some commenting here -- have a one-word vocab: Clinton. Clinton, Clinton, Clinton. It's the answer to every question, every statement, every statistic, every fact. I never thought I would see such a day in America, but here we are.

Fearless Girl Will Get A Permanent Home In New York, Taking Charging Bull With Her


Great News! Fearless Girl is staying in Manhattan permanently, probably inseparable from her nemesis statue, Charging Bull. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, the duo seem even more inseparable. Such a decision will surely prompt wine-vinegar words from Charging Bull's, men are the masters of the universe, artist Arturo Di Modica. 

Because Fearless Girl has brought so many tourists and visitors to her small location in Wall Street, officials have traffic and safety concerns around her permanent location. Negotiations are underway between the Mayor's Office and State Street Global Advisors, who birthed Fearless Girl in time for International Women's Day 2017, regarding her long-term future location. 

“The message of the Fearless Girl statue has resonated with New Yorkers and visitors alike,” a spokesperson for Mayor Bill de Blasio told Adweek. “Its enthusiastic reception has been heartening, and we are discussing various approaches to ensure this statue continues to be a part of the city’s civic life.”

Millions of tourists and natives have indeed flocked to see the statue since its March 7, 2017, debut. Analysts estimate that the work, which cost a reported $250,000, had generated more than $7 million in free marketing after only six months. Equally important, SSGA said 76 of 476 companies in which it invests had “actively worked to promote women” as a direct result of the campaign. Other cities have expressed interest in installing their own versions of Fearless Girl.