Anna Ewers Poses For Hugo Comte In Alexander Wang's Collection 2 Drop 1 #TheWangHustle

Top model Anna Ewers is styled by Haley Wollens in Alexander Wang’s Collection 2 Drop 1 2019 August 2019 collection, #TheWangHustle campaign lensed by Hugo Comte./ Set design by Thomas Petherick; hair by Jimmy Paul; makeup by Yumi Lee

Think of Rihanna’s 2016 release “Work’, celebrating the art of hustling and hard work.

Anna Ewers’ character is self-made. She’s secured the bag (literally), and has no issue rolling in it. The campaign also includes a series of captions that accompany the visuals: “She’s not a paper chaser. She’s a money maker” is followed by “She wasn’t born into the lap of luxury. She earned it.” These captions establish Anna Ewers’ character as boss. This character is secure in herself. There’s more: “Her next move? You’ll never know” and “Keep your friends close and your funds closer.” Alexander Wang is sending a very clear message, that they’ve made it, and aren’t going anywhere. Don’t try to knock #The WangHustle.