Lindsay Lohan | Ellen von Unwerth | Vulnerable for GQ Deutsch Aug 2010


The just-out GQ Deutsch, Aug. 2010 Ellen Von Unwerth image capture of Lindsay Lohan probes her essence in a way that escaped even Bert Stern, using Lohan in his New York magazine duplication of Marilyn Monroe’s “Last Sitting” photos. 

Ellen Von Unwerth has achieved with Lindsay Lohan what Terry Richardson can’t and won’t in the Purple magazine cover shoot this winter: connecting women’s images beyond porno flesh. Surface interest isn’t Richardson’s camera beat.

This splendid photographer woman Ellen von Unwerth takes deep dives under the covers with her subjects, and this Lindsay Lohan editorial is no exception. Ellen’s vision and fingerprints are everywhere in these images.

Just this weekend, posting Ellen Von Unwerth’s last Jane Magazine photoshoot of Eva Mendes, I remarked to myself that Ellen captures Marilyn qualities in every woman, better than Bert Stern did Lohan, who looked harder and trashier than Marilyn in the New York Magazine photos. 

Trashing up Lindsay Lohan is easy.

Ellen von Unwerth’s intimacy skills at work again, choosing to illuminate and communicate Lindsay Lohan’s vulnerability and beauty for GQ Germany.

Gone is the “Mean girls” tacky side people love to hate, replaced with Lohan’s human fragility. Even a ciggie hanging out of her lips leaves her Lohan beautiful and real for once in her life. Perhaps, I exaggerate.

Let’s say that we see another layer of Lindsay Lohan emerges in the Ellen Von Unwerth photos, which are also a credit to GQ Deutsch. But then I’m not surprised. Reality is that European men see women differently. We American girls must face the facts. 

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