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Pine-Sol Reminds Us: Choreplay Is Foreplay

Updated Nov. 6, 2010: These Pine-Sol commercials remain my favorites on the subject of men and housework. We just posted a new survey out of Britain that strongly supports the argument that men in many countries want more childcare responsibilities and are happier doing housework with their wives, who also work full-time. See British Fathers Adamant About Need for More Family Time.

I couldn’t read the data without thinking of my favorite Pine-Sol commercials.

That’s the Power of Pine-Sol, Baby

Consider, guys, that Christmas is coming. Don’t make it about empty words this year. Choreplay or chore play — it’s all music to women’s ears.

How about an inexpensive gift of “cleaning coupons”? You will get far more sex in 2010, handing her a privatized “honey do” list. Cleaning coupons reap far more benefits than $100 worth of short-lived roses. If there’s no sex in your relationship, and you’d like to remedy this perceived problem, a dust mop might be the place to start.

Watch this video for a glimpse of living the good life in a Pine-Sol house.

For a true Smart Sensuality woman, this Pine-Sol commercial might be even better.

Pine-Sol | ‘Visitor’


If you’re a regular reader, you know that I don’t rag on men generally about housework. Especially younger men have made amazing progress, leaving the greater challenge of women agreeing that in total, the numbers are adding up these days.

The extraordinary popularity Porn for Women a cheeky picture and words book, with men donning rubber gloves and grabbing the dust mop proclaims, “Men who share the load (of laundry et al) inspire lust.”

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Reduced Blow Flow in Brain Detected in HSDD Libido-Loss Women 

In recent years, a loss of sexual desire in women called HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder) is generally accepted among scientists, although it remains controversial.

Sex therapists and the medical community agree that a more rigorous definition and diagnosis of HSDD is required. The reality is that most women lose interest in a sexual event at some time in their lives, for any number of good reasons. Many medical professionals are asking that HSDD be defined as a problem of longer duration, than currently required to be considered a psychiatric illness.

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Lara Stone and Monica Bellucci Choose To Eat Eve's Apple

Lara Stone | Be Delicious Like An Apple

The day after Lara Stone won her case against French Playboy’s unauthorized use of her photos, I wake up to her fruity beauty once again. It would be easy to chastise DKNY for ther extreme focus on product here.

When Lara Stone first broke into modeling, the problem was her generous golden apples. She tells stories of size -2 stylists looking at her horrified, saying ‘you’re too fat’ for these clothes. The problem is that she has breasts in a fashion world that dumped healthy, - women for androgynous models with almost no breasts.

Both women are beautiful, of course, but Lara Stone’s breasts don’t exist only for men’s pleasure. Lara’s extreme body confidence and comfortable self-image being naked suggest an inner exhibitionist at heart.

Lara Stone inspires us to be a Delicious Woman. In challenging prevailing, fashion beauty norms, the Dutch model tells us it’s okay to eat the apple. We are women and most of us have Eve breasts, regardless of fashion designers liking them or not.

Some designers say breasts “get in the way” of the design they’re creating and so they prefer women without them. We say breasts of every size are a bountiful blessing for the human species.

Smart Sensuality woman Donna Karan has always loved a female shape, so buy Donna Karan or DKNY and celebrate being delicious. No, this is not a paid for commentary. I just like the imagery and message that real sensuality comes from making peace with apples.

DKNY Be Delicious Woman

Monica Bellucci | Be A Juicy Pear

Yesterday’s post of Monica Bellucci’s Vanity Fair Italy photo and new art book brought lots of page reads.

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Kingdom Tower in Jeddah Will Soar Twice As High As Burj Khalifa

Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaSkyscrapers are making major news in the Middle East. Apartments are 50% reduced in Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, nearly a year after the world’s tallest building opened to a meteoric spectacle of fireworks and celebrations.

