Spring 2011 | Proper Restraint at Chanel and Valentino

The new Chanel Spring 2011 campaign, starring Freja Beha Erichsen and Baptiste Giabiconi is lifeless, without emotion and devoid of sensuality. It reminds me of the Victorian British in India, done up 21st century style. 


In fact, a certain monasticism is in the air.

Restraint, self discipline, and ‘rising above’ pleasure are key to this trend, which is the exact opposite of Smart Sensuality. Simply stated, these women do not have sex.

Vogue Italia, January 2011 cover. Freja Beha Erichsen & Arizona Muse by Steven MeiselWhen we look at Freja Beha with Arizona Muse on the January 2011 cover of Italian Vogue, and also Julia Saner a first release image from Valentino Sp 2011, co-starring Freja Beha and Caroline Brasch Nielsen, we see the ‘Black Swan’ effect in play.

Preview Julia Saner, Valentino Sp/Sum 2011 ad campaign. Photographer David SimsAll images via Model.com.