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The Great Wall of Vagina | Learning To Love Our Genitalia

Marilyn Minter’s ‘Lick It Real Good’Marilyn Minter said a few years back that her art is in the outtakes. “It’s the moment when everything goes wrong,” she says. “It’s when the model sweats. There’s lipstick on teeth and the makeup’s running.”

I experienced another Marilyn Minter turnon this morning, reading about vaginas.

Posting an extensive collection of Minter images, one of several inspirations for our soon to launch Making Waves | Modern Aphrodites 2011 erotic writing project, I understand clearly why the artist is considered to be a purveyor or scopophilia.

Meaning of Scopophilia

Derived from the Greek ‘love of looking’, scopophilia or scoptophilia means deriving pleasure from looking. The moment I read ‘philia’ my mind went, not to Hamlet, but to the world of carnal pleasures.

As an expression of sexual pleasure, scopophilia describes sexual pleasure derived from looking at erotic objects, erotic photographs and naked bodies. In the 1970s, the term was used by cinema psychoanalysts to decribe pleasure — often considered pathological — spectators experience when they watch films.

Laughing just now, I said that I experience scopophilia with erotic flowers.

Screen capture, YouTube Scandalous Erotic Flowers

A quick trip to the dictionary confirms that ‘philia’ connotes unnatural attraction. The Internet Encyclopedia  of Philosophy makes ‘philia’ a subset of ‘The Nature of Love’, breaking down Eros, Philia and Agape.

Interestingly, the Greeks didn’t make ‘philia’ a dirty word. Think Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. One assumes that ‘philia’ got dirty with the rise of monotheism.

Le Petit Mort

I returned to the subject of vaginas today, ruminating over a comment I made last week about the male fear of castration in female orifices. Busy rewriting a new definition of sensuality that I will present to Webster’s before the end of 2011 — come hell or high water —  I found myself in the muck of ‘vagina dentata’ at 5am.

You might think that ‘vagina dentata’ or a vagina full of teeth capable of devouring a phallus without warning is present only in ancient history and mythology. It was actually the basis of the 2007 horror/humor film ‘Teeth’.

In Praise of Yoni Worship

A girl dressed in the attire of Indian goddess Maa Kali seen at Kamakhya temple. via

With no intention of minimizing the degree of misogyny that today’s women experience in India, it is factually correct to say that among the most sacred pilgrimage sites in the country is Kamakhya.

It is here, the puranas (sacred texts) tell us, that the yoni (vulva or womb) of Devi (Goddess) fell to Earth. The summer festival known as Ambubachi Mela attracts 40,000 devotees in a celebration of fundamental life mysteries grounded in menstrual blood.

The yoni of the Goddess Devi Kamakhya, the Mother Shakti, is worshipped  — a vulva-shaped stone the size of a basket ball — although no one may look upon Her directory.  She is guarded by priests who bathe her blindfolded and covered by a red cloth and flowers.

Thankfully, the Victorian colonists didn’t succeed in stamping out all reverence for yonis in India. I feel us falling into a soft abyss of lips, tongues and vulvas; and they are all beautiful.

The growth of labiaplasty in America shows that we have not learned much from Mother Nature. Erotic flowers may come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, no two the same. Cultural standards in America suggest that every woman can have the perfect vagina, if only she ponies up the cash.

Amazing Variations in Natural Beauty

via Flickr’s gnevets88 Steve JonesThis gorgeous orchid makes me think of the ‘liberated’ medical minds that say the vulva is a reverse penis. At first hearing, the concept sounds like feminist claptrap, but when you look at Jamie McCartney’s videos and website, you see that we are all works of art — inside and outside.

Most women haven’t even looked at their vulvas, so I’m not clear how they know they are ‘deformed’. It’s not my place to counsel women that their vulvas are most likely gorgeous and not in need of fixing. I do believe that most women would be stunned to see their own natural vulva beauty as sculpture.

I am such a sassy pain in the butt, that I just might put mine on the table as part of the dinner decorations. In my personal experience of photographing my own genitalia, it was key to helping me see my own beauty inside and out.

When we allow ourselves to confront our physicality in a positive way — as discussed in the news video that follows — we often see that we have overblown defects in our minds. Cornered by the ‘help missions’ of the beauty and fashion industry, women’s media, and the religious guys bossing around our body parts, our female sense of selves become totally distorted.

Artist Marilyn Mintner shows how seductively erotic and gorgeous we are in our imperfections, if only we can let ourselves go, and the experts leave us to our own private thinking about physicality. If a woman’s premise is that her genitalia is beautiful, sensual and seductive to her husband or lover — or herself alone — she will only seek surgery as a last resort.

Loving your ‘lips’ the way they are is the concept behind Jamie McCartney’s current art project, a large sculpture of individual castings from 200 women’s vulvas.

