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Tom Ford | 'Jeune Fille Innocente' | Vogue Paris December 2010

Tom Ford’s December 2010 Vogue Paris guest editorship has created more than a few waves, with a series of provocative statements about fashion and global culture.  Ford probably confirmed to French readers that Americans just have no taste.

The rumours are flying that Bernard Arnault was so disgusted by the ‘Jeune Fille Innocente’ editorial above, that he threatened to pull an entire month of advertising for Vogue Paris. Was Carine Roitfeld actually fired over this issue? We doubt it. Read on Carine Roitfeld | Whispering ‘Insiders’ Fuel Rumour Mill | NSFW

Of all the Vogue Paris December 2010 Tom Ford editorials, ‘Jeune Fille Innocente’ could be the most offensive to the French, and I can understand why.

France isn’t known for dressing its children in rouge lipstick, before sending them off for a bikini wax. Unlike America, which considers women over the hill at 30, France celebrates older woman and the totality of a woman’s life cycle.

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Flogging and BDSM | Can Someone Explain the Difference?

(Note from Anne: I have chosen images by the prolific Japanese artist Nobuyoshi Araki to feature with Dr. Johnson’s post. Araki is very strong in fashion and culture, being recently featured at NOWNESS for his holiday 2010 work at Barneys. There is nothing accusatory in my using these images in conjunction with an essay on BDSM. The vast majority of images that Carla describes can’t be exposed on AOC. They are too graphic and degrading for our readers. In his own words, Araki is very interested in rope bondage. These images are from The Old Photo Album, a general interest photo blog.)

Note: Images are provocative and involve nudity

Guest writer Dr. Carla Johnson

Floggings continue as reported by Anne of Carversville, and women are sentenced to be stoned as well as victimized by brutal domestic violence around the world.  While such acts are illegal in the United States, they remain surrounded by such webs of fear that a domestic crime puts a woman’s life at risk, usually greatest after she has left the abuser. 

Statistics on domestic violence in the United States tell us that one in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime, and about 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year.  Historically, females are most often victimized by someone they know.

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Showgirl Flowers Are Just Looking for Love & Good Sex

Credit: iStockphoto/Rob BroekSex in nature is irresistably fascinating. José María Gómez and Francisco Perfectti of the University of Granada have used complex geometric analysis to show that insect pollinators influence the evolution of flower shape.via Science Daily

It isn’t the case that flowers have no brains of their own. With all the talk about female emancipation, a girl flower is still on a life mission to get polinated. The researchers found that insects have different preferences in flower shape.

“Large bees preferred flowers with narrow petals; small bees had a preference for wider flowers; bee flies had a preference for rounded flowers.”

Smart flowers adapt to catch their insect. Flowers with shapes preferred by pollinators tend to have higher output of nectar and pollen. If you let your imagination run wild, all kinds of questions come to mind, which is why Darwin once described the entire process of pollination and flowers an “abdominable mystery.”

A second article on this Science Daily subject also caught my eye.

Consider the pollination problem of your average sundew plant. Depending on pollination for reproduction, you want the longest possible flowerstalks. Time and time again, we know what happens to tall rapturous flowers with a lot of backbone. They become the lunch of Conservatives.

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Laura Dekker Expected To Reach St. Maarten Dec. 20, 2010


Breaking News, Laura due Saturday pm January 21. Read Laura Dekker Youngest Sailor to Sail Around the World | Here’s to Girl Power and Following Big Dreams | Bravo Laura!

Defiant about making this journey in spite of Dutch authorities who tried to prevent it with a series of drastic measures, including making her a temporary ward of the state, Laura says there is a high probability that she won’t return to The Netherlands. Rerouting herself back to St. Maarten, rather than the Netherlands, there is some concern that Laura could be arrested for reasons so inane, we’re not publishing them.

In her last blog posting as she crosses the Atlantic headed for her finish line on the Dutch Caribbean island of St. Maarten on Saturday, Laura complains of her “intimidating, frightening and traumatic” treatment.

Previously Dec. 14, 2010

Dutch sailor Laura Dekker is now sailing across the Atlantic, located about 750 nautical miles ([1389 kilometres; 863 land miles] from St. Maarten. Laura expects to arrive in St. Maarten around December 20th. 

The winds are calm today and Laura writes that she has become excellent at doing nothing and enjoys her meditations. Lara finally found her Trade Winds around Dec 7th, bumping up her speed to 6-7 knots from 5.

An interesting story is emerging about Laura Dekker’s approach to sailing around the world.

Perhaps like a woman investor, Laura is making her journey in dedicated small steps, often stopping for weeks in a location, waiting for better weather. Her youthful wisdom reminds us of the tortoise and hare story.

In the same way, women seek long-term profits Laura Dekker is focused on her long-term goal of being the youngest person to sail alone around the world. Laura and her sailing-research posse led by her father are very strategic about her journey, helping to explain Laura’s panic that the Dutch courts wouldn’t release her from custody.

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Republican Men Will Take Away Abortion Rights; Obama Will Comply

RedTracker| Women of America. The fight to take away your legal right to a fair and safe abortion is on. Jezebel sounds the alarm; and I have a long record of saying we would reach this moment in the backward march of women’s rights in America.

If you think President Obama will bail us out of this one, forget it.

I have been haunted by the outfit our First Lady wore to the Vatican in July 2009 as a premonition of things to come. The president may be prochoice, but he’s just given us all a good understanding of where he will compromise.  I love our First Lady with my whole heart, but when I saw her at the Vatican, I knew it was all over for women.

I say President Obama will compromise on abortion.

Quote me and right it down. Anne of Carversville says that President Obama will cave on abortion, leaving all those liberal women who just couldn’t embrace Hillary Clinton speechless. The President will explain that he had to do it “for the good of the country”.

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Laughing Brutality in Woman's Flogging Video Chills Sudan

Flogging of Sudanese women in Khartoum from Anne Enke on Vimeo.

The horror of flogging in Sudan reared its head this week in a video that’s no less riveting in its inhumanity than the details of Lubna Hussein’s indencency hearings that went on for months in 2009. For new readers at Anne of Carversville, I became very involved in Lubna’s case in the summer of 2009, after being contacted by a loosely-confederated group of concerned men in the region.

My closest ally in that 2009 group returned to Facebook this week and contacted me with the video that frankly causes me nightmares. I have played this video over and over in my head awake and asleep.

There aren’t words to express my revulsion at the administering of ‘justice’ Sudan style to this young woman and the 40,000 more that will probably be flogged in 2010, based on Sudanese court records of 40,000 floggings in 2008.

Nesrine Malik wrote about the flogging for The Guardian today: Sudan’s public order laws are about control, not morality.

After being pulled down repeatedly on YouTube, with complaints coming fast and furious from the believers in flogging episodes like this one, the video is now alive. It is also on CNN and Al Jazeera, says my friend, although I can’t find it in the international editions.

I will share my colleague’s words, written from the region for Anne of Carversville readers:

This video clip depicts the scene of a Sudanese girl receiving blows whip all over her body at a police station in Khartoum this week. A wave of condemnation by the Sudanese on the Internet and newspapers concluded that what happened was exceeding the legal punishment and amounted to physical torture and severe humiliation.

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'Dorothea' | Dorothea Barth Jörgensen | Barnaby Roper | T Magazine

Photographer and director Barnaby Roper works his magic on film again, this time starring Swedish model Dorothea Barth Jörgensen for T Magazine. In this short film styled by Michelle Cameron, Roper captures Jörgensen in an intriguing and disruptive transformation. See also Iris Strubegger | Barnaby Roper |

More Barnaby Roper from his Journal page: