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GlamTribale Takes You On A Journey April 18, 2014


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GlamTribale Honors Women Warriors

Greetings, goddess! Feanne here, joining you in the fight for women’s rights. You’re tuned in to the Engage newsletter from AnneOfCarversville and GlamTribale.

Sign up for Engage and we’ll email you a weekly dispatch filled with visuals and writings of the sensual, creative, and feminine. You’ll also receive exclusive GlamTribale goddess jewelry discounts and special news.

Catch GlamTribale at the 2014 Spring Festival of Fine Arts and Crafts on April 5 and 6 at Historic Ocean City Music Pier Boardwalk at Moorlyn Terrace.

GlamTribale opens a 200 sq. ft. store at The Marketplace at Teaberry on April 7.

More locations on our GlamTribale Event Calendar.
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In the meantime, enjoy this Engage issue from March 28, 2014.

Happy birthday to the face of feminism! The glorious Gloria Steinem spent her 80th birthday bonding with elephants in Botswana. We at GlamTribale adore elephants! How wonderful to see think of Gloria Steinem and elephants— both icons of feminism— together. Women lead in elephant society, and Anne has written about these wild symbols of feminine power in Elephants Are Matriarchal and Kind to Females in the Animal World | Stop the Republican Disgrace of Elephants.

Gloria Steinem by Rachel Sumpter; GlamTribale Elephant Ceramic Art Tile or Trivet

“Steinem occupies a singular place in American culture. In the 1960s and 1970s, the whole concept of women’s place was transformed — discrimination was outlawed, hearts and minds were opened. In the history of our gender, this might have been the grandest moment. There were all kinds of reasons that the change happened at that particular time, and a raft of female leaders who pushed the movement along. But when people think about it, Gloria Steinem is generally the first name that pops up. She’s the face of feminism.” - Gail Collins, NYTimes

Despite being a global icon who is constantly on the go, Steinem is known and loved for remaining refreshingly down-to-earth and approachable:

“More than a half-century into her life as an international celebrity, she remains stupendously approachable, patient with questions, interested in revelations. When she goes to events, young women flock around her. All celebrities draw crowds, of course. The difference is that when Steinem is at the center, she’s almost always listening.” - Gail Collins, NYTimes

Speaking as a young woman— I am so inspired by Steinem’s luminous perspective on aging (she loves it!). I hope to be like her someday.

In 2011, Anne saw Steinem (along with Gloria Hill and Eve Ensler) in NYC at the “Sex, Power and Speaking Truth: Anita Hill 20 Years Later” press conference. Anne calls us all to action in Arise! Will Young Women Join Anita Hill, Gloria Steinem & Eve Ensler in the Republican War on Women?

My answer, Anne, is YES! And I hope that many others join us too— old, young, men, women, LGBT. The war to reclaim our rights over our own bodies still has a long way to go and there’s still so much work to be done. In Believing in Birth Control Doesn’t Make Me Un-American | 2Ps in a Pod, Anne spoke about the dire lack of sexual health rights in my own home country, The Philippines.

“I had just watched a PBS segment on family planning in the Philippines. In it the Catholic bishop spoke aggressively against controlling population, saying that it was fine that women have as many children as possible. We both know the Catholic Church believes it is a woman’s duty. It’s the world’s challenge to figure out how to feed all these babies, not for women to have fewer children argues the bishop who has never had a baby in his life. It’s so easy for the bishop to say a woman should have 12 children. There is no concern about maternal mortality with the bishop. There was a scene of women lying in the maternity ward in the Philippines with babies everywhere. They can’t get proper care. Yet there is no concern about a better life for the children that already exist and the mother herself in the bishop’s words. Science tells us that the food supplies especially the fishing stocks in the region are severely depleted. But the bishop says babies, babies, we need more babies. Women must make babies. It is our duty. Women are incubators and that’s the end of it. We can write all these nice words and phrases about the sanctity of women, but at the end of the day when any discussion about women’s freedoms as human being arise, we are put in our place.” - Anne

It’s been over a year since the enactment of the RH (Reproductive Health) Law in the Philippines, but we are still waiting for its implementation. In fact, the enactment process alone took 14 years of battling strong opposition from the Catholic Church! The Supreme Court issued an indefinite restraining order on the RH Law last year thereby “reinforcing a status quo where 11 women die every day due to lack of access to reproductive health services”, according to the law’s co-author Risa Hontiveros, human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Her fellow co-author, Miriam Defensor Santiago, Judge of the International Criminal Court and Senator, calls the lack of the RH Law sheer cruelty.

