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Jennifer Lawrence Calls Photo Hack A Sex Crime | $100 Million Lawsuit Threat Finally Prompts Google Action

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Dasha Zhukova’s BDSM Throne Bashing Is Well Deserved

jd Forte’s ‘The Up and Comers’ & A September 11 Women’s Rights Reflection

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Science Argues Women Like Men With Bigger Penises

Kate Upton As Marilyn Monroe & Amanda Marcotte’s PC Madness

Victoria’s Secret Angels have Appeared Often In GQ & Esquire

Marilyn Monroe Photographer Bert Stern Looks To Kate Upton As Next Muse

‘Mine’ By Alvaro de la Herran Starring Marina Jamieson & Garret Neff

The ‘50 Shades of Grey’ BDSM Devil Seduces in the Eternal Submission Collection
Red Genitals Not Arousing In Recent Study, But Men Do Tip Red Shirt Waitresses Better

2013 Is A Year of Revelation and Artistic Rejuvenation for Anne

Sexual Politics & Fashion, 50 Shades of Grey Meets YVVY’s Nude Edition

Islam, Western Guilt, Original Sin & Sensuality | Koray Birand’s Alyssa Miller Images Celebrate Female Eroticism

Loving Relationships | 32 Health Benefits of Sex

American Culture Promotes Female Sexual Dysfunction

For Sister Margaret Farley Responsible Pleasure Is Not a Sin

Strong American Results in Female Sexual Desire Drug

Self Love Is Saying ‘No’ to Fashion Body Images You Hate

Saint Shakira Calls Libido the “Engine of the World”

Male Ego, Women Faking Orgasms & Sensual Chaos in Our Bedrooms

‘Pretty Boy’ Andrej Pejic Talks Sex, Love & Leaving His Gender to ‘Artistic Interpretation’

Find Your Sensual, Sovereign Self with Lone Morch in Paris

Sensual Dames Love Stockings & Garter Belts from Secrets & Lace

Tara, Candice & Robyn | Steven Meisel | Vogue Italia June 2011 | ‘Belle vere’

Franca Sozzani on Curvy Girls, Sensuality & More Body Types in Fashion

Givenchy Transgender Model Lea T Stars in French Vogue (2010)

Tom Ford Embraces Natural Breasts, Not Bombshells

Orgasmic Female Brain in ‘La Petite Mort’

Ever Woman Should Own Jordan Matters’ ‘Uncovered’

Men More Likely Than Women To First Look at Face in Porn Films

Selita Ebanks | Kanye West ‘Runaway’ Full Video Embedded

The Great Wall of Vagina | Learning to Love Our Genitalia

Body Talk | Owning Vulvas, Clits & G-Spots

Mysteries of the Garden of Eden’ | History Channel | In Latin Apple Means Evil

Sexy Doublespeak | American Women & Sexual Honesty

Statistics Say Conservatives Buy More Porn

Forniphilia | Women As Doormats and Other Art Furniture

Women As Muses: What Is Our Place in the Modern World? Or Are We Just ‘Slut Girls’ Today?

Are Stay-at-Home Moms Majority of Cheaters On Ashley Madison?

Fashion Model Andrej Pejic’s Video Interview | A Star Is Born

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Eye 10-19-14 Gisele Bundchen Chanel No. 5 Commercial | Kurdish Women Fighters  Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer Under Intense Pressure

Eye 10-14-14 Zaha Hadid’s Catharsis For Cambodia | WikiLeaks Gets Fashionable | London’s Hackney Fashion Lab

Eye 10-11-14 October 11 Is International Day of the Girl | Honoring Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel Peace Prize & Angelina Jolie As A British Dame

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Eye 10-5-14 | American Parenting as Religion | Elisabeth Holmes Billionaire | Kurdish Women Fighters Update

Eye 10-1-14 | Fondation Louis Vuitton | Vogue Meets Gesquiere | Stella McCartney Redo 

Eye 9-28-14 | Victoria Beckham Has Passion For UN Ambassador Role | Women & Heart Disease | Apologies to UAE Pilot Major Mariam al-Mansouri

Eye 9-25-14 | UAE Pilot Major Mariam al-Mansouri Leads UAE Air Strikes Against ISIS | Domestic Violence Tab Put At $9.5 Trillion Annually

Eye 9-23-14 Emma Watson On Feminism | Zaha Hadid On Architecture | Biomimicry at Blossom Tower

Eye 9-20-14 | Angelina Jolie To Direct ‘Africa’ | ‘I Am Eleven’ Documentary | Are Conservatives Happier In Liberal Countries?

