Nya Leth + Winx Join Forces In 'Horse Power By Justin Ridler For Vogue Australia April 2019

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Anne of Carversville readers know that we are guilty as charged of taking inspiring fashion editorials and weaving a news story or Anne opinion reflection in and around the imagery. We’ve never had a complaint, and the style does set us apart from the crowd.

I do so hope that others are as inspired as we are by ‘Horse Power’ a beautiful feature starring model Nya Leth and Winx, one of the most famous and beloved horses in the world. Leth is another of the South Sudanese models who fled South Sudan nearly 15 years ago. She was only five when Nye arrived in Brisbane from a refugee camp in Egypt. And now she’s featured in ‘Horse Power’ one of the most poetic editorials we’ve seen in a long time because of its fusion of beautiful fashion and a related, imaginative narrative. 5-stars to somebody! We can only hope that Winx’s intensely positive energy inflused with Nya’s spirit at the photoshoot, creating another formidable refugee-model force in fashion.

Photographer Justin Ridler is behind the lens, capturing ‘Horse Power’ for the April 2019 issue of Vogue Australia. Philippa Moroney styles the shoot, with hair and makeup by Nadine Monley.

Vogue Australia shares the entire story online in ‘Why Winx is more than just a world breaking racehorse. ‘

If someone were to describe Australia’s best female athlete, they would say she is a whip-smart, natural competitor who comes with her very own entourage, including two full-time handlers and a security guard. She also loves posing for the camera and boasts a naturally athletic figure with long, lean legs. Except instead of two legs, she has four. Because she is a horse.

But Winx, the seven-year-old mare who has captured the imagination of the Australian public, cannot be described as simply as a horse, either. She is a sporting superstar, possibly our greatest of the past few years.  . . .

“Winx is a very independent woman who knows her mind,” says Debbie Kepitis, who is one of the mare’s three owners. “She understands what she is doing and has an amazing will to win. She will put in every ounce of her body to get to that winning post. [Her jockey] Hugh Bowman said at the end of her last Cox Plate win: ‘It was like her body was electric. I could sense the electricity running through her to get to that winning post.’”