Woman | Isabeli Fontana | Vincent Peters | Vogue Germany January 2009

What a pleasure to wake up to these intimate, womanly photos of Isabeli Fontana, lensed by one of my favorite photographers Vincent Peters. via FGR. The original editorial was published as ‘Liebesspiel’ in Vogue Germany January 2009.

Not only do we feel the sensual understanding between photographer and subject — here Isabeli Fontana — but Vincent Peters penetrates Fontana’s very being in a series of images that show all the dimensions of her female, sensual self.

The intimacy is visually and seamlessly transfused onto third-parties: husband, lover, children, pets and perhaps even strangers.

Vincent Peters helps us preserve a sense of female-centric values stripped naked by photographers like Terry Richardson. It is this sensitivity, expressed technically on so many levels, that is our potential as humans. Vincent Peters reminds us that we are not machines, as we admire the beauty of Isabeli Fontana.