TIME magazine reports that the cost of renting a studio with floor-to-ceiling windows, marble fixtures and wooden floors has dropped to $1,815 a month from $3,025, while a one-bedroom apartment is available for $2,722 (it used to be $4,536). About 825 of the building’s 900 apartments remain unoccupied, according to Better Homes, a real estate broker  in Dubai.

Through September, 27,000 residential units have been put on the market, and another 9,000 are expected to be completed by the end of the year, according to real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle. For 2011, the firm forecasts that about 30,000 new units will come on line. via TIME

Concerned officials in Dubai have scrapped half of the future building projects on tap.

Owners of the condominiums say not to worry. The Burg prices will rebound because it is an icon, the tallest building in the world.

Not so fast, say the Saudis, who have their own plans to house the world’s talest building.

The official word is that Saudi Arabia’s Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal has not backed away from plans to building a tower in the port city of Jeddah that would dwarf the Burg, being twice as high, and soaring 1.6 kilometers into the aky.

Adrian Smith, who designed the Burj when he was at Skidmore, Owings & Merill, was tapped to design the new Saudi tower, as a partner in his own firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.

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Dear Victoria's Secret | Forget Diamond Bras | We Need 'Runaway' Phoenix Wings 

Dear alma mater. I do love you so, Victoria’s Secret, even though I offer constructive criticism at times.

It’s no secret that I didn’t like the Angels idea. I felt our lingerie brand was a beacon of positive sensuality, one that American women trusted to help them through the muddy morass of American morality and mixed messages about sexuality.

I wanted American women to star as angels and devils, too, on their own home stage, leading them quietly to a place of sensual confidence expressed by Brazilian women, or French and Italian ones. Swedes and Danish beauties come to my mind also as women who embrace their sensual selves without a lot of doubt. 

Missionary Mission In American Sexuality

We had the opportunity to do sensual missionary work with American women, the ones who made their husbands and boyfriends stand in line at shopping center for hours for Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

Instead, my dear friend, you went Las Vegas, choosing extravaganza over sensual substance. I agree the strategy makes for good theater, and nobody does it better than you.

My feelings aren’t hurt that you wouldn’t listen to me about the Angels. This situation arises in American business all the time. Now I feel that I must write you directly, because you are surrounded by talented people sending you the trend-forward message about female sexuality and Smart Sensuality values for tomorrow’s woman.

Las Vegas is so over. Forgive me, but this is not an example of Adriana Lima in silver screen glamour. You might as well have delivered her in a Hummer.

Russell James V2 Erotic Art Photography

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Selita Ebanks | Kanye West | 'Runaway' Full Video Embedded

Les Artistes| Flat out, Kanye West is one of the most talented artist-philosophers of our time. Kayne West’s new video ‘Runaway’ is a stunner, a controversial and beautiful social (and self) examination of America in 2010.

Former Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks envelopes the video with her ‘angelic’ sensuality at the very moment that several VS angels are imaged in the new Russell James erotic art book V2.

The plot sees a comet hit Kanye’s Lamborghini, with a beautiful injured phoenix, played by Selita, emerging from the wreckage. The most dominant theme in arty fashion editorial this season is woman as goddess, who comes to save mankind from himself.

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Colorado Tea Party Determined To Make Abortion, Birth Control Illegal | Does Palin Agree?

RedTracker| What is nauseating about the Tea Party quoting Thomas Jefferson in support of the Pro Life movement, is that abortion was legal and openly advertised when America was founded.

Facts, truth and rational thinking about the founding of America means absolutely nothing to these people Tea Party people.

Thomas Jefferson actually referenced abortion in his Notes on the State of Virginia:

They [Native Americans] raise fewer children than we do. The causes of this are to be found, not in a difference of nature, but of circumstance. The women very frequently attending the men in their parties of war and of hunting, child-bearing becomes extremely inconvenient to them. It is said, therefore, that they have learnt the practice of procuring abortion by the use of some vegetable; and that it even extends to prevent conception for a considerable time after.

I was stalked by a religious zealot man long ago, under police protection for over a year, because he was determined to kill me over my views on women’s rights.

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