In May 2016, Melania Trump Assured America That Her Husband Is Not Hitler

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Melania Trump Explains That Donald Is 'No Hitler' & Julia Ioffe 'Provoked' The Trump Backlash

In the spring of 2016, Melania Trump was interviewed in DuJour Magazine about her husband and his run for the presidency. Melania confronted growing concerns about her husband’s authoritarian tendencies, affirming with her own choice of words that he’s “not Hitler”.

The interview came shortly after another one that Melania Trump gave to GQ, written by Russian emigre and prominent writer Julia Ioffe.

Melania Trump on Her Rise, Her Family Secrets, and Her True Political Views: 'Nobody Will Ever Know GQ

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The furor against Ioffe was virulently anti-Semitic and accompanied by particularly concerning death threat.

My words then were: “I can see that the intro might set off the most ardent Trump supporters, but their response was way over the line. Melania herself lashed out at Ioffe, saying that she had misrepresented her family and invaded her parents' privacy with her investigative tactics.”

How does a shy ex-model make her way from Slovenia to, just maybe, the White House? To Melania Trump—and to the people who know her back home—her journey to marrying The Donald is like a fairy tale, or a too-crazy-to-believe rom-com. It’s a story full of naked ambition, stunning beauty, a shockingly Trump-like dad, and even some family secrets. Maybe she’s made for Washington after all.

Melania Trump didn't approve of Trump supporters behavior and death threats against Ioffe, but stated emphatically that "She provoked them."


About 30 months later, Americans are facing the beginning of a new week — after one of the worst episodes of violence in American history.

In descending order:

1) White male Robert Bower, told authorities he just wanted “to kill Jews” shortly after he took his AR-15 assault rifle into the Tree of Life synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, gunning down 11 people, including a Holocaust survivor. Several others, including incredibly brave first responders were wounded.

“They’re committing genocide to my people,” Bowers told a SWAT officer after being shot and captured, according to a federal criminal complaint released ­Sunday. “I just want to kill Jews.”

2) White male, male stripper and part-time pizza deliveryman Cesar Sayoc is suspected of mailing at least 14 pipe bombs to some of U.S. President Donald Trump’s leading critics, including former president Barack Obama, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, congresswoman Maxine Waters and other leading political figures, as well as CNN, is due in federal court in Miami, Monday.

On Monday morning, a new bomb is reported at CNN’s Atlanta headquarters. Authorities do not yet know if the bomb is connected to Bowers.

3) White male Maurice Stallard, walked into a Kroger supermarket in Louisville, Kentucky and shot shopper Maurice Stallard in the head. Leaving the store, Bush then shot Vickie Lee Jones in the parking lot.

Local surveillance footage showed the shooter trying to force is way into a black church minutes before moving on to the supermarket. The Times reports that a member of the 185-year-old First Baptist Church of Jeffersontown grew alarmed when she saw Bush yanking “aggressively” at its locked front doors. About 10 people were inside the chapel following a midweek service. “I’m just thankful that all of our doors and security was in place,” church administrator Billy Williams said.

Donald Trump has a singular response to the deaths and destruction that have ravaged America in late October 2018. He blames virtually all our problems on the media, and absolutely nothing on his own heated rhetoric and constant assaults on media, all Democrats, and globalists. We are ALL EVIL, says Trump.

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