Rihanna Reigns in 'Real World Rihanna' By Josh Olins For Vogue Australia May 2019

Femme powerhouse Rihanna is styled by Christine Centenara in ‘Real World Rihanna’, lensed by Josh Olins for Vogue Australia May 2019./ Hair by Yusef & Abdrea Naphia White; makeup by Pricilla Ono

The issue features an article already released online, written by former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard, who is now honorary chairwoman for the Global Partnership for Education. Gillard met Rihanna in September 2016 with hopes of persuading her to become an ambassador for the organization that currently supports school education in 67 developing countries.

Rihanna expressed interest and the two took off for Rwanda, Africa, so that the super star could inform herself on how the organization operated. Needless to say, the school girls went wild. AOC covered Rihanna’s arrival in Dakar, Senegal for the GPE conference in February 2018 and noted the local attempts by the Muslim clergy to discredit her as being a member of the Illumminati. Advocating for girls education gets you that title in conspiracy theories that run rampant around the world.

Senegal's President Sall refused to bow to pressures and Rihanna was a great success. She also became a friend of the Macrons and has subsequently worked with the couple on additional campaigns for educating children, with a special emphasis on girls. We detail the funding that GPE raises for educating children, using foreign aid dollars.