Eye 9-17-14 | US Poverty & Child Development | Stella McCartney’s Green Carpet Collection

Eye 9-15-14 Richard Branson’s Unfulfilled Energy Pledge | G-Spot Science | Malala’s Attackers Arrested.

Eye 9-9-14 Violence Against Women | Scalia & Women’s Rights | Matrilineal Mawlynnong

Eye 9-8-14 | Clintons For Elephants | Organized Crime Deep In Ivory Trade | Clooney & Alamuddin WillWed In Venice

Eye 9/6/14 | Fast Food & Depression | Global Cool Neighborhoods | Liu Wen

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Eye 8/31/14: Global Warming | New Tesla Electric Battery | Elephant Slaughter

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Eye 8/27/14: Beyonce’s Feminism, Moms Against NRA, Women Newscasters, Kurdish Women Soldiers Face ISIS

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Eye: Nicer Future | Cathy Horn | Women’s Wages | Marley Coffee

What’s Going On from Playing For Change

AOC Adopts An Anthem For GlamTribale: Marvin’s “What’s Going On” By Playing For Change”

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Anne’s Essays

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‘Ashes and Snow’ | Gregory Colbert’s Cathedral to Life


Kanye West | John Currin's Boldly Moral Sensuality

It’s politically incorrect for me to say that I’m speechless over the quality of Kanye West’s blog. Writing a couple weeks ago that I was eager to see ‘next’, I had no idea that West would deliver John Currin’s lusty, leering paintings that are authentic parodies of American’s sex-obsessed culture, especially when it comes to females.

For every woman who screams ‘objectified’, I say we are. Get over it and convert the reality to personal power. Put John Currin together with his wife Rachel Feinstein, creator of “Crucifixion” 2003, and we have an Anne of Carversville match made in heaven.

Rachel Feinstein, “Crucifixion” 2003I’m not conversant on John Currin’s techniques, which some criticize as popular due to to the lowered standards of today’s art world. Perhaps. But I love the confidence and bold ability with with he satirizes society and its relationship with eroticism and sexuality, without reducing his subjects.

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Fundamentalists Fight Women's Rights Far Beyond Israel

It’s not the case that is our go-to website for news on Israel. They just come up in our Google News searches. Good SEO and writing in English, I assume.

Researching the status of women in Israel yesterday, trying to understand the composition of the Israeli Knesset, the article Bill would reward parties that boast more women appeared.

The read brings to mind the Fundamentalist Conservatives in Egypt denying the rights of women to become judges, now thrown out by Egypt’s supreme court, but with another attempt at reconciliation scheduled for next week.

via Flickr’s Belgian_Sun_FlowerWomen’s Reservation Bill in India

I’m thinking also about last week’s vote in India on the Women’s Reservation Bill, delayed with fighting and a floor sit-in by seven Conservative members of India’s Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Parliament), now expelled by their Janata Dal-United party.

Note the decisive action taken against the seven members in India. For once bad boys paid the price: expulsion from the group.

Yes, I know their argument was framed around a desire for quotas for members of different castes, and also religious quotas for Muslims, Hindus and presumably other religous affiliations. 

Women’s rights will always be last in the minds of many men who believe we deserve none. At least in India, the men tried to disguise their determination to keep women out of politics by arguing for a broad blanket of quotas.

India’s Women’s Reservation Bill has moved to the Lok Sabha, the India’s Lower House of Parliament, where the same foes will fight its passage. Attempts to reduce the quota from 33% to 20% female representation have failed. The bill remains undiluted and is expected to pass.

In America where you would never know that abortion is legal, listening to the patriarchy on television saying that they answer to God and the Vatican — not the US Supreme Court — there’s a reasonable chance that a health care bill will pass.

The Vatican Strong-arms America

Perhaps the Vatican will not prevail in dictating America’s health care for women from Nancy Pelosi’s office, surely one of the most scandalous moments in American history. Given the Vatican’s pitiful record on women’s rights worldwide, I was chilled to the bone by their aggressive move against American women.

The Vatican’s concerns are on breeding new Catholics, not women’s health and wellness. The rights of a fully-grown woman with an IQ of 180 — the next Albert Einstein — are of lesser value to the Catholic patriarchy, than an unfertilized egg and wandering sperm.

Having their own hands full with errant bad boys doing far more harm to God’s creatures than I ever will, I’m in no mood for Catholic lectures on female morality.

