Kate Middleton & Prince William Welcome Baby Boy 3 Weeks Before Harry & Meghan's Royal Wedding


The newest British royal -- a baby boy -- has arrived to parents Kate Middleton and Prince William. 

“Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 11:01hrs,” the palace announced in an official statement. “The baby weighs 8lbs 7oz. The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth. Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.”

The newest royal family member was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in London – just like siblings George, 4, who was at school and Charlotte, 3, at home at Kensington Palace. Kate was admitted to the hospital before 6 a.m. (U.K. time)  in the early stages of labor on Monday.

The self-proclaimed Royalist Town Crier walked up to the famous steps of the Lindo Wing and called out, “God Save the Queen,” and announced the birth of the baby prince.

The palace also confirmed that Middleton, 36, suffered again from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness.

'Fearless Girl' Is Movin On Up To the NY Stock Exchange | Charging Bull Is Still Sulking

fearless girl is on the move to the ny stock exchange.jpg

'Fearless Girl' is on the move, and as usual, Charging Bull is making himself the center of attention. Like Trump, the mere thought of being upstaged by a little woman is way more than his fragile male ego can handle, and 'Fearless Girl' is running out of patience. 

New York mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Thursday that 'Fearless Girl' will soon be moving to a spot facing the New York Stock Exchange. And even though theirs is a love/hate relationship the mayor would like Charging Bull to shut his whiny mouth and do what's best for the city by going with her. 

After all, Charging Bull never bothered to get a permit when his owner, the artist Arturo Di Modica, dropped the 7,000-pound bronze bull into lower Manhattan in the dead of night and without permission. 

Since 'Fearless Girl' arrived with permits and official papers -- after all, Charging Bull is an illegal -- ‘Fearless’, who played by the rules, should have the upper hand in my mind. Isn’t that what Trumplandia says about illegals?

In an act of totally Trump, over-the-top ridiculousness, both egos -- the bull’s and Modica’s -- demanded that his illegal beast be turned around, so he didn't even have even to look at 'Fearless Girl'. Meanwhile, Modica’s suing the city over his illegal bull’s alleged mistreatment for goddess knows how many New York bucks.


'Fearless Girl' and the New York mayor have both invited Charging Bull to come with her to the new home in front of the New York Stock Exchange. You might think this would make the Bull and his maker happy, since when the original 1989, dead-of-night drop-off of the illegal charging beast occurred, guess where they left him? Of course, in front of the New York Stock Exchange. 

Charging Bull would rather sulk, even though hundreds of thousands of people, have observed his mindless, bronze hulk since 'Fearless Girl' arrived. Charging Bull was a sideshow before the defiant girl came on the scene, and the bull really can't handle the pint-size girl's popularity.

Plus, the bull is indignant that the girl has given him a bad name by facing off against his raging testosterone fury -- as if men haven't heaped bag-girl guilt on women for more than 10,000 years. One bull takes it on the chin, and all hell breaks loose. In the bull's mind, all of New York should be kissing his charging butt as opposed to swooning over this impudent, fierce, little female.

You'll Take The Charging Beast With You, Right 'Fearless'


Unfortunately for Charging Bull, "a spokesman for Mr. de Blasio said that it was important to the mayor, who has posed with “Fearless Girl” and spoken of its meaning to young women and girls, to keep the two works together.

“The mayor felt it was important that the ‘Fearless Girl’ be in a position to stand up to the bull and what it stands for,” said Eric F. Phillips, the mayor’s press secretary. “That’s why we’re aiming to keep them together. The bull has also always been a traffic and safety issue the city’s hemmed and hawed over. The moves achieve a few goals,” writes The New York Times. 

Will Charging Bull pull in his horn and get a bit of new-world graciousness? We don't know yet. Like Trump, most days he says he would rather sue the city than cave in to 'Fearless'. What we can confirm is that 'Fearless Girl' is Movin on Up, just like the Jeffersons. May she take countless young women worldwide with her. 

It would be nice if Charging Bull agreed to come along for the ride. I am quite confident, though, that if he refuses, a band of female sculptors will give ‘Fearless’ an even better charging bull for her face-off. And as charming as ‘Fearless’ is, she’ll get the NYSE to pay for it. That would be poetic justice. ~ Anne


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Wears Maori Cloak To Queen's Dinner At Buckingham Palace


New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, made quite the style statement, attending the Queen's Dinner at Buckingham Palace Thursday evening. Ardern was in London for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting and arrived at Buckingham Palace wearing a traditional Māori cloak (or Kahu huruhuru).

 The Guardian explains that the cloaks are traditionally "bestowed on chiefs and dignitaries to convey prestige, respect and power."

Mark Sykes, an expert on the Māori special collection at the National Museum of New Zealand, further explained the garment's significance to the publication, stating: "Cloaks are worn for warmth, protection and to symbolise your status and mana [power]."

He continued, "I think it shows how she is portraying herself as a leader of Māori, of all of New Zealand, of everyone."

The prime minister is expecting her first child in June and wore a specially-designed, floor length gown by New Zealand designer Juliette Hogan. 

"And I very thankfully have a friend in Juliette Hogan," said Ardern, as reported by the New Zealand Herald. "She's made a dress that will accommodate my front pack."