Ashley Graham Wears Summer Classics Lensed By Pamela Hanson For Harper's Bazaar UK July 2019

Top model Ashley Graham covers the July 2019 issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK, wearing a high-waisted, two-piece boy leg swimsuit. Leith Clark styles Ashley in classic summer clothes for images by Pamela Hanson.

Ashley Graham is a trailblazer, disruptor and provocateur, especially on the topic of body confidence, writes Harper’s.

"Where does my beach confidence come from? It comes from a lot of different places," she tells the magazine. "First of all, this is the body you're getting, whatever that body looks like - it's going to be all of this [gestures to her body]. So just show up knowing that the beach has accepted your body."

No one doubts that Graham owns her own fabulosity. often expressed in the company of close friend Karlie Kloss.

Ashley tells Harper’s UK that “Mantras are very important, especially for when you're in a swimsuit.”

"Maybe you don't feel as confident because you're not wearing as many clothes. So, for me, it's about that moment, right before you take off your swimsuit cover-up, and you're like, 'It's happening'. And then you just start doing it, and you say, 'I am bold! I am brilliant! I am beautiful!'"

AOC believes this is a GREAT idea! We share mantra lists from Google page 1.

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