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Amy Chua | Chinese Mothers Know Tough Love Is Best

Updated on Tue, January 18, 2011 by Registered CommenterAnne

RedTracker Today’s WSJ essay ‘Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior’  is included in Amy Chua’s new book ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’, released next week.

Her arguments will offend many, but given the sinking academic performances of America’s children, Chua’s assertion that parenting — not only America’s messed-up school system — should be front and center in the debate of how to raise successful children resonates.

Asian mothers are stereotypically considered “scheming, callous, overdriven people indifferent to their kids true interests” writes Chua.

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Laura Dekker Expected To Reach St. Maarten Dec. 20, 2010


Breaking News, Laura due Saturday pm January 21. Read Laura Dekker Youngest Sailor to Sail Around the World | Here’s to Girl Power and Following Big Dreams | Bravo Laura!

Defiant about making this journey in spite of Dutch authorities who tried to prevent it with a series of drastic measures, including making her a temporary ward of the state, Laura says there is a high probability that she won’t return to The Netherlands. Rerouting herself back to St. Maarten, rather than the Netherlands, there is some concern that Laura could be arrested for reasons so inane, we’re not publishing them.

In her last blog posting as she crosses the Atlantic headed for her finish line on the Dutch Caribbean island of St. Maarten on Saturday, Laura complains of her “intimidating, frightening and traumatic” treatment.

Previously Dec. 14, 2010

Dutch sailor Laura Dekker is now sailing across the Atlantic, located about 750 nautical miles ([1389 kilometres; 863 land miles] from St. Maarten. Laura expects to arrive in St. Maarten around December 20th. 

The winds are calm today and Laura writes that she has become excellent at doing nothing and enjoys her meditations. Lara finally found her Trade Winds around Dec 7th, bumping up her speed to 6-7 knots from 5.

An interesting story is emerging about Laura Dekker’s approach to sailing around the world.

Perhaps like a woman investor, Laura is making her journey in dedicated small steps, often stopping for weeks in a location, waiting for better weather. Her youthful wisdom reminds us of the tortoise and hare story.

In the same way, women seek long-term profits Laura Dekker is focused on her long-term goal of being the youngest person to sail alone around the world. Laura and her sailing-research posse led by her father are very strategic about her journey, helping to explain Laura’s panic that the Dutch courts wouldn’t release her from custody.

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Colorado Tea Party Determined To Make Abortion, Birth Control Illegal | Does Palin Agree?

RedTracker| What is nauseating about the Tea Party quoting Thomas Jefferson in support of the Pro Life movement, is that abortion was legal and openly advertised when America was founded.

Facts, truth and rational thinking about the founding of America means absolutely nothing to these people Tea Party people.

Thomas Jefferson actually referenced abortion in his Notes on the State of Virginia:

They [Native Americans] raise fewer children than we do. The causes of this are to be found, not in a difference of nature, but of circumstance. The women very frequently attending the men in their parties of war and of hunting, child-bearing becomes extremely inconvenient to them. It is said, therefore, that they have learnt the practice of procuring abortion by the use of some vegetable; and that it even extends to prevent conception for a considerable time after.

I was stalked by a religious zealot man long ago, under police protection for over a year, because he was determined to kill me over my views on women’s rights.

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Piers Morgan Allegedly Slams Madonna's 'Raising Malawi' As Publicity Stunt

Photo: Mark HarrisonCNN Larry King’s replacement ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge Piers Morgan allegedly gave his new CNN bosses a list of stars who won’t be on his talk show. Madonna is supposedly at the top of the list because Morgan alleges that Madonna’s charity work in Malawi is a publicity stunt.

As of this moment, the comment hasn’t been picked up in what we would call the reputable press — like BBC. So we’re waiting for Morgan to clarify his remarks before we announce our decision to never watch his show on CNN.

Ego works both ways, you know, Piers. The AOC sisterhood stands firm on Madonna and her work in Africa.

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Gainsville's Joy Revels Preaches 'Love, not Dove' On T-Shirts

GAINESVILLE, FL - SEPTEMBER 10: Conor Munro (R) joins a protest across the street from Dove World Outreach Center.The vast majority of Gainesville, Fla residents want the world to know that Pastor Terry Jones doesn’t represent them. The New York Times describes Gainsville as “educated and progressive, with a gay mayor and a City Commission made up entirely of Democrats.” Gainsville, continues the NYT, has more smoothie joints than gun shops.

While the majority of residents in Gainsville consider the best actions to protest the lone-wolf tactics of Terry Jones, one local woman names Joy Revels has gone into high gear at her T-shirt printing shop Dragonfly.

Earlier this year, Joy refused to print shirts for Jones with the slogan “Islam is of the devil”.

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Protective Custody Ends for World-Bound Sailor Laura Dekker 

Laura Dekker and her father Dick Dekker wait to learn if the Netherlands court will take full custody of her.

Updated July 27, 2010: The protective custody of Laura Dekker has been lifted. She will be sailing around the world soon. Read our latest article Aug. 4, 2010

Dutch Sailor Laura Dekker Launches World Voyage Via Portugal

Updated July 20, 2010:

A Dutch Court ruled today that it will announce on July 27 its decision on a new request by child care authorities for a one-year joint custody over Laura Dekker.

Both of Laura’s parents back her plan to sail around the world solo. In gaining a one-year permanent ruling over Laura, rather than month by month, the Dutch child care authorities will effectively end Laura’s determination to set sail around the world.

The Dutch child care workers say they are not worried about her sailing skills but her social and physical development.

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