S.C.U.M. | Matthew Stone | Clash Music Magazine

Matthew Stone photographed the members of the South East London based post-punk/art rock band S.C.U.M. (Thomas Cohen, Bradley Bake, Samuel Kilcoyne, Huw Webb & Melissa Rigby) in a magnificent story for Clash. The editorial is styled by Matthew Josephs with a well-deserved makeup credit by Isamaya Ffrench.

S.C.U.M. admits they took their name from the famous Valerie Solanas SCUM Manifesto, in which SCUM allegedly stands for ‘Society for Cutting Up Men’. Author Solanas rejected this acronym, writes Wiki.

The word “SCUM” is used in the text in reference to a certain type of women, not to men. It refers to empowered women, “SCUM — dominant, secure, self-confident, nasty, violent, selfish, independent, proud, thrill-seeking, free-wheeling, arrogant females, who consider themselves fit to rule the universe, who have free-wheeled to the limits of this `society’ and are ready to wheel on to something far beyond what it has to offer”.

Not to get sidetracked on feminist politics, this Clash editorial of S.C.U.M. rocks the house to the rafters. Brilliant!!! Anne


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