Note: British TV but has images of castings in process with minor vaginal nudity. This is a beautiful video and I encourage every man and woman — and the women for sure — to take a moment and watch it. Most of you will get tears in your eyes. For any woman considering ‘corrective’ vulva cosmetic surgery, you definitely should watch the videos.

In the second video, the woman having her vaginal lips celebrated in sculpture references an abusive husband who told her that she was deformed at 19, after having a child. She healed in time, before donating her genitalia to The Great Wall of Vagina project.

No one has ever specifically complained about my genitalia, but I have experienced serious verbal and physical abuse in my life. In rants that aren’t very different from Tertullian’s quotes about the decadence of women, my body parts were called unspeakable names.

Psychologists tell us that the words last far longer and do more permanent harm than the bruises.

Jamie McCartney describes his art as a confrontation, and I think this is a perfect word. It’s a private confrontation between the woman and her sculpture. It’s a social confrontation in a world that has turned disgusting bodies into putty in the hands of doctors that will redeem our self esteem — when only we can do that for ourselves.

I am not suggesting that no woman should have labiaplasty. But I am acknowledging that we live in a pornified world of perfect bodies, where nine-year-old girls are getting their pubes waxed. 

Meanwhile, as men and women, we become more and more distanced from our natural selves, unable to connect with our authentic identity and to love the woman or man we’re living with every day. 

I want us to be free of the thought that we are in need of fixing. To be never ‘good enough’ is psychologically destructive and the trend is accelerating in our modern world.

Jamie McCartney’s Greal Wall of VaginaWe share enough sensual guilt as it is. I love Marilyn Minter, Jamie McCartney and Goddess Devi Kamakhya  for helping us see our own beauty, even if our world is determined to put one obstacle after another to self love in our path.

Consider making your New Year’s Resolution: I do not need fixing! Love, Anne

Channel 4 - The Perfect Vagina

The Great Wall of Vagina - Pt 1

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Reader Comments (6)

This is one of the strangest articles hosting one of the most bizarre implications I've ever read, seriously. The "great wall" sculpture is at best an "ok, if you say so, now what are you trying so hard to say you're making absolutely no sense at all?" kind of thing, basically just kindergarten grade silly, but the idea some women are so totally enslaved, so tyrannized and dominated by opinions of superficial appearance they're buying cosmetic surgery to change the appearance of their genitals? That is just, well... pitiful, to pick a word. I tend to be suspicious approaching paranoid when confronted with things so contrary to common sense sanity, and following the rule of follow the money this sounds to me like the plastic surgeons are paying kick backs to the shrinks and both groups are splitting costs on the publicist.

Do you have a tactical on this mode of thought? Demographic boundaries by occupation or income, geographic, educational? Re-running the full memory record hasn't produced a whisper from any of the women in my world compatible with such a mode of thought, not from wife, from the proto-mate lovers or the one night stands, not from those great hearted country gals on the crew who damn sure wouldn't change a subject just because one of the guys walked into the break room, nowhere. The closest match was the scene in "Fried Green Tomatoes" where Kathy Bates told that one dippy bunch where to shove it after they'd told her to bring a hand mirror, but since the outer frame of the story was a comedy of sorts I'd figured that for being just the most ludicrous thing the writers could think up. From what you've written here you're making me wonder.

A most educational walk it is, even if stranger in a very, very strange land I remain.

December 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCyranos DeMet

Cyranos, if you read the first article, you will see the doctors promoting labiapasty, which is a major growing trend among women. As for women confronting the beauty of their genitalia, for the most part, we cannot do it and for good reasons.

As for being in the strange world of women, it certainly is, and welcome to it. Complex doesn't begin to explain the issues that women wrestle with. Via Facebook responses, I know that I hit a real chord here, with this subject. And the first article on the pet names we have for our vagina is always very strong, too, with readers. Best, Anne

December 28, 2010 | Registered CommenterAnne

As a woman who worships women - I find this article a breeze. The labia, vagina everything is to be worshiped - the sensuous dew tipped flowers of Sex. Beautiful.

January 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRivergoddess

i am a male who has seen many vaginas, and every one has been beautiful. in fact, i am a physician, and when i saw a website promoting labiaplasty, i viewed it as a disgusting concept, as promoted, designed to take everyone's uniqueness and bring it down to some pre-determined "ideal" labia, and in virtually every case i viewed the "before" picture as more beautiful, by far, than the "after". how boring would this world be if everyone were the same. as far as plastic surgeons, the fact that so many would have chosen, given a theoretical situation, to advise that marilyn monroe undergo multiple cosmetic procedures to "improve" her appearance should tell you, as a general rule, to stay away:stay far, far away.

September 27, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterrobert

this is great! i want a vagina wall <3

November 24, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterkat

This was a beautiful editorial Anne. I see You Tube has taken down the one site...drove too much traffic?? A flower petal lover myself, and you know I agree on the complexity of issues that all women are facing today...I'm from Michigan and love this State. Kudos to Lisa Brown!!!

Thank you for this piece. Very well done!!

June 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKen Moody

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