Cameron Russell Gives 'Miami Heat' in Benny Horne's Vogue Australia February 2013 Images

Cameron Russell delivers ‘Miami Heat’ with one of the most beautiful smiles we’ve seen in years. Back in the day, the true supers smiled. It’s only when seeing a photo like Cameron’s, lensed by Benny Horne that we’re reminded that being aloof and disengaged is the de rigeur attitude for today’s fashionistas. Excuse me — I mean to say the model is ‘fierce’, a woman to be reckoned with unless we’re talking holding political office or running a public company. We’re not talking that kind of ‘fierce’. Morgan Pilcher styles the fashion classics for Vogue Australia’s  February issue.

Although she has a blockbuster beauty smile, Cameron Russell is truly ‘fierce’ in our playbook. If you haven’t listened to Cameron’s powerful presentation about modeling at an east coast TEDx, take a listen in AOC Body. Another truly fierce model is Lauren Hutton, a woman with more guts and spunk than even I understood. Check out Pioneer Model Lauren Hutton’s Understanding of Prick Power Is Fierce?


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