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Karl Lagerfeld | Pirelli Calendar 2011 | The Female Divinities & Muses Are Feminists

Is it possible that Karl Lagerfeld has been reading my script? So many of his words about the Pirelli 2011 Calendar resonate.

Lagerfeld unveiled the Pirelli 2011 Calendar ‘Mythology’ at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow. the final package includes 36 photos total of 21 different “protagonists” — 15 female models, 5 male models including Lagerfeld muse Baptiste Giabiconi, and one Julianne Moore, who poses as the wife of Zeus.

Moore was in Moscow last night to attend a dinner in honor of the launch at the Stanislavsky Theater.

Models include Lara Stone (as Aphrodite, appropriately enough), Bianca Balti (as a Bacchante), Freja Beha Erichsen (as Apollo, Pollux, Orpheus), Isabeli Fontana (a Bacchante), Magdalena Frackowiak (as Athena, Estia), Anja Rubik (as Hermes, Terpsichore), Abbey Lee Kershaw (as Echo, Castor, Eurydice), Lakshmi Menon (a Bacchante), Heidi Mount (as Aurora, Amphitrite), Erin Wasson (as Ajax, a Bacchante), Natasha Poly (as Melpomene), Daria Werbowy (as Artemis, Penthesilea), and Iris Strubegger (as Athena).

Surprisingly, Lagerfeld picked up a favorite theme of Anne of Carversville, linking goddesses, religion and feminism. Yes, Karl Lagerfeld used the word ‘feminists’:

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Juicy Bits | Marion Cotillard | Ellen Von Unwerth | Chanel Iman | Metamorphosis

Waldemar Hansson | Mariana Idzkowska | Zink Magazine Anne of Carversville

Yesterday was an interesting convergence for Anne. Carrie Leigh’s NUDE magazine has gone to press, with an in-depth interview with Anne on her Victoria’s Secret years and marketing sensuality to today’s women.

In New Eroticism artistry Anne talks about the sexual politics of reaching women’s psyches and the place of wings in our lives. We showcase NSFW video of a new website CafeGlow, making its web debut in early 2011. The short video confirms the New Eroticism trend that Anne has tracked for a long time now, and features the Annie Lennox song ‘No More I Love You’s’, which was played at the first Victoria’s Secret show, when Anne was the Fashion Director.

New Eroticism Artistry | Carrie Leigh’s NUDE Magazine | CafeGlow Web Debut Anne of Carversville

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New Eroticism Artistry | Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine | CafeGlow Web Debut

Note: Nudity| Here we are on the eve of another Victoria’s Secret fashion show, televised tomorrow night November 30, 2010 on CBS.

In my life strange confluences are always occurring, and this moment is one of them. My friend Carrie Leigh’s new edition of Carrie Leigh’s NUDE has gone to press, with an extensive interview by yours truly on marketing sensuality to women and my 10 year career at Victoria’s Secret.

I’m thrilled with the work that Carrie Leigh is doing to advance the sensual imagery of women as subjects and also as photographers of nude fashion editorial. 

In my own mind, I am clear what this female-friendly lens means to women, because they tell me they have never felt so beautiful as when they come to Anne of Carversville.

Carrie Leigh brings the same aesthetic to her nude fashion photography and magazine Carrie Leigh NUDE. We work not to titillate, but to celebrate, affirm and beautify the female body.

We also stand for passion at every age.

Tom Ford & Carine Roitfeld | Clarissa & Doug

Tom Ford lenses Doug & Clarissa for Vogue Paris December 2010 issue

Simply stated, we Americans are behind the curve in having a healthy attitude about the importance of sensuality in our lives. It’s my fervent prayer that our international friends will help me reset this American mindset on sexuality and respectability, which are not mutually exclusive.

The image above from the December 2010 issue of Vogue Paris is part of what may become one of the most controversial editorials of the decade.

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Mamy Rocks New York As the Old Ladies Rebellion Cruises Into Town

DJ Mamy RockOver the weekend, I told readers to fasten your seat belts, because we’re launching the Old Ladies Rebellion in 2011. Voila, the Lord has delivered.

Today the Wall Street Journal writes up Croatian DJ Mamy Rock, age 69, aka Ruth Flowers. Mamy Rock, who now lives in the UK, is in New York for the annual fall benefit for the Carter Burden Center for the Aging.

Old people may never be the same again.

DJ Mamy Rock Lives Up to Her Name

DJ Mamy Rock is booking mighty frequent flier miles these days. Ms Flowers returned to Europe from LA where she recorded a track called ‘69’ with Riz, who has worked with Britney Spears. “It’s about being 69, really. You’ll hear it when you listen to it.” (Believe it or not, I will not comment.)

