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Matisse "Back IV" $48.8 Million | A Lotta Love for One Womanly Body

Matisse bronze “Back IV” sold by Christies for $48 million, Nov 2010ArtTracker| This is how crazy culture is about women’s backsides. After writing that Wonderbum is offering women a new dress guaranteed to transform their bottoms into juicy nectarines, tomatoes, pears and one shapely potato (which we don’t comprehend at all), we now post that Christies sold a Matisse bronze nude for $48.8 million at auction last week.

Matisse created a series of four of the bronze reliefs, what some consider his most ambitious sculptural work. between 1908 and 1931. “Back IV” was expected to bring $25 million to $35 million.

If fashion screams “x-rated and cancelled” to women who are bootylicious, someone in the art world, represented by Gagosian Gallery, likes “les fesses”.

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Pundits Know Next to Nothing About Women's Sexual Selves

Rankin “One Dress” at Brick Lane showThe Kinsey Institute, led by Julia Heiman, is conducting an international study on sexuality in heterosexual couples who have been married more than 20 years, with the male partner between 40 and 70 years old.

Interviewed in the Washington Post, Heiman said that she is most surprised at the differences in responses from men and women, as they examine relationship satisfaction in Brazil, Japan, Germany, Spain and the US.

Each country has 200 couples participating, and the female responses are a big surprise. Then again, perhaps not, when you consider how much we learn about female sexuality when focus groups and interviews aren’t the sole source of information.

In what sounds like a total reversal of expected gender behavior, Heiman found that among men a number of factors could predict relationship satisfaction, including health, sexual functioning and intimacies like kissing and cuddling.

In women, only sexual functioning — level of desire, frequency of arousal and orgasm — seemed to predict relationship satisfaction. Heiman says the result “was really different from what we expected.” via AOC

We thought women were the ones who only wanted to cuddle. Hmmmm, perhaps we have a major breakdown in our global culture’s understanding of female sexuality for real.

Older Japanese Women Warm Up to Idea of Divorce

It will be interesting to read the survey of Japanese couples in the Kinsey Study on relationship satisfaction.  If Japanese women are as sexually demanding after 20 years of marriage as their American women counterparts — and women in Spain, Germany and Brazil — their embrace of divorce makes a lot of sense.

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John Currin's Embrace of New Eroticism, New Masters Art Is Thrilling, Not Chilling

John Currin, “Constance Towers, 2009”American artist John Currin is showing new work at Manhattan’s Gagosian Gallery, November 4 through December 22, 2010.

John Currin is increasingly known for explicitly erotic flesh tones that might make Hugh Hefner blush — especially when Currin’s focus is increasingly womanly sex without a studmuffin to run the show.

We’ve commented before on Currin’s nearly Biblical references to human sexuality.

The New York Times critic Michael Kimmelman wrote in 1999, mixed “leering, light-headed kitsch, with old-masterish weight as if there were no distinction”. Kimmelman called Currin’s portfolio “a dizzying feat that makes every picture seem wholesome and evil at the same time”.

John Currin, “The Women of Franklin Street”From his Manhattan Soho loft, John Currin explained to The Independent:

“I love grand, classically nude paintings and there is really no situation where plausibly you have criss-crossing limbs and stuff like that except in pornography.” Also fascinating to him, however, was the possibility of bringing his oil-paint grandeur to scenes of cheap copulation.

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Vogue Spain Can't Help Pope Benedict Inspire Marriage Vows 

Tiiu Kuik | Michelle Ferrara | ‘Tentación Blanca | Vogue Novias, Fall/Winter 2010

Unfortunately, the fashion industry and Vogue can’t help Pope Benedict’s massive problems inspiring Spanish Catholics to get married. Even though the vast majority of Spaniards still declare themselves Catholic, not objecting to the $9 billion annually that the Vatican gets in direct and indirect government funds for financing Catholic shools, rings aren’t finding their rightful place on virginal fingers as they did in 1970.

The Spanish Church is the second biggest property owner in the country, trailing only the government. Spain is not officially secular, as are most countries in Europe. Yet, no amount of papal browbeating is persuading Spaniards to marry. (continued below)


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Erica Jong | Sarah Palin | Elizabeth Badinter | Good Mothers Have Rights, Too

Erica Jong, Lauren Bacall and Betty Friedan at 1980 National Book AwardsErica Jong speaks to ‘Mother Madness’ in today’s Wall Street Journal essay. Fasten your seat belts because ‘attachment parenting’, aka ‘mommy madness’ will probably get worse with mama grizzlies on the prowl.

God Bless her; at least Sarah Palin admits that she had a nanny for her kids.

Phyllis Schlafly, the American Conservative political activist who single-handedly jumped in her roadster with six kids in tow and beat back the Equal Rights Amendment for American women seems to have done it solo. Between speeches and having babies, Schlafly managed to pick up more prestigious degrees and accolades than we can count. The woman’s competence leaves me dizzy and in serious need of a martini to steady myself.

As a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Washington University, who received her J.D. from Washington University Law School, and received her Master’s in Political Science from Harvard University Phyllis Schlafly and now Sarah Palin, are nearly perfect women — thoroughbreds in every respect.

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Pine-Sol Reminds Us: Choreplay Is Foreplay

Updated Nov. 6, 2010: These Pine-Sol commercials remain my favorites on the subject of men and housework. We just posted a new survey out of Britain that strongly supports the argument that men in many countries want more childcare responsibilities and are happier doing housework with their wives, who also work full-time. See British Fathers Adamant About Need for More Family Time.

I couldn’t read the data without thinking of my favorite Pine-Sol commercials.

That’s the Power of Pine-Sol, Baby

Consider, guys, that Christmas is coming. Don’t make it about empty words this year. Choreplay or chore play — it’s all music to women’s ears.

How about an inexpensive gift of “cleaning coupons”? You will get far more sex in 2010, handing her a privatized “honey do” list. Cleaning coupons reap far more benefits than $100 worth of short-lived roses. If there’s no sex in your relationship, and you’d like to remedy this perceived problem, a dust mop might be the place to start.

Watch this video for a glimpse of living the good life in a Pine-Sol house.

For a true Smart Sensuality woman, this Pine-Sol commercial might be even better.

Pine-Sol | ‘Visitor’


If you’re a regular reader, you know that I don’t rag on men generally about housework. Especially younger men have made amazing progress, leaving the greater challenge of women agreeing that in total, the numbers are adding up these days.

The extraordinary popularity Porn for Women a cheeky picture and words book, with men donning rubber gloves and grabbing the dust mop proclaims, “Men who share the load (of laundry et al) inspire lust.”

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Reduced Blow Flow in Brain Detected in HSDD Libido-Loss Women 

In recent years, a loss of sexual desire in women called HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder) is generally accepted among scientists, although it remains controversial.

Sex therapists and the medical community agree that a more rigorous definition and diagnosis of HSDD is required. The reality is that most women lose interest in a sexual event at some time in their lives, for any number of good reasons. Many medical professionals are asking that HSDD be defined as a problem of longer duration, than currently required to be considered a psychiatric illness.

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