Dionni Tabbers + Charlie Dupont Reconvene In Honey Birdette Lingerie For 'London Calling' SS 2019 Campaign

Honey-Birdette-London-Calling-Campaign-Sp-2019 (9).jpg

Australian lingerie retailer Honey Birdette delivers its Spring 2019 lingerie ad campaign ‘London Calling’. The setting is spot on with news that Honey Birdette now has 63 stores worldwide and bills itself as the world’s fastest-growing lingerie brand.

The campaign follows “Dutch bombshell” Dioni Tabbers and “fierce French brunette” Charlie Dupont from Honey Birdette’s Indecent Manor campaign.  The duo hookup again in London, and the sparks fly with the same ferocious heat.

A visit to the lingerie boutique’s new LA Westfield Century City location greets us on the Honey Birdette US landing page. This represents HB’s first lingerie shopping location in the US.

Employing the same sensational advertising techniques used by Victoria’s Secret over the years, the Birdettes recently pulled out all the stops in their #NotYourValentine campaign. While there’s obvious similarity between the Angels and Birdettes, the HB girls drop the gaunlet to the Boys Club. They know the guys are watching and salivating, but this is a woman’s club in the making. I approve.

Honey Birdette is getting to the core of the branding reason why I left my position as Fashion Director and Head of Product Development for Victoria’s Secret years ago. This Birdette’s branding strategy must germinate in my brain, because the company’s founder and current Creative Director Eloise Monaghan may have found a hot sweet spot — even in the #MeToo era. Time to sleep on it. ~ Anne

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#NOTYOURVALENTINE Flash Mob video. LOVE IT!!! Goes w/Sara Stephens campaign, Jan. 13, 2019