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Andrej Pejic & Karolina Kurkova will appear in Jean Paul Gaultier Sp 2011 ad campaignWe’re not trying to post back-to-back transgender editorials, the same week that the NYTimes Style section writes up Bold Crossings of the Gender Line and four of our 15 top articles are devoted to Lea T. Without a doubt ‘transversal’ — that is transsexuality, transvestism, cross-dressing, androgyny and more variations to come — are not only happening but very popular with readers.

Today’s new ‘it’ person is Andrej Pejic, frequently featured at Anne of Carversville and Sensuality News, and now shooting the Jean Paul Gaultier Sp 2011 with Karolina Kurkova.

‘Transversal’ is yet another exploration of New Eroticism and there is no doubt that the genders are playing a variety of blends for every sensual taste.

I speak for many bloggers and writers when I say that we have been very low key about pointing out male models in drag. Not being stupid, as the sensational press drums up interest in these models, along with the NYTimes, we’re pulling them together for readers.

The more I consider this topic, it seems that it should be integrated into the larger conversation of sexuality and gender identity that permeates Anne of Carversville.

Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic | Armin Morbach | Tush #4 Anne of Carversville

Andrej Pejic & Jana K | Matthew Brookes | Vogue Turkey November 2010 Anne of Carversville

Andrej Pejic | Willy Vanderperre | Arena Homme F/W 2010 Anne of Carversville

Not looking quite so glamorous, Andrej Pejic appeared in Candy, the new magazine for transversals.

Sylvester Ulv, Andrej Pejic, Gabriel Gronvik, John C & Boudewijn | Karim Sadli | Candy Anne of Carversville

Always leaders in expressing evolving sexuality in fashion, both Vogue Paris and Vogue Italia weighed in recently.

Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia November 2010

Vogue Italy picked up the transversals trend with their Steven Meisel shoot ‘Venus in Furs’. I wrote:

Note: nudity Steven Meisel has produced a sensual visual extravaganza, entitled ‘Venus in Furs’ for Vogue Italia November 2010. Models including Freja Beha Erichsen, Iselin Steiro, Iris Strubegger, Alla Kostromichova, Andrej Pejic, Michael Tintiuc and Tomek S bare all in a sexy, natural, androgyny mashup.We are lost in the body parts. via Anne

Looking for the humor in a situation, I mentioned that Google Images will just be nuts with this new trend. Boy breasts are fine; girl breasts are not. What happens when you can’t tell one from the other. Should we be estimating breast volume when deciding when to filter the image and when not?

I have an extensive comment on the Meisel editorial, one referencing Karl Lagerfeld’s views on sexuality and his interview in Vice Magazine.

‘Venus in Furs’ | Steven Meisel | Vogue Italia November 2010 Anne of Carversville

A reader Smilla made a brilliant comment about the Meisel ‘Venus in Furs’ editorial, one that resonates also with the Kurkova-Pejic Gaultier spring 2011 ad campaign image that launched this discussion.I share my thinking, linking back to Lagerfeld, on why the comment is actually dead on.

I like that this messes with gender, and I think it does so in an original and a very cool way. I like his choice of models whose sexes aren’t readily distinguishable.

But I’m a little confused about why exactly he chose models who all resemble each other to such a striking degree. These people look like siblings. If they didn’t seem too dead to be sexual with each other, I’d be squicked. As it is, this looks like a very weird zombified family naked cuddle puddle.

Mert & Marcus Vogue Paris September 2010

We assumed that the strong interest in the September 2010 Vogue Paris Mert & Marcus editorial was primarily related to Lea T, forgetting that Andrej Pejic also appears in the editorial. Daphne Groenveld is not in these photos: Lea T, Andrej Pejic x2, Malgosia Bela.

Lea T, Andrej Pejic, Malgosia Bela, Daphne Groenveld | Mert & Marcus | Vogue Paris Sept 2010 Anne of Carversville

The Vogue Paris editorial leads us to Lea T, the transgender model who has generated the most conversations on transversal sexuality. Even Oprah is taking up the topic of Lea T in one of her last shows, as the talk show queen ends one chapter of her life.

Our biggest page reads have come from Lea T.  The day UPI picked one of our stories, we experienced web traffic insanity for the first time. Website owners owe Lea T a big bouquet of flowers and contribution to her favorite charity.

Givenchy Transgender Model Lea T Stars in French Vogue Anne of Carversville

You can depend on Vogue Paris and Carine Roitfeld to blast through editorial walls that Anna Wintour can’t open, even if she wants to. The biggest message I got out of last year’s ‘Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion’ exhibit at the Met is just how far America has slid backwards since fashion editorials of the late 60s ad 70s.

The Conservatives clamped down hard on visualization of sexuality in our magazines, and we don’t want to ruffle their feathers. Vogue Paris and Vogue Italy just blaze along, with a proliferation of new media by their side.

Carine Roitfeld does ‘deliver the goods’, so to speak, with Lea T. I simply adore watching Rotifeld play with people’s voyeuristic minds. The Lea T Vogue Paris images are produced with tremendous courage and exquisite taste.

Last months, bloggers were thrilled that Lea T has her first cover, and looking so very elegant.

Lea T | Carlotta Manaigo | LURVE Magazine Anne of Carversville

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