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What’s Going On from Playing For Change

AOC Adopts An Anthem For GlamTribale: Marvin’s “What’s Going On” By Playing For Change”

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Ana Beatriz Barros By Russell James For Intimissimi Fall 2014

Sensual maestro Russel James turns his lens on Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros, capturing the seductive glamour of lingerie brand Intimissimi’s Fall 2014 collection. Captured against the backdrop of the Arena di Verona, Ana smolders in all black, lace embellished silhouettes that are seduction ready.

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Rachel Zimmermann By Mert & Marcus In 'Glamorama' For Vogue Paris September 2014

Model Rachel Zimmermann envisions a body-loving life in this futuristic editorial shot by Mert & Marcus for Vogue Paris’ September issue. Stylist Joe McKenna chooses Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, Prada and more to emphasize Rachel’s love of self-revelation in ‘Glaorama’./Hair by Shay Ashual; makeup by Lucia Pieroni.


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Anais Pouliot Celebrates Health Benefits Of Topless Sunbathing For L'Officiel France June/July 2014

The lovely Anais Pouliot reminds us that the French have a far more positive relationship with the sensuality of nudity than we Americans. Anais is styled by Noemie Beltran and lensed by Hannah Khymych for the June/July issue of L’Officiel. Haiar by Kayla Michele; makeup by Christine Cherbonnier.

After all, it was Coco Chanel who invented the concept of suntanning.

While one should always wear sunscrean to protect our bodies from the harmful effects of the sun’s, out of a concern for skin cancer and premature aging, the health benefits of sunshine often are downplayed.

Health Benefits of Sunshine

We know sunlight to be great mood enhancer. Sunlight increases production of serotonin, known to regulate appetite, sleep, memory and mood. Less sunlight is a predictor for depression and a key reason why we get the winter blahs in dreary climates.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University concluded that hospital patients placed in bright rooms self-reported less stress and requested less pain medication per hour than those patients in dim rooms.

Because sunlights shuts down the body’s melatonin production, it’s a great aid in helping us maintain our individual circadian rhythms. Note that not wearing sunglasses helps the brain process sunshine, sending a signal to stop melatonin production because it’s morning and not time to be sleeping.

In the concerns of avoiding wrinkles and skin cancer, we neglect the conversation that sunlight can reduce other cancers including colon, kidney and breast cancer. Add the reality that sunshine is linked to improvements in bone health and overall mortality rates, it’s time to get healthy with sunlight. Positive outcomes in avoiding neurological, cardiovascular and immune diseases are also tied to sunlight.

Fair Skin vs Dark Skin Sun Exposure

Sun exposire should remain moderate. If one has fair skin, it’s best not to remain outside at the hottest part of the day without sunscreen. Those of us who tend to tan and not burn can go 15 minutes, while a person with darker skin can require significantly longer — as much as six times the sun exposure as the fair-skinned person to reap the same benefits of vitamin D.

Previously known as the British writer Belle de Jour, Dr. Brooke Magnanti agrees that Americans have a far different relationship with going topless than the French. Amid reports that topless sunbathing is falling out of favor, apparently not all French women have gotten the message.

Sunbathing, Sexual Guilt and Loving Our Bodies

As for the French approach to sunbathing, I embrace it and hope they don’t become conservative at a time when they inspire me. It’s believed that the increasing influence of France’s Muslim population is one factor in this trend.

Personally, I’m emerging from a very difficult period of my life and remain committed to returning — as much as possible — to what I believe was my best physical self of a decade ago.

Suffering from a major injury that nearly left me permanently disabled, I’ve lost 45 pounds and am now only about 10 pounds over my lowest weight. The trigger to my 2003/4 weight loss was sunbathing nude. Over that period, I accepted not only my physical self but my sexuality. Many times I’ve written on AOC regarding my perceived connections between weight gain, sexual guilt and self-loathing.

It’s this aspect of the European and South American acceptance of going topless that intrigues me. Some of the most Catholic countries in the world haven’t embraced America’s fundamental discomfort with nudity.

Earlier AOC articles on the health benefits of sunlight include:

Swedish Study of 40,000 Women | Sun-Exposed Women Live Longer

Vitamin D and a Healthy Relationship with Sunlight

On that note, let me pencil in 15 minutes of sunshine today. My loft faces north, although it does have two wonderful sets of French doors that fill the interior with fresh air. ~ Anne


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Jacky O'Shaughnessy For American Apparel Lingerie

Vogue Italia has tracked American Apparel model Jacky O’Shaughnessy since 2012, after she was first discovered by the LA brand in 2011. Initially Jackie promoted American Apparel’s Advanced Basics line and was interviewed by Fashionista. Last week American Apparel released these images of 62-year old Jacky on Instagram with the message: ‘Sexy has no expiration date. Jacky in Floral Lace Lingerie.’


Pubic Hair Is Back, Announces The New York Times

Photo illustration by The New York Times; Getty ImagesPubic hair is back, writes The New York Times Fashion & Style’s Marisa Meltzer.  Gwyneth Paltrow, who once said the J Sisters Brazilian wax “changed her life” joked with Ellen that she now “works a Seventies vibe.” Jezebel chimed in “Ha! Retrobush.”

Lady Gaga posed on the cover of the Winter 2013-14 Candy Magazine, leaving no questions about her pubic hair preferences in the Steven Klein images.

Just recently, American Apparel jumped into the conversation when its Lower East Side Manhattan store put pubic hair on its mannequins.

“One of our merchandisers did that display to show off our semitransparent mesh lingerie for Valentine’s Day, and we’re longtime supporters of natural beauty, so we liked it,” said Marsha Brady, creative director for American Apparel, which is based in Los Angeles. “It just seems like everybody’s got it all backward. Pubic hair isn’t a trend, removing it is. It’s like everybody’s suddenly acting like having hair is a new idea.”




The queen of porno chic Carine Reoitfeld teamed up with Steven Klein and always game model Crystal Renn  for this visual shocker in Vogue Paris’ May 2010 issue.The image came at a time when I was in Google’s Internet image jail for writing about food porn.

Here is the actual Crystal Renn by Steven Klein image, now filtered.

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IMG Signs Five 'Plus-Size' Models For Main Board

Vogue Italia’s Lauren Chan shares news that IMG Models has signed former FORD+ New York models Ashley Graham, Danielle Redman, Inga Eiriksdottir, Julie Henderson, and Marquita Pring. They join IMG’s Tara Lynn in a new initiave that will feature then on the main board and not a segregated plus board. In even better news, the five are included in IMG’s show package, with hopes of walking Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week.

Read the interview on Vogue Italia.