Undress Me | Daniela Freitas | Pierre Dal Corso

Note: we’ve doubled the number of images in this very popular editorial, pulling them from Bambi Magazine.

I am personally passionate about Pierre Dal Corso’s images, and these new photos of Daniela Freitas deliver again Pierre’s ability to convey with sophistication, the nuances of female sexuality.

Pierre and I have talked at some length about his mission in photographing women, which is shared by AOC’s editorial policy and the images that we choose for our websites. 

Pierre understands that he is part of a growing mission to liberate and honor female sexuality, trying to make the European approach to eroticism dominant over the American, pornified, slut-girl approach. We will do everything possible to help advance these photographers, old and new.

In a small way we tried to honor Pierre Dal Corso’s commitment to female sensuality by including him our handpicked 2010 55 Fabulous Sensual Style & Fashion Editorials.

Gabriella Toth | Pierre Dal Corso | ‘Seduction’ | Fiasco Magazine

I found his ‘Seduction’ lensing of Gabriella Toth for Fiasco Magazine to be one of the break through editorials of the season, when the topic is female eroticism. ‘Seduction’ was modern, explicit, fresh and flawless in my opinion. Anne


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Credits for ‘Undress Me’

model Daniela Freitas @ Ford Models, Paris
stylist Sophie Clauzel
makeup Maniacha @ B4 Agency
hair Mickael Jauneau @ Agence Aurélien
manucure Kamel @ B4 Agency
photo assistant Sandro Volpe
first published in Bambi magazine