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Note: nudity| We’re thrilled to see a fresh new editorial celebrating women as the goddesses we can be, when we get serious about the advancement of human civilization and stop watching reruns of “Sex and the City”.

Mariacarla Boscono joins Italian dancer Roberto Bolle in a breathtakingly sensual duet for the Fall-Winter 2010 edition of Hercules ‘Rythm Is Gonna Get You’, lensed by Paola Kudacki.

Karl Lagerfeld is most certainly a fashion genius, but I’m on record more than once confessing that I believe Monsieur Lagerfeld is beyond ambivalent, when the subject is strong women. Nodding adoringly about Coco Chanel, Lagerfeld isn’t jumping on the woman as 21st century goddess trend any time soon.

I was bummed to hear that instead of making the 2011 Pirelli women tributes to Athena and Aphrodite (aka Minerva and Venus in Roman mythology) the man who loves wearing high heels — Baptiste Giabiconi — would be the center of attention as Jove, the magnetic sun god adored by all the girls.

Millions of men love the Paola Kudacki positioning of male/female relationships we see here. And I think making Baptiste Jove is a bit much, given what I’ve read about the real Sun God’s sexual preferences. I know; I know … it’s Karl’s show.

Trust the Kaiser to go against the trend towards celebrating female-centric values. In his world, men rule supreme. Sorry, but they do. Think Henry Higgins and “The Rain in Spain … ” Forgive me for being difficult on this subject. Anne

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