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Body Beat | Mind Control of Food Cravings | Ashley Graham For Navabi | Christie Brinkley's New Skin Care Line

 Can Short Distractions Reduce Food Cravings?

Richard Weil, M.Ed. CDE, the director of the Weight Loss Program at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital in New York City, conducted a small study on the impact of three short distraction tasks, plus a control task, on 55 obese males and females. On average, participants had an average body mass index of 43.7. meaning they were on average 83 pounds overweight.

The 30-second tasks in Weil’study included forehead tapping, ear tapping, toe tapping and imagining a blank white wall. Forehead-tapping with the participant able to watch in a mirror was 10% more effective than the other distractions like toe tapping or imagining a blank wall. But all distractions were effective in focusing brain activity elsewhere and away from the food craving.

In a second study reported by psychiatrist Dr Kathryn Demos of Brown University, 25 overweight and obese participants were coached to alter their thoughts about a food craving, when shown a picture of it.

Brain scans in the Demos stody confirmed that ignoring the craving or thinking negative thoughts about it, such as the long-term, negative health consequences associated with eating it, had an impact on the pleasure center of the brain.

“We found that simply thinking in a different way affects how the brain responds to tempting food cues in individuals with obesity,” Dr Demos said.

“Our results show the promising possibility that focusing on the long-term consequences of consuming unhealthy foods could help diminish cravings and, as a result, potentially enhance weight-loss efforts.”

Anne here. Anecdotally,  I have engaged in these practices for years, coming to grips with my own cravings as the primary vehicle for controlling my weight. When I see photos of a Big Mac or other fat-drenched burger, my mind says ‘poison’ and I actually have a response of disgust, not desire. 

Brain science suggests that we can employ the same tactics in reprogramming our brains to resist size 0 fashion models as the ‘ideal’ vision of female beauty and a body image we women should regard as aspirational. This AOC article deserves updating, because science clearly is on my side in the assumption that we CAN control our response to advertising and commercial messaging, as well as our own private desires for food and drink. It’s tough going in the beginning, but we CAN do it!

Just Say ‘No’: Programming Your Brain to Hate Size Zero Fashion Ads

Christie Brinkley’s Skin Care Line

Christie Brinkley remains a true beauty at age 60. The top model and businesswoman is long-gone from CoverGirl and will again enter the beauty space with her own range of skincare products, called the Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Collection.

Brinkley — an iconic, late-60s beach babe — will promite her products battling effects of “the sun’s less publicized infrared radiation”, writes Fashionista. Brinkley’s status as a sun goddess give her a strong, recognizable voice with older women on this subject.

The Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Collection will be available at HSN (Home Shopping Network and Kohl’s in March 2015. We’ll be checking for the opportunity to promote it online, as part of our upcoming online shopping venture.

Ashley Graham Navabi Lingerie Collaboration

Model Ashley Graham introduces a new lingerie collaboration with online label Navabi. Bra sizes in the collection range from size 36DD to 44DD. Panties and chemises are sized 10 to 20. Belissima!

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Dance Like Beyonce Every Hour To Fight Back Against Killer Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle

Beyonce startled the universe yesterday, releasing unannounced a new ‘7/11’ video that has gained 4 million more views on YouTube in 12 hours. The video features Bey and her posse dancing around as if jammin’ at a slumber party. ‘7/11’ and another new track called ‘Ring Off’ are both featured on the  ‘Beyonce Platinum Box Set’ on Monday.

Beyonce is also nominated for Artist of the Year at the 2014 American Music Awards (AMAs), which will be broadcast live from the Nokia Theater LA tomorrow night, Sunday, November 23, 2014.

Forgive me for going all serious on readers this moment, but watching Beyonce’s ‘7/11’, my only response was ‘let’s move’! Any kind of movement — because our good health and longevity depend on it. Now Beyonce has all the right moves — but the casual, spontaneous nature of this dance routine says ‘anything goes’. So get your booty movin’, arms flailing and don’t worry about making an idiot of yourself.

Get A Move On

Researchers in Germany took a look at 43 observational studies that analyzed 4 million people’s answers to questions about how much they sat each day and incidences of cancer. “The researchers examined close to 70,000 cancer cases and found that sitting is associated with a 24% increased risk of colon cancer, a 32% increased risk of endometrial cancer, and a 21% increased risk of lung cancer,” reports QUARTZ. 

The really bad news is that your nightly trip to the gym isn’t enough to undue the damage to your body of sitting all day. Meeting your daily activity requirements working up an intense gym sweat or yoga workout is not enough.

