Lone Morch Wants 'Tous Les Femmes' With Her In Paris

Note | Nudity My friend photographer Lone Morch hasn’t been the same woman since she returned from an extended time in Paris this spring. Lone and I are committed to the same goals for women — the discovery and inhabitation of their sensual selves.

Because she is Danish by birth, Lone may come to her political views about living the good life not seeped in pure materialism more readily than most Americans. Read the photographer’s essay and her new business concept in Body | Beauty | Culture: Find Your Sensual, Sovereign Self with Lone Morch in Paris.

If you (women) join Lone in Paris, your experience will include a sensuality shoot in which the two of you explore and define your vision of the new, sensual you. Here are some of the women Lone March has already lensed in America. Lone Morch website.