Ebonee Davis Scorches Lui Magazine June 2016, Lensed By David Bellemere

Model Ebonee Davis shares her beautiful bod in David Bellemere images for Lui Magazine France June 2016.

The 5'9" Seattle beauty says that she was quite nervous the first time she stepped into Chelsea's Aerospace yoga-boxing studio known for whipping Victoria's Secret models into shape. The New York Post reported attendance at the studio spiked 45 percent over the last year.

“One time, Linda Evangelista came in, and that sort of set everything off,” says co-founder Leila Fazel, a former Dance Theatre of Harlem ballerina who opened the studio with partner Michael Olajide Jr., a retired pro boxer, in 2004. Fazel, whose Aerobarre classes mix classical dance techniques with shadowboxing and jump rope, says boxing is a hit with the style set because the activity builds lean muscle, not bulk.
“I had seen Ebonee posting photos of herself boxing on Instagram,” says 25-year-old model Shivani Persad, who lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and hits Aerospace six days a week. “I messaged her because she had a great body, and I was like, ‘Where do you work out?’”

Davis is now a convert, even persuading her trainer boyfriend, 28-year-old Tashon Hopkins, to teach boxing classes at Aerospace.

GQ recently raved about Ebonee, writing:

The 23-year-old New York based model has the kind of swagger mostly found in rock stars or olympic athletes, one she puts it to good use on set: climbing trees buck naked, rocking the season's best tailoring for Teen Vogue, working it in simple tees for Urban Outfitters, and making a case for her killer OG curls as "the only black, natural-haired model who you’ll currently see on Victoria Secret’s website".