Age is about attitude, and also good health. The secret to being Sensual and Superyoung isn’t only attitudinal, but it starts in the mind. Mamy Rock Ruth Flowers in her trailer for rockin’ out at Villa Rouge leads us down the right path. Do we see a little self confidence here? Book it.

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My Original Sins: Making Peace with Revelations & Judith Jamison, Thanks to Barack Obama 

Updated on Mon, November 29, 2010 by Registered CommenterAnne

Note from Anne: this essay is rewritten from its original version of April 29, 2008. The essay is complex, and I’ve tried to make the sequence easier to follow. The topics: my reading erotica in Manhattan’s Lolita bar in July 2007; my decades-old confrontation with the NYPD in Harlem; the impact of the incredible Judith Jamison and the Alvin Ailey ballet “Revelations” on my life, and my current reflections on finger-wagging, judgmental people, whoever they are. I don’t like rabble-rousers, and I’ve found the courage to say so.

Mine is only one of many psychological tales that are rumbling in the hearts and minds of older White Americans, who are cleansed by this moment in our culture. The road ahead remains long and complicated, but perhaps we can close one chapter in a terrible nightmare of a story in American history.

On Wednesday night, December 1, 2010 ‘Revelations’ will be 50 years old. I believe it’s messages are profoundly important today, but in a light that transcends race relations.

In writing these words, I don’t mean to minimize the challenges in America, still tied to race relations. I was reminded of that reality at the Fourth Wall Arts Salon Saturday evening in Philadelphia.

My regular readers know that I have come to Philadelphia, from New York, in search of a better understanding of the founding of America.

Writing from my loft, four blocks from Independence Hall, gives me a different perspective from my Wall Street high-rise view, overlooking New York Harbor. Not to worry. The Statue of Liberty was my friend in New York and she’s still with me here in Philadelphia.

Alvin Ailey Dance-Wade in the Water from “Revelations”

My Original Sins

When the statuesque Jamison strode onto Alvin Ailey’s “Revelations” stage, holding her billowing parasol high overhead, she buried herself so deeply into my unconscious, that I will never let go of her.  The downside of our relationship is that Judith takes unusual liberties with my life, appearing without notice, without an invite and on rare occasions … at a totally inopportune moment.

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Gucci Brand's Deep Commitment to Women In Need

‘Paravanda Frida’ orchid honoring Gucci’s creative director by SingaporeEarlier this year the Singapore Tourism Board, collaborating with Singapore Botanic Gardens, honored Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini, with an orchid created in her honor: ‘Paravanda Frida’. The long-stemmed flower has pure white petals, contrasting with bronze red lips.

Gucci store in Paragon Centre, SingaporeGucci celebrated the opening of its new flagship boutique in Singapore’s Paragon Centre.

Frida Giannini used the orchid to create a limited edition collection of products using the botanical motif, with part of the proceeds supporting UNICEF’s MILK project.

MILK stands for ‘mainly i love kids’.

Since the Gucci/UNICEF partnership began in 2005, Gucci has committed over $8 million to UNICEF in Africa, where more than 14 million children have lost one or both parents to AIDS.

Currently Gucci is the largest corporate donor to UNICEF’s “Schools for Africa” campaign, and I find it noteworthy that the luxury brand prominently features not only its philanthropy initiatives but ‘real world’ kids photos and facts on its website.

Digging deeper into the Gucci website, we discover a wide range of involvement with young people around the world. The luxury brand supports China Children & Teenagers Fund. And now for the AOC jackpot.

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Totally Exposed by Niskala Spirits in Amankila, Bali: April 13, 2008

Grounded in Jakarta

I sat stunned, seriously pondering the possibility of being denied passage from Jakarta to Bali. My problem was not new news.

Officials warned me in Hong Kong that the only sheet left for stamping in my passport was the U.S. Government sheet. Waving my passport in the air, the immigration clerk explained that stamping this page was impossible.

Nor could the U.S. Government add more pages to my passport. They had done that, multiple times, up to the legal limit.

A Time for Bureaucratic Immigration Sweet Talk

Reality was, I could be sent home from Jakarta to America on the first plane out. My partner and I huddled, discussing what to do next, as our Balinese getaway hung in a state of delicate balance.

D shook his head, incredulous over our situation and properly annoyed with me and my casual attitude about bureaucratic procedures.

“Is it about money?” D asked me. My partner was an investment banker, and just about anything could be fixed with money.

“I don’t know,” I murmured. “He could be totally affronted, and we go to jail in Indonesia. It’s not a pretty thought … jail in Jakarta.” (Rereading this post on Aug. 24, 2009, I could have been caned.)

“You stay here. I’ll deal with him alone.”

Watching D confer with the immigration officer in hushed tones, I was happy not to be in charge for once. I’m an expert at getting myself out of jams, but here in Jakarta, I was convinced that only a man could get me out of the country.

Amankila Bali: Scene of My Niskala Spirits Unveiling 

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