Submissive Role Play | Ellen von Unwerth | Above Magazine

Ellen von Unwerth moves from her Tank Magazine post of photos from the Paris Crazy Horse, NSFW on Sensuality News, to this saucy, erotic photo spread in Above Magazine. 

In both editorials, Ellen von Unwerth photographs dominant|submissive sensual encounters, which is actually a specialty of hers. Von Unwerth’s submissive shoots tend to be largely playful and inspired by real movies like “The Secretary”.

The sensually-experienced photographer’s images are provocative but rarely dark. Serious dominants probably accuse her of photographing milk toast. In reality this is the level in which most people want to explore the dominant/submissive relationship. Photos via TouchPuppet.

We appreciate that both genders switch submissive roles, because women are usually portrayed in the role, which unsettles our pro-woman politics a bit. Searching for information about women vs men in this sexual community, we came up with an interesting and thoughtful article Buddhist Sexual Ethics that lays out the ‘rules of engagement’ for engaging in this behavior. (Note: we’re admittedly writing for Google Images these days and choose our words carefully in posts like this one. Retaining our moderate photo search rating is a must for AOC and Google Images is very word sensitive — not photo sensitive as you might think.)