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What’s Going On from Playing For Change

AOC Adopts An Anthem For GlamTribale: Marvin’s “What’s Going On” By Playing For Change”

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The Sexiest Pumpkin Risotto with Lobster Meat Ever

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Anne Says: "The Research is Rubbish! I Promise To Help You Find Your G-Spot"

Edited at 10:30 am, removing any references to body size or physical dexterity in finding our G-spots without the aid of a masturbation tool, fingers only.

I know for a fact that a G-spot exists. I’ve found mine exactly as described by Dr. Beverly Whipple — about the size of a quarter, and noticeably rougher, spongy tissue, located per diagram in Daily Mail.

Do not believe the new anti G-spot headlines.

If a sophisticated, adult woman must admit to masturbation and physical self-exploration to counter these new anti-G-spot headlines, I will do so.

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Louis Vuitton Takes Editorial Brand Risk With Nudity in Istanbul

Note | Nudity This fashion editorial was the one that prompted me to merge my sexier business consulting website Sensuality News (then Sexy Futures) with Anne of Carversville. When I saw this original photo spread, I was frankly astonished and thought I was now being too conservative in acknowledging the trend I call New Eroticism.

It turns out that my instincts were correct on the short-term. The original group of photos that jump started this journey have been removed (now reinstalled at end of article), because they and others fashion images that were unfiltered )my mistake) resulted in ALL of the AOC website being kicked out of a moderate search on Google. Lesson learned. Abut 40 images brought down 20,000.

Our traffic was building so quickly — and NOT because of sexy photos which were never more than 5% of our total page views — that I didn’t even notice the change in image search status until Easter weekend. When high-drawing articles of a totally innocent nature dropped off, I just assumed it was the rise and fall of search inquiries. Wrong! Images of oranges were not embargoed as pornography — you know, round mounds of delicious, juicy flesh.

I also believe that Marc Jacobs (who permits all these advertorial decisions at the end of the day) is pushing back on the modesty arguments from the global morality police. More men than women — especially my dear fashionista sisters — understand that women are actually in worsening trouble in many parts of the world, including America. I remain astonished that these images appeared in Elle Turkey, a Muslim country. Anne

(Update: Remainder of Koray Birand’s Missy Rader images, originally unfiltered and the source of our major problems with Google images, are at end of article, now properly filtered from moderate search.)


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Mrs. Khaki Pants | Neurobic Sex Inspires Smarter Brains

Updated on Sat, October 16, 2010 by Registered CommenterAnne

via Flickr’s CaseyJ
Regular sex, especially the tantalizing, catch-me-if-you-can kind, may improve your memory and even make you smarter.

Studies show that intense stimulation, like the kind creative sex provides, can produce brain chemicals that stimulate cells to grow new dendrites — the filaments attached to nerve cells. Dendrites allow neurons to communicate with one another.

The more dendrites you have, explains now-deceased Lawrence Katz, Ph.D., former professor of neurobiology at the Duke University Medical Center, the better you learn and the more you remember.

Routine-Deadened Dendrites

Dendrites act as a communication interstate in our brain, allowing you to move from one place to another efficiently, without getting lost.

A map of your brain is filled with everything that matters in your life: your office, the dog sitter, your favorite shopping center; the kid’s school, your church, the kitchen — including the location of the silverware drawer.

Like many minivan moms, you drive a regular route daily, not even needing your brain map.

Perfect Alignment Lives

Routines are the fabric of our lives. 21st century women are champion multi-taskers, proud of our ability to execute fundamental tasks on autopilot.

In reality, routines may be efficient, but our bored brains take a snooze.

Familiarity can decrease stress, bringing order to the daily chaos of kids, football practice, piano lessons and the French tutor, PLUS the power point presentation due for work in the morning.

Critical as they seem to our wellbeing, these routines don’t nourish our brains. Routines depress neurotrophins, a family of proteins that induce the survival, development and function of neurons.

Orderly Habits

All of your personal habits — a quick shower, never a soothing bumble bath; wearing the same perfume for 10 years, not one single spritz of a new fragrance tempting your wrist; shopping at the same grocery store and never the local farmer’s market — every habitual activity  contributes to an avoidable loss of brain power.

To activate neuron production and dendrite growth, we must not only change our routine, but break away from familiarity in a significant way.

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Like 'Slim' Browning, the Original LOLA Was a Dame

Writing my Marc Jacobs LOLA fragrance post just now, another LOLA song flitted around in my brain. I always thought gender-bending LOLA was pretty hip but another LOLA was knocking on my brain.

Whatever Lola Wants - Sarah Vaughan

Eureka! Ah yes, LOLA the femme fatale, the Sarah Vaughn version of a confident woman who gets what she wants and understands her influence over the male species. LOLA was a rock-solid dame.

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Anne Is Mistaken for a Corset Terrorist

I feel so much better hearing that America’s Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano has reversed her statement from yesterday, that the airport security system worked in thwarting the bombing of a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas.

This morning on “Today”, Ms. Napolitano said that perhaps the world had taken her comments out of context.

That’s a bunch of hooey, because I was watching her live on CNN when she made the statement.

Turning to my friend, I remarked that her statements were astonishing and just one more example of governmental nonsense in refusing to admit that the world’s largest institutions aren’t working. Period.

I also said “These guys must really think we’re stupid.”

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Michelle Obama | First Lady Fashion Barbie? 

Writing for the NYTimes, fashion critic Cathy Horyn fires a water pistol at First Lady Michelle Obama — I think it’s loaded with water and not a well gone dry — asking in reference to Mrs. O’s fab fashions: Is this how a modern, educated, working woman wants to be viewed in her first historic year — as a maven, an icon? Who’s Barbie now?

One first-lady fashion statement that has made waves: Sleeveless attire. (Mark Wilson, Getty Images / February 24, 2009)You say Barbie; I say modern-day Mamie, because Barbie’s no mom-in-chief. Then again, Michelle’s got more fashion zip than Mamie.

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Queen Carine | Roitfeld French Royalty

French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld. Photo via

The entire fashion world — and some nonfashionistas as well — are madly in love with French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld. She’s sassy and smart, a woman who walks to her own drumbeat.

In a world of appearances where few speak their minds for fear of offending and losing precious ad revenue, Carine Roitfeld is as directly honest as they come.

Roitfeld has long bypassed the ‘labored sexiness’ of Hollywood stars, although this photo is unusually understated for the frankly sexy, fifty-five year-old mother of two. Roitfeld has led the revival of tough chic dressing, a fusion of sometimes disheveled sexiness with a “don’t mess with me” attitude.

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