Paz de la Huerta | Ellen von Unwerth | Lovecat Issue #1 | 'Paz Uncensored'

Note | Nudity Love, love Lovecat, the new model fanzine that is giving me a real headtrip. Did I really have a huge, psychedelic light fixture breast sculpture on my living room wall, previously part of my brother-in-law’s happening with Salvador Dali in Lincoln Center? For sure.

Did I actually take my conservative, midwestern parents to dinner at Max’s Kansas City, where images of naked ladies, Janis Hoplin and Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock lit up one wall all through dinner. For real.

Women were on the move in those years, as opposed to having America’s morality police passing one new state law after another to reclaim control of our bodies? The notion that the next laws against women in America will be to take away birth control was unthinkable. And yet, it was discussed — not for the first time on Rachel Maddow last night —  because it is the intention of the Republican War on Women.

Smarty pants like me are old enough to understand exactly what’s going on with these guys plus Palin and Bachmann, mother of 25 or so kids. God bless her generous soul and trust fund, but motherhood by the numbers isn’t America’s way to regain economic prosperity.

Chatting with Lovecat last night, I reiterated my support for this gem of a newbie player in sexy media. Ellen von Unwerth shooting Paz de la Huerta in ‘Paz Uncensored’ produces the expected sizzling, artistic result. How can we miss with this combo?

Chanel Iman shot by one of Lovecats founders Jacob Dekat expresses a whole new Chanel Iman. I can’t imagine Dekat’s lovecat jumping up and down in the VS glee club fashion show,  after watching her tomcatting across the room in her little Lovecat movie. I guess good models are versatile.

Lovecat has my vote. As I told them last night, I am very discriminating in what I get behind. In the case of Lovecat, my last words were ‘tell me what you need, what I can do to help you.’

The mere thought that indy media could help American women — and models as a profession —  get our mojo back is a possibility I will walk on water to advance. The Supers were a great inspiration for all women. It’s time to bring them back.

In all honesty, looking at yet another picture of Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t really cut it for me. Give me back the almighty Supers and check out Lovecat. Anne


images via FC