Hopefully, I’ve made it clear that I have no ax to grind with Israel, more than any other patriarchy in the world. As US Commender of our forces in the Middle East Gen. Petraeus testified yesterday, the dispute between Israel and its neighbors does have an “enormous effect” on other regional issues.

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Egypt's Supreme Court Backs Women Judges Against Conservatives

Beyond the Veil| Egypt’s women judges applauded a Constitutional Court ruling on Sunday, saying that women can be appointed to the country’s top advisory court.

The body’s general assembly voted overwhelmingly against female judges, reigniting a debate within the country over women holding senior government posts, particularly in the judiciary.

The Cairo-based New Women’s Foundation voiced their frustration in a press conference:

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Chinese Mummies Blanketed in Sexual Symbolism

The title ‘Secrets of the Silk Road’, opening March 27-July 25, 2010 at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, sounds innocent enough.

I’ve spent enough years studying sexuality and fertility symbols to stop dead in my tracks, seeing this photo on the NYTimes website.

In the second paragraph of In a Desert in China, a Trove of 4,000-Year-Old-Mummies, we’re in agreement that you’re look at a 4,000 years-old phallic forest, whose inhabitants’bodies have been well preserved by the dry air.

In a sad and alarming story of the ‘usual’ ethnic tensions, Turkish-speaking Uighurs, joined in the last 50 years by Han settlers from China, men are fighting over the mummies, making historical identity claims and incumbent rights that somehow accompany historical origins.

Despite the political tensions over the mummies’ origin, the Chinese said in a report published last month in the journal BMC Biology that the people were of mixed ancestry, having both European and some Siberian genetic markers, and probably came from outside China.

Let’s get out of political tensions for the moment.

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Legionaries of Christ Investigation | Another New Sex Abuse Scandal

Pope John Paul II gives his blessing to Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado, founder of the Legion of Christ, at the Vatican in a November 2004 file photo. The late pope once called Maciel “an efficacious guide to youth.”Beyond the Veil|  The Vatican has completed its first phase investigation into the Legionaries of Christ, a conservative order once lauded by the Church in Rome but then disgraced when it became known that its founder had fathered a child and molested seminarians.

The Vatican said Tuesday its five investigators have completed their initial examination into the Legionaries 120 seminaries, schools and communities around the globe, and that a final report would still take several months for Rome to complete.

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Rielle Hunter Owes Mark Seliger A BIG Apology

Could we please stop blaming men for everything in life and just focus on the big issues? Let’s stick with war, peace, and violence towards women.

Perhaps a century from now we will have time to listen to poor, sensually-confused Rielle Hunter’s revelation that she “cried for two hours” after seeing the photos in which she looks “repulsive”, accompanying her 10,000 word interview with GQ Hello, America, My Name Is Rielle Hunter.

Hunter told Barbara Walters that she trusted the photographer Mark Seliger and just “went with the flow”. via CBS News

Continuing, Hunter expected Seliger to take “classy” photos. 

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For Peace in the Middle East, It's Time for Women's Voices to Be Heard

Israel’s ambassador to Washington calls relations between the US and Israel as in a ‘crisis of historic proportions’, a 35-year low.

Netanyahu’s  coalition government relies on the settlers for its existence.

“I think that Netanyahu is at a moment of truth,” says Gideon Doron, a political science professor at Tel Aviv University. “He has to choose whether or not he wants to ignite the forces for peace, or whether he’ll go against the US and play for time. He can’t do that. It’s suicide.” via Christian Science Monitor

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni of the Kadima party, says that Netanyahu ‘is leading us to a diplomatic collapse.’ Livni was quoted in the LA Times on San. 25, 2010 as saying ‘reports of her political demise are premature.

Today it’s seems she was prescient.

Unable to put a government together last fall, Livni has sat on the sidelines, also refusing to join Netanyahu’s government.  We support Livni and her vision of a two-state solution for Israel. Like women investors who wait for dividends, rather than trading their stock, Livni has watched her political capital incubate.

We agree with this dynamic, visionary pragmatist when she says: “Gentlemen, the time has come for women.”  Livni’s words inspire us to unveil the life of women in Israel, much as we have with women in Sudan with Lubna Ahmed Hussein and Chansa Kabwela in Zambia.

How liberated are the women of Israel, compared to other women in the Middle East? Consider the question front and center in our minds. The digging has begun.

Forgetting Golda Meir for a moment, what is life like for most women in Israel? In supporting Netanyahu and the settlers —  rather than supporting enlightened women like Tzipi Livni — what policies are people supporting for women? 

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