Karlie Kloss Is Celebrated In Vogue Paris As Vicky Ward Dishes On Kushner Family Karlie Vibes

Supermodel, entrepreneur, activist and philanthropist Karlie Kloss is styled by Celia Azoulay in ‘Elan Sportif’, lensed by Alique for Vogue Paris June 2019.

Kloss is an American success story admired by millions, which is why AOC was stunned playing catch up on the story of the Kushner family’s long resistance to bringing Karlie into the Kushner family through her marriage to Josh Kushner, Jares’s younger brother.

Understandably, the media has focused on Jared and Ivanka detailed from Vicky Ward’s new book ‘Kushner, Inc’, where she describes the President’s son-in-law and daughter as appearing to be “disdainful of rules, laws, and ethics.” You got that right, Ms. Ward, a contributing editor to Town & Country, shared the Kushner family response to Karlie Kloss — including the fact that they refused to meet her for six years.

Charles Kushner, Karlie’s father-in-law, is the son of Holocaust survivors and a devout Orthodox Jew. The family’s Kushner Companies Charitable Foundation funds has contributed major sums of money to building the Bet El settlement outside Ramallah through American Friends of Bet El Yeshiva Center, according to Pro Publica.

Charles Kushner built a formidable real estate empire in New Jersey and was in 2005 one of the top Democratic donors in America. The mogul was jailed by then US federal prosecutor Christopher J. Christie (later governor of New York and a close ally of President Trump) after being convicted in 2004 of 18 counts of tax evasion, making illegal campaign contributions, and witness tampering. Kushner served 14 months in Federal prison.

The Kloss-Kushner relationship appears on page two of Ward’s book, with an angry Charles Kushner “truning nasty” towards Josh on the evening of President Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, where the family observed shabbat in the Trump International Hotel in DC.

 “Josh, we expect you to do the right thing," Charlie told his younger son, according to one source. “The person you are with is not the right person.” Ward writes that Josh, "absorbed his father’s abuse in silence."

The book asserts that Charles and his wife, Josh's mother Seryl, disliked Kloss in part because she was not Jewish. Ivanka Trump, Jared's wife, had also been a Gentile when they began dating, but had converted to Judaism before her marriage to Jared.

Kloss also converted to Orthodox Judaism before her October 18, 2018 marriage to Josh Kushner. Apparently, the family remained hopeful on Trump’s January 2017 Inauguration Day that they could derail the couple’s long, comparatively private relationship.

Ivanka was different in the minds of the Kushner family. Ivanka was a Trump, making her real estate royalty like Jared. Unlike Kloss, who grew up in Webster Groves, Missouri and skipped college to begin modeling, Ivanka attended an Ivy League school, the University of Pennsylvania.

The Kushner family “spoke horribly” about Kloss, referring to her as “the lingerie model”, in her role as a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Ward writes that the Kushners are out of touch as to how highly-regarded Karlie Kloss is in New York circles, commanding much more respect than Ivanka Trump. “While Ivanka postured on social media, Kloss was authentic and passionate. Who she was now related to wasn’t going to change that.”

Simply stated, and in the opinion of AOC, Karlie Kloss has earned every dollar of her great success as a self-made woman with a passionate drive to educate girls in STEM fields and also gun reform — to cite just two of Karlie’s ongoing projects.

Karlie Kloss earned her way to the #2 position, behind Kendall Jenner, on the Forbes 2018 Highest-Paid model list. Ivanka Trump is a daddy’s girl and without daddy’s money cashed in with an endless string of bankruptcies, Ivanka would probably be a small puddle of poor-me tears on a Manhattan sidewalk.

The complicit silence of Ivanka Trump as her father tries to turn back women’s rights in America is unforgivable. It’s young women like Karlie Kloss, who are trying to stem the tide of the Trump family’s role as heads of the Republican War on Women — and especially poor women.

Forward.com pays a great compliment to Karlie Kloss, writing: “Watch out for Kloss. Already high profile, she’s steadily becoming an ‘eshet chayil’, a woman of valor.” It doesn’t get much better for a Jewish woman than that.

Bravo also to Josh Kushner, who clearly stood by his love. It says a lot about a man who marches to his own drum and internal convictions in the face of extreme family pressure. ~ Anne

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