1) GlamTribal Design jewelry questions, fire away. If you have purchased a GlamTribal Design gift certificate or want a custom amount added for purchase, tell us in the notes below. It will be done at once, if we are awake.

2) Photographers submissions & image rights concerns. Please read our policies here.

3) Yes, we do paid posts but they MUST have high-quality images. We research every prospective client for a shared values match before accepting any paid post. Approved paid posts that arrive as copy only will be rejected w/o discussion, only an email notification. This happens too often; AOC is an image-rich site.

4) Please do not ask us to review your blog articles or to link to you. There is absolutely no time for such a free service. If we had the time, we would try to help out, especially young and aspiring writers. WE DON’T.

Thanks for contacting AOC and GlamTribal Design. ~ Anne

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