Both Hontiveros and Santiago have emphasized that reproductive health rights are universal human rights. They’ve called out those who claim to be “pro-life” while ignoring the rights of women. They’ve also called out the Catholic Church in the Philippines for amassing opposition against RH by leveraging people’s ignorance.

“If the bill is highly controversial, it is not because it is dangerous to humans or to the planet. The reason this bill is emotionally charged is because of the fervent opposition of the Catholic Church in the Philippines.” - Miriam Defensor Santiago on CNN: Leave no woman behind: Why we fought for Reproductive Health Bill

“We freely, in an informed manner, responsibly and joyfully, decide about our bodies. No one else can or should do that for us. We choose life, we embrace its every cycle, from birth and girlhood to the childbearing years to menopause or climacterium and then death. We want each and every sister to have a chance at that fullness of life.” - Risa Hontiveros in an open letter responding to the Catholic Church in the Philippines

We need more women warriors in the world. I am very lucky to have so many of them in my family, including my mom (Ginggay Hontiveros), and my aunt (Risa Hontiveros). It is with great pleasure that I close this issue of Engage by showcasing my mom’s glorious nude paintings. Thank you to Anne for inviting me to include them here. As an artist and art enthusiast, I especially enjoy seeing women artists paint female nudes. To me, this is a symbolic creative act of women reclaiming their rights over their bodies.

At AnneOfCarversville and GlamTribale, we wholeheartedly honor women warriors and hope to cultivate more of them through the power of education. GlamTribale’s largest store yet will open at The Marketplace at Teaberry on April 7, right after a busy weekend at the 2014 Spring Festival of Fine Arts and Crafts on April 5 and 6 at Historic Ocean City Music Pier Boardwalk. By growing GlamTribale’s business success, we are able to give more to our advocacies, including Shining Hope Foundation’s Kibera School of Girls in Africa:

This sunny photo from the Kibera School of Girls never fails to make us smile!

As women warriors, let’s join hands in bringing peace to this planet. Stay tuned as we continue to make herstory!

~ Feanne


GlamTribale Takes You On A Journey

Greetings, goddess! Feanne here, joining you on a rejuvenating and spirited ride across borders and beyond maps. You’re tuned in to the Engage newsletter from AnneOfCarversville and GlamTribale.

Sign up for Engage and we’ll email you a weekly dispatch filled with visuals and writings of the sensual, creative, and feminine. You’ll also receive exclusive GlamTribale goddess jewelry discounts and special news.

Catch GlamTribale at the 2014 Spring Festival of Fine Arts and Crafts on April 5 and 6 at Historic Ocean City Music Pier Boardwalk at Moorlyn Terrace.

GlamTribale opens a 200 sq. ft. store at The Marketplace at Teaberry on April 7.

More locations on our GlamTribale Event Calendar.
Shop GlamTribale goddess jewelry online anytime.

In the meantime, enjoy this Engage issue from March 21, 2014.

Anne, the one-woman army behind AnneOfCarversville and GlamTribale, is taking time to reflect on life priorities and to honor the memory of her best friend, Robert Rothschild. The courage and grace with which he faced cancer is an inspiration. His legacy also lives on in GlamTribale’s mission of empowerment. We are now mainly focused on growing GlamTribale and nourishing our advocacy, while AnneOfCarversville may revert to being centered on personal, reflective writings.

“I’ve decided to seriously cut back my involvement in my seven-year website Anne of Carversville. I will continue to post, but there will be a much greater reflection on my personal stories and experiences. This was the original intention of Anne of Carversville — to speak about the intersection of brains, sexuality, women’s rights, activism and philanthropy.” - Anne

GlamTribale Amazonian Queen Tassel Bracelet; GlamTribale Elephant Polymer Clay Beads Bracelet; GlamTribale Oshun Collection Orange Disc Black Teardrop Bracelet

Anne is opening GlamTribale’s largest space so far, at 200 square feet, in The Marketplace at Teaberry. With this much space, our Elephant Bazaar collection will have its own distinct spot, helping us to promote conservation of the wild Earth. This new store is yet another joyful milestone in the GlamTribale journey. Anne’s path as an artist is certain to lead to ever more exciting and prosperous adventures.

The 2014 Louis Vuitton ad moved us with its breathtaking scenery and provocative message: Louis Vuitton 2014: Never Ask For Directions, Just Be Where You Are:

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Louis Vuitton 2014: Never Ask For Directions, Just Be Where You Are

Louis Vuitton introduces another Spirit of Travel 2014 campaign, a trek to the South African bush. The campaign starring models Karen Elson and Edie Campbell “conjures the original spirit of travel for the next generation: the allure of the unknown, the thrill of exploration, the wonder of discovery.

