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Luxurious Pop | 'Love Land Invaders' | Ralph Lagoi & Kate Lace

Japan’s love hotels have long provided places for anonymous, uninterrupted sex. In a country built on conformity, love hotels break the rules in their quirky design, which are monuments to sometimes juvenile hedonism.

Photographers Ralph Lagoi & Kate Lace introduce us to Japan’s love hotels in ‘Love Land Invaders’. Before explaining their project, a bit of background on Japan’s unique hotel experiences.

Getting away’ to a love hotel isn’t only for people intent on having an illicit sexual experience. Family structures and population density make privacy a valued commodity in Japan, a brief time away from thin walls and family questions.

As Japan’s young women have joined the workforce and love the life of a fashionista, love hotels have gone upscale. The highly popular ‘Love Hotel Lovers’ website is vanilla-only.

Since Japan introduced a “New Public Morals Act” intended to regulate love hotels and the sex trade in response to international pressures, hotels with “facilities not required for the basic purposes of guest lodging” are now categorized as “sex-related businesses”. These hotels can only operate in specially-designated red light districts such as Shinjuku’s Kabuki-cho or the Susukino area of Sapporo. (via Japanzine.)

‘Love Land Invaders’ by Ralph Lagoi & Kate Lace

Ralph Lagoi & Kate Lace’s ‘Love Land Invaders’ images are inspired by the ‘Love Land Invaders’ collection, which they designed and constructed beforehand, “consists of masks, glasses, shields, armory, jewelry, customized clothes and ribbons, which are reaching out like demanding tentacles. After putting on these pieces both artists transformed into “Miss Takehito Quadruple”, “Mister Hyde Dobuita Speerträger”, “Mr. Seiuchi Sivuch”, “Shika Shika Chan” and “Miss Ayanami Oenshi”. Each of these characters represents a certain aspect of beauty (the beauty of dark elegance, the beauty of a gentleman, the beauty of play, the beauty of wilderness, the beauty of pink)”. (via project website.)

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It's the Law | France's Burqa Ban Passes Constitutional Council

Beyond the Veil| France’s top legal authority ruled the new law banning full-face veils in public to be fully legal, removing the final obstacle to its implementation.

The Constitutional Council, which had previously warned that banning the veil may be unconstitutional, said it approved the version of the bill which has been passed by both houses of parliament, after a final review. The major disclaimer in the final bill is an understanding that the law is not enforceable in public houses of worship.

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Masked Balls Graced the Founding of America | Bal Masque Vogue Paris

Listening to the Tea Party talk about the founding of America, you would never believe that masked balls were popular in Colonial America. In fact, they were prominent in our great nation, just like in Europe.

Naturally, there were anti-masquerade writers like Samuel Richardson, who argued that the events encouraged immorality and “foreign influence”. In reality, the battle over American morality and purity has a long tradition, and it’s not the case that modern living, secularism and feminism have spawned the death of purity and morality in the nation.

At last week’s Vogue Paris masked ball celebration, Natalia Vodianova caused a hush over the proceedings, in her daring lace dress. Had Vodianova appeared during negotiations around the words of the Declaration of Independence, perhaps Jefferson’s anti-slavery statement would have made the final cut. Men tend to lose their powers of concentration in the presence of black lace.

Bal Masque | Josh Olins | Sharif Hamza | Vogue Paris 90th Anniversary Issue | October 2010


PC Crowd Condemns Constance Jablonski | Greg Kadel | Numéro October, 2010

Shakira reminded everyone at Madison Square Garden two weeks ago that we are all African. The current Constance Jablonski editorial by Greg Kadel for Numéro October, 2010 conveys a similar message.

We’re thrilled to see image source Fashion Gone Rogue set some intellectual conversation in motion, although we’re clueless as to why the images might “go too far”. Seriously, I don’t know if the challenge is blond holding African child; Constance Jablonski going blackface apparently is the big deal.

Reading the comments on Refinery29, the Europeans are accused of being callous and insensitive to all racial matters, being the global colonists that they are. Only a black model should be used in this shoot and there’s not a remote possibility that the Europeans (this is said over and over again) are trying to make a point worth considering. 

Carine Roitfeld told the NYTimes this week that the level of political correctness in fashion has never been worse. We say ‘Amen’.

Returning to Shakira’s point: we are all African, until evolutionary biology proves otherwise.

This editorial directly targets the new Smart Sensuality readers, or women of style who have a strong global conscience and connection to global problems. Simultaneously, it juxtaposes our affinity to fashion and luxury branding with global realities.

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Soulmate Status | Sean and Heidi Klum | 'Secret' Video

The new Seal and supermodel wife Heidi Klum ‘Secret’ video will unloosen more than a few tongues with its provocative beauty.

Not only is the video a gorgeous tribute to sexual intimacy between husband and wife, it oozes sensuality in every caress. ‘Secret’ reminds us that sensual touch is critical to erotic connections and help differentiate erotica from pornography, where there’s no time for meaningful touching. via Sensuality News

‘Secret’ is part of Seal’s new ‘Seal 6: Commitment’ album and explores the deep sensuality that cements the couple’s relationship in the power of touch. This example of New Eroticism voyeurism is a blessed lesson plan for us all.

More photos and video …

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What's the Beef? Crystal Renn's 'Festin' Vogue Paris Oct 2010 Images

Updated on Thu, September 30, 2010 by Registered CommenterAnne

Crystal Renn’s manga editorial ‘Festin’ (translated banquet) for Vogue Paris October 2010 anniversary edition is a brilliant example of Carine Roitfeld’s mind at work. I’m not sure that the jewels survive the food setup, but the photos are a visual metaphor for Renn’s own relationship with food and the reality that the world is getting fatter.

The images, shot by Terry Richardson who is the new king of shooting bull with these photos coming right after his Lady Gaga series of her beef bikini, are also a statement on Modern values versus the emerging Cultural Creative ones.

In reality, the ultimate Modern values woman is actually the size 0 who will never indulge in food to excess. However, if the object of her affection is shoes, baubles or luxury in almost any other form, the Modern woman seeks excess in her life.

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Are Joshua Petker's Modern Women Apart From Their Sensuality?

Los-Angeles-based artist Joshua Petker returns to The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco for his fouth solo exhibition “We’re Not As Colorful As We Think We Are”, running until Oct. 2, 2010.

Petker’s works, self-described as strongly reminiscent of Gustav Klimt’s turn of the century portraits of women, consist of 12-18 small to medium pieces rendered in both mixed media on canvas and gouache and ink on paper.

Women figures remain the medium by which Joshua Petker communicates the universality of color in manipulating physical appearance.

His art is strongly modern, suspending his female figures between intense color spaces of monochrome, liberating them from the confines of everyday life but not from gender. Consequently, his women characters may not be in touch with their inner sensations, divorced from themselves by the dictates of custom and culture.

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