Filippa Hamilton Reveals: Ralph Lauren Fired Her in April 2009

Correction: Report from yesterday, with correct spelling of Filippa’s name.

In the ongoing sage of last week’s Photoshopped Filippa Hamilton photos, the Ralph Lauren apology neglected to mention one fact. Ralph Lauren fired Hamilton last April, for “not living up to her contract”. Simply stated, even though she hadn’t gained a pound, according to Fillipa, she no longer fit in the clothes.

At 5’10’ and 120 pounds, the size 4 Filippa Hamilton has a BMI of 17.2, technically anorexic. Had she lost 10 pounds, at 110 her BMI would be a life-threatening 15.8.

Fillipa Hamilton was too fat, in the male-driven march to reduce women to nothingness. Read last week’s: Ralph Lauren Celebrates the End of American Women’s Sexuality.

Hamilton appeared on the Today show. Here’s the video:

Model fired by Ralph Lauren: Too Large for Clothes