Carine Roitfeld chooses Louis Vuitton’s iconic Monogram canvas, created by Georges Vuitton in 1896 as the fashion focus, accompanied by Louis Vuitton luggage.

Peter Lindbergh captures the magic of travel in this exquisite set of images that inspired the phrase: “Never ask for directions, just be where you are.”

Louis Vuitton The Spirit Of Travel Campaign 2014


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Meet Us At 100% Handcrafted March 15 At Robbinsville High School

GlamTribale joins our good friends Barb and George Thompson and over 100 more artisans and crafters for the eighth year RHS 100% Handcrafted cutting edge arts and crafts fair on Saturday, March 15, 2014 from 10am-3pm at Robbinsville High School in Robbinsville, New Jersey.

“This always anticipated juried event prides itself in hosting only the finest crafters in the area,” says Cindy Rosen, chairperson. Rosen expects attendance of 700 shoppers from several mid-Atlantic states.

RHS Raven Players100% Handcrafted benefits the RHS Raven Players theater students and the Raven Regiment band students. These programs are extracurricular and sponsored by parent groups Friends of the Raven Players and Raven Regiment Booster Club. This 100% Handcrafted event raised over $5000 last year! Vendor applications are voted on by several members at committee meetings.

Given our last minute application, we are so grateful to participate in 100% Handcrafted, lending our support to artistry in American youth. I’ve written before that my seventh grade art teacher moved me into a pilot project math class, telling me is was for my own because “you have no creativity.” I believed her for decades. ~ Anne

100% Handcrafted Facebook page.


GlamTribale Opens April 1, 2014 At The Marketplace @ Teaberry In Cape May County

GlamTribale joins The Marketplace @ Teaberry in Cape May County, NJSaturday, February 22 was a major day for GlamTribale and me personally. I made it to The Marketplace @ Teaberry, to meet with manager Sharon Houston-Collins about opening a new shop on April 1.

Sharon Houston-Collins by Dale Gerhard for PressofAtlanticCity.comGlamTribale will open our largest shop yet — about 200 sq ft — with this view above and two windows. I wasn’t prepared to take this much space but I know how successful another shop is at Teaberry. We share the same accountant — April Ambrozy here in Philadelphia.

With 26 linear feet, I can easily merchandise Elephant Bazaar separately from the rest of GlamTribale.

Opening on April Fool’s Day is not a problem for me, because I moved to New York on April 1st and have never looked back.


Death of My Dearest Friend Robert Rothschild

Saturday February 22 was also a very sad  day for me, with the loss of my best friend of over 30 years Robert Rothschild. Robert and I were living proof that a man and a woman could be very devoted to each other without being lovers. Robert was also my business partner in GlamTribale, which is now owned exclusively by myself.

Over the course of the years, Robert was always there for me, including to help mend a romantically broken heart. I am so glad that I was able to be a daily caregiver for him these last three months, as he suffered a terrible bout with cancer. His courage and grace in dealing a disease that ravaged his body really inspires me.

Robert will be acknowledged in Teaberry with the certain knowledge that I have a new guardian spirit for myself and the GlamTribale team. Thank you, Robert Rothschild. I am so blessed to have had your rock solid support and constant friendship for so long. I hope my devotion to your every need every day and often all day in the final months of your life was living proof of how grateful I will always be to you. ~ With love and deep appreciation, Anne


Kelly Mittendorf In 'Buffalo Belle' By Robert Bellamy For L'Officiel Paris March 2014

Kelly Mittendorf is ‘gypsy chic’ writes L’Officiel Paris’s March editorial lensed by Robert Bellamy. Hala Moawad chooses a fusion blend inspired with references from the Balkans to the American Far West for this tribal goddess editorial ‘Buffalo Bell’, with an abundance of fringe and feathers./ Hair by Pierre Saint-Sever; makeup by Anthony Preel


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Janice Alida Is 'Wild At Heart' In Richard Burbridge's Harper's Bazaar March 2014 Editorial

Model Janice Alida is ‘Wild At Heart’ in these intensely artistic images by Richard Burbridge for Harper’s Bazaar’s March issue. Robbie Spencer styles Janice with tribal references and body paint to achieve a primal fashion statement./ Hair by Cim Mahony; makeup by Isamaya Ffrench


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