Travis Cannata & Regina Feoktistova | Mariano Vivanco | 'When the Real Me Comes Alive' | Hercules S/S 2011

Note | Nudity When I asked for ‘more please’ yesterday, I had no idea that my prayers would be answered so quickly.We have a second ‘new man’ editorial with a lovely female in the picture, and he’s wearing the animal print.

As a woman who refuses to separate fashion and style from culture and values, I so love this new Mariano Vivanco editorial ‘When the Real Me Comes Alive’ featuring Travis Cannata and Regina Feoktistova for the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of Hercules magazine.

The styling by David Vivirido is superb! This editorial is a gift to my soul, and I’d much rather be writing about these images, than the latest Republican War on Women idiocy.

Tea Party leader Glenn Beck called the one in five American women who have used the services of Planned Parenthood ‘whores’. The 97 percent of middle class and poor women who use Planned Parenthood clinics for non-abortion related healthcare are ‘whores’.

Editorials like Mariano Vivanco’s portray sensuality in a positive light, and I thank him profusely for this shot of adrenalin to carry on, when I need sustenance badly.  I know the focus here is the ‘new man’ but I’ll take it as a statement about humanity, thanking Mariano that women again appear so beautifully as part of the sensual picture. Anne


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