Preview | 125 Magazine's Religion Issue | Planned Parenthood & Republicans

Note | Nudity Is it possible that the upcoming 125 Magazine | Religion Issue Preview isn’t using any women photographers? That’s fascinating because with women as the ‘object’, it would be interesting to have an editorial essay on religion executed by a woman photographer, a person who probably grasps better the battle women experience in religion’s determination to control our sensuality and our bodies.

Writing today — hours before the US federal government will shut down over the Republican War on Women’s bodies and the demand that Planned Parenthood be defunded, that women be stripped of access to birth control from Planned Parenthood, that we no longer support any UN programs the are associated with family planning internationally.

I was in Washington yesterday with Planned Parenthood and have vowed to re-enter this debate decades after being stalked by a man determined to kill me for my support of Planned Parenthood. I was under police protection for almost a year, and he effectively killed my budding media career.

Flying across the windshield of my car one dark night in October wearing a mask, I floored my car and could have killed him as he rolled off the hood. In the progression of my writing Anne of Carversville, his psychological rein of terror is over.

If I die supporting women’s rights in America, so be it. I will be dying for a noble cause.

A preview of the 125 Magazine Religious Issue images shows mixed results in interpreting the question, although the quality of the photography is very high.

Applause for Bruno Dayan and Andrej Skok

Those images previewed from Bruno Dayan with styling by Andrej Skok are a blowout, proof that Bruno Dayan ‘gets it’, which I’ve written more than once about his photography. Skok’s styling is brilliantly executed. Bravo!

It is Jimmy Carter and the international Council of Elders who made a major 2009 speech saying that religion is the biggest harm to women globally. As researchers and anthropologists toil to discover the truths of women’s history, their discoveries threaten to open Pandora’s Box way too wide for monotheism to tolerate.

I had a nightmare earlier this week, and I am a person who does not have them ever. My challenging dreams always have a positive ending, even when I’ve fallen into an elevator shaft. This dream is the first I remember waking up screaming, and it has upset me all week.

Having the fashion community take up the subject of religion and women’s lives is very positive, and I encourage us to press on together. We associate the loss of women’s rights with the Arab world, but you see clearly now that the assault is in high gear in America. Given all the legislation governing women’s bodies at a state level, the Republicans will be coming after women with guns soon.

Utah tried to make miscarriage a felony but the governor over-ruled it. In South Dakota a man could have killed his wife for trying to help her daughter get an abortion, and it would be considered justifiable homicide. That law is temporarily withdrawn.

We are all waiting to see how Roberto Tisci will interpret the topic for Visionaire 60.  The early images are very encouraging and relate more to the Bruno Dayan images for 125 Magazine. Anne

More images from the 125 Magazine preview:

Perry Curties

Photography: Perry Curties
Art Direction: Rob Crane
Beauty Editor: Emma Osborne
Styling: Tilly Hardy
Hair Styling: Peter Beckett
Model: Adina Forizs

Bruno Dayan

Photography: Bruno Dayan
Styling: Andrej Skok
Make-up: Anne-Caroline Ayot
Hair: Sebastien Le Coroller
Models: Ilse de Boer & Cole at IMG

James Meakin

Photographer: James Meakin
Styling: Kimi O’Neill
Make-up Artist: Ashley Ward
Hair Stylist: Bianca Tuovi
Model: Heidi Harrington-Johnson

Adam Whitehead

Photography: Adam Whitehead Adam Whitehead
Styling: Laura Michael
Make-up: Kristi Matamoros
Hair Stylist: John Ruidant

Donald Mine

Photography: Donald Milne
Styling: Ruth Higginbotham
Art Direction: Sarah Bunter
Hair & Make-up: Fraggle Jury | Kumi Ito
Model: Lianna F at Models 1