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Sara Sampaio Graciously Fires Back At Jezebel's Erin Gloria Ryan

Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio sent a candid, confrontational message to Jezebel’s Erin Gloria Ryan regarding the short but attention-getting headline about her: Helpful Victoria’s Secret Reminder: Even Models Hate Themselves

Ryan’s post was in response to a brief video message by Sara Sampaio that addresses to what many have called online bullying about her very thin physique. Can we ALL take a time out please!!!

Where Jezebel gets off saying that Sampaio’s comments reflect the reality that even models hate themselves is headline-grabbing poppycock. NOTHING in Sara Sampaio’s brief comments suggest that pseudo-psychologist Ryan is watching the same video that I am. Note that I am fast to criticize Victoria’s Secret, but this is not one of those moments. 


For background on this rather absurd, body-image, ping pong match, Victoria’s Secret was recently criticized for their ‘Perfect Body’ campaign. Your truly signed the petition calling out my former alma mater for their tone-deaf campaign that undermined women’s body confidence. VS pulled the campaign, renamed it and released a few short videos — Sara Sampaio’s being one — talking about her body shape being different from Candice Swanepoel’s. Hence the curvy-hands motion — a gesture that I’ve made more than once in life talking about other women. 

Sara Sampaio then fired back at Ryan with her own confidant-woman moxie. Sampaio projects far more diplomacy and restraint than Jezebel has demonstrated in a lifetime:

“I think sites like Jezebel have been great for women’s rights. I wouldn’t take my reaction to that one bad article as a sign that I dislike Jezebel.  One article doesn’t represent all the great work they have done. They just took a short video clip, that was part of a much larger interview, and used it to try to twist my words and make a point. I’m over it. I just think that as women we need to support each other and not try to bring each other down. It goes beyond women and feminism, but to all society.”

Addressing Erin Gloria Ryan directly, Sampaio also writes:

Dear Erin from Jezebel, I don’t hate myself! I was actually taught by my family to respect and love myself and indeed others! I feel sorry that you were not able to see beyond your own self-serving interest to sensationalise a story, by creating a negative spin on a positive message and making a foregone conclusion about a young ‘model’ you have never met before!

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Science Pursues Ideal Breast Proportions With Strong Consensus Among Men, Women and Doctors

Few men alive understand Smart Sensuality women better than designer Tom Ford. Four years ago today, I shared Tom Ford’s views on his lack of appreciation for ‘bombshell breasts. 

Tom Ford tells Vogue: “The seventies is what I love. Soft, touchable beauty is what I love. I want to be touching the skin; I prefer no bra — I want to be able to slip in my hand.”

Oh Tom! Can you imagine Karl Lagerfeld making such a statement!

I rest my case to Victoria’s Secret: we are TIRED of bombing up the world. We want to be Snake Charmers not bombshells.  Glad to see that Tom Ford agrees with me.

British Researchers Discover Preferred Breast

Before and after breast images from breastenlargementi.comBritish researchers now conclude in a study in the September issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery that Tom Ford probably knows what he’s talking about. The doctors surveyed 1,315 men, women and plastic surgeons, asking them to look at multiple breasts photos and pick their preferred proportions. In a world where unanimity — let alone general agreement — on any topic is impossible to achieve, all three groups picked the same ratio: 45:55, meaning that 45 percent of breast tissue falls above the nipple line and 55 percent below. 

This ‘natural’ shape is nothing like the bombshell-orbs so many American women seek. Note that European women are more circumspect on this subject, especially in France where it’s all about one’s fesse (derriere). We are speaking of a primarily American pursuit of bombshell breasts. 

“Particularly in the United States in previous decades, plastic surgeons have used implants that were often round due to being filled with saline,” wrote researchers Dr. Patrick Mallucci of The Cadogan Clinic and Dr. Olivier Branford of the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust in an email. “These inevitably gave an unnatural football-like or ‘Baywatch’ breast with overfilling of the top of the breast due to the implant shape and lack of understanding as to what to aim for.

The only exception to the preferred 45:55 proportion ratio in breasts was in women over 40. “As the breast ages,” wrote the researchers, “it becomes more fatty, the skin sags and the nipple falls, often with breast volume loss.” It’s understandable that women over 40 are sensitive to these bodily changes. 

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Kim Kardashian As Fertility Goddess? A Politically Incorrect Take On Jean-Paul Goule's Paper Magazine Images Pt 1

To Break Or Not Break the Internet

I knew the photos of Kim Kardashian for Paper Magazine had to be REALLY racy when MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ anchor Joe Scarborough and co-host Willie Geist sheepishly unfurled pages of the newspaper — daring to show Kardashian’s heavily oiled derriere on screen— while the nonplussed Mika Brzezinski just raised her eyebrows, giving the guys her ‘look’. Brzezinski is the perfect sexy brainiac foil to the testosterone-rich, guy-heavy ratings success story from 6am-9am weekdays. And ‘yes’ I am a regular viewer weekday mornings from 6am-9am, while updating AOC.

Perhaps my reaction to the Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine photos by French photographer Jean-Paul Goude is to be expected. I’m intrigued by those women especially who can just cut to the chase, articulating a response to the Kardashian images in a single summary, harsh comment on Twitter or web article. 

After all, Kim Kardashian is a monster of a marketing machine in digital media. She has written the book on social media celebrity-making. And for all the accusations that Kim is trying to sell her Rizolli ‘selfies’ book, Elle reports that her free, ‘super addictive smartphone app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood raked in $43.4 million in the third quarter. Almost 23 million people have downloaded the app since its June 2014 release, playing it for more than 5.7 billion minutes.

For those who say that Kim Kardashian is the rare brainless brunette — a term typically reserved for blondes — Kardashian is far off her $200 million projections for year’s end revenues.

Indeed, the business woman has a business plan as well as a body. And this was the tenor of talk about the Paper magazine images on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry two-hour show on Saturday. Meslissa delivered a blistering lecture to Lincoln University President Robert Jennings and his views on women students inciting sexual violence against them on the Lincoln University campus.

For the Paper cover, Goude re-created what is arguably his most famous shot, “Carolina Beaumont, New York, 1976” (above left). Often referred to as “Champagne Incident,” Goude’s picture is characteristic of the artist’s playful, winking approach to sexuality, writes 1stdibs.comAs for Kim Kardashian … well there was positive reinforcement for her Paper Magazine editorial and her marketing savvy all around the table. I’m sure Melissa — who is fearless in calling out acts of racism — knew that Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West have been under the microscope for unknowingly involving themselves in a racist bit of black woman stereotyping in the hands of Jean-Paul Goude. Without accusing her of launching an attack, fingers point at Kim, accusing her of perpetuating negative, salacious myth of black women as savages from her rich, white woman perch. 

It may be that the politically correct crowd is out in full force on this one. Or perhaps they are right in their accusations. As someone who believes that events are far more complex than the pc crowd would have us believe, I’m investigating and reading and researching before taking a firm position. That essay will come later in the week. 

My Life Beliefs:

1. Humanity first began in Africa and then migrated across the globe.

2. Goddesses preceeded gods as the powerful forces of the universe, and monotheism’s one god. Monotheism finished off the goddesses for good.

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Victoria's Secret Pulls 'Perfect Body' Campaign Days Before Annual Fashion Show Flies To London

Brits Say ‘No’ To Victoria’s Secret ‘Perfect Body’ Campaign

Call me stupified!! I woke up this morning, having dreamed deeply about being in a retail setting, with events out of sync. Wondering how I would explain the dream to my guy, who manages to ask me every detail of my life as I emerge from this very difficult 2014, I said to myself “It felt as if I was back at Victoria’s Secret.”

I’m speaking of the vibe in the dream … the “I love this brand, but not where it is going vibe. I don’t belong in this business anymore … after 10 years as its fashion director and head of product development. The Victoria’s Secret brand no longer speaks to American women in that ‘I understand you’ voice. “

Besides a fleet of the most expensive Angels in the world, the Victoria’s Secret brand was moving into the advertising/marketing business of flaw-fixing.

Sadly, I left one of the most exciting and glamorous retail rides any woman could ask for and stepped off the VS corporate jet for a new life as a highly-paid consultant, blogger and now jewelry and gift artisan with GlamTribale. Having to fend for myself, my integrity was intact with women.

Remembering WW2, London Refuses To Be Bombshelled

As a blogger, I have always been true to the same convictions that prompted me to leave the Victoria’s Secret organization. VS gets the praise they deserve from me but criticism when the world’s largest lingerie brand is out of step with women’s self-interests and psychological wellbeing.

When VS fashion show consultant Sophia Neophitous famously snubbed Kate Upton in the New York Times, she received as much criticism as I could muster. It’s bad enough dealing with religion’s constant guilt-heaping on women. We don’t need it from Victoria’s Secret and definitely not from Sophia Neophitous who famously referred to Kate Upton as looking like a ‘footballers wife’ (as are Gisele Bundchen and Victoria Beckham for heaven’s sake!!!).

Note that Kate Upton is laughing all the way to the bank and rocketed onto Forbes top model list in